The BWISC celebrated its Diamond Jubilee hosted by The Royal Philatelic Society London on 6 November 2014.

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Link Frame Country Topic Displayer
1 Anguilla Postal History from 1840 Brian Brookes
Link 13 & 14 Antigua John Taylor
Link 15 Bahamas The De La Rue Key & Duty Plate Issues Peter Fernbank
Link 16 Bahamas KG VI Issues Phil MacMurdie
Link 17 Bahamas stationery Keith Hanman
Link 2 Barbuda PreAdhesive covers and 1922 overprints Charles Freeland
Link 18 Barbados The Britannia Shillings Fitz Roett
Link 19 Barbados Pre Adhesive PH & Britannias 1852–1881 Stefan Heijtz
Link 20 Barbados DLR essays Charles Freeland
Link 21&22 Bermuda P H 1620–1877 incl Postmaster stamps David R Pitts
Link 23 Bermuda QV to KGVI Stamps David Cordon
24 Br Guiana The Cotton Reels Simon Greenwood
25 Br Guiana The 1897 Jubilee Issue Simon Greenwood
Link 26 Br Guiana The DLR issues Peter Ford
Link 27 Br Honduras QV Designs Ian Matheson
Link 28 Br Honduras QV Designs Ian Matheson
3 Cayman Is The Provisionals Graham Booth
Link 4 Cayman Is KE VII Key Plate Flaws James Podger
5 Cayman Is Jamaica used in the Caymans Kevin Darcy
Link 29 Dominica Pre-Adhesives Bozo Ivanovic
Link 30 Dominica QV Stamps & stamped covers Simon Richards
Link 31&32 Grenada The Chalon Head Issues (1861–1882) Chris Harman
33 Jamaica 18th & 19th century Postal History Andrew Fowles
Link 34 Jamaica Airmails Steve Jarvis
Link 35 Jamaica The 1889–91 Issues Paul Wright
Link 36 Leeward Is KGV DLR Issues Robert de Keyser
37&38 Montserrat Postal History Peter McCann
6 Nevis Federico Borromeo
7 St Christopher The Provisional Issues (1884-1890_ Brian Brookes
8 St Kitts 1920s issues Brian Brookes
Link 39&40 St Lucia QV issues John Keegan
Link 41&42 St Vincent DLR (1882–1932) Russell Boylan
Link 9 Tobago 19th century covers and adhesives Charles Freeland
Link 43 Trinidad Lady McLeod & Britannia issues Michael Medlicott
44 Trinidad Britannia issues Federico Borromeo
45 Turks Island The 1881 Provisionals Richard Foden
46 Turks & Caicos Is The Ship Definitives (1900-08) Richard Foden
Link 10 Virgin Is 19th century covers and adhesives Simon Goldblatt
Link 47 Revenues The Leeward Islands Fees (1881-1934) Michael Medlicott
11 Maritime mail The Falmouth Packet Graham Booth
48&49 PH of the BWI Federico Borromeo
Link 50 Postmarks & Miscellanea David Horry
Link 51 Postmarks Simon Goldblatt
Link 52 Labels & Ephemera Ian Jakes