<p>The BWISC celebrated its Diamond Jubilee hosted by The Royal Philatelic Society London on 6 November 2014.</p>
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<p>To view the individual displays click the links below.</p>

Link Frame Country Topic Displayer
1 Anguilla Postal History from 1840 Brian Brookes
Link 13 & 14 Antigua John Taylor Antigua_Taylor.pdf
Link 15 Bahamas The De La Rue Key & Duty Plate Issues Peter Fernbank Bahamas_Fernbank.pdf
Link 16 Bahamas KG VI Issues Phil MacMurdie Bahamas_MacMurdie.pdf
Link 17 Bahamas stationery Keith Hanman Bahamas_Hanman.pdf
Link 2 Barbuda PreAdhesive covers and 1922 overprints Charles Freeland Barbados_Freeland.pdf
Link 18 Barbados The Britannia Shillings Fitz Roett Barbados_Roett.pdf
Link 19 Barbados Pre Adhesive PH & Britannias 1852–1881 Stefan Heijtz Barbados_Hejitz.pdf
Link 20 Barbados DLR essays Charles Freeland Barbuda_Freeland.pdf
Link 21&22 Bermuda P H 1620–1877 incl Postmaster stamps David R Pitts Bermuda_Pitts.pdf
Link 23 Bermuda QV to KGVI Stamps David Cordon Bermuda_Cordon.pdf
24 Br Guiana The Cotton Reels Simon Greenwood
25 Br Guiana The 1897 Jubilee Issue Simon Greenwood
Link 26 Br Guiana The DLR issues Peter Ford BrGuiana_Ford.pdf
Link 27 Br Honduras QV Designs Ian Matheson BrHonduras_Matheson_01.pdf
Link 28 Br Honduras QV Designs Ian Matheson BrHonduras_Matheson_02.pdf
3 Cayman Is The Provisionals Graham Booth
Link 4 Cayman Is KE VII Key Plate Flaws James Podger Cayman_Podger.pdf
5 Cayman Is Jamaica used in the Caymans Kevin Darcy
Link 29 Dominica Pre-Adhesives Bozo Ivanovic Dominica_Ivanovic.pdf
Link 30 Dominica QV Stamps & stamped covers Simon Richards Dominica_RichardsS.pdf
Link 31&32 Grenada The Chalon Head Issues (1861–1882) Chris Harman Grenada_Harman.pdf
33 Jamaica 18th & 19th century Postal History Andrew Fowles
Link 34 Jamaica Airmails Steve Jarvis Jamaica_Jarvis.pdf
Link 35 Jamaica The 1889–91 Issues Paul Wright Jamaica_Wright.pdf
Link 36 Leeward Is KGV DLR Issues Robert de Keyser Leewards_DeKeyser.pdf
37&38 Montserrat Postal History Peter McCann
6 Nevis Federico Borromeo
7 St Christopher The Provisional Issues (1884-1890_ Brian Brookes
8 St Kitts 1920s issues Brian Brookes
Link 39&40 St Lucia QV issues John Keegan StLucia_Keegan.pdf
Link 41&42 St Vincent DLR (1882–1932) Russell Boylan StVincent_Boylan.pdf
Link 9 Tobago 19th century covers and adhesives Charles Freeland Tobago_Freeland.pdf
Link 43 Trinidad Lady McLeod & Britannia issues Michael Medlicott Trinidad_Medlicott.pdf
44 Trinidad Britannia issues Federico Borromeo
45 Turks Island The 1881 Provisionals Richard Foden
46 Turks & Caicos Is The Ship Definitives (1900-08) Richard Foden
Link 10 Virgin Is 19th century covers and adhesives Simon Goldblatt VirginIs_Goldblatt.pdf
Link 47 Revenues The Leeward Islands Fees (1881-1934) Michael Medlicott Revenues_Medlicott.pdf
11 Maritime mail The Falmouth Packet Graham Booth
48&49 PH of the BWI Federico Borromeo
Link 50 Postmarks & Miscellanea David Horry Postmarks_Horry.pdf
Link 51 Postmarks Simon Goldblatt Postmarks_Goldblatt.pdf
Link 52 Labels & Ephemera Ian Jakes Labels_Jakes.pdf

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