BWISC Bulletin March 1997

The Circle's General Secretary, Michael Nicholson, suffered a brain haemorrhage during the night of 18th November 1996 and never recovered consciousness.  He was attending to his stamp collection at the time, so that we can only hope that he died a happy man.

Michael had made a speciality of the study of the Diamond Jubilee issue of British Guiana and especially the overprints.  He had come to a number of conclusions about the overprinting, the settings, the order in which the overprints were done and the errors involved, which were not in line with accepted thinking, and was formulating his ideas with a view to publication, work which must now be done by another hand sometime in the future.

Michael was a gentleman, in every sense of the word, and would never let a harsh word pass his lips.  He was always tolerant of the shortcomings of others and furthermore was extremely generous, yet a good businessman and a formidable advocate.

Our sympathy goes to Helen and their close-knit family, whom we hope will adjust to this untimely loss.  We also will miss him very much.

Derek Nathan