The auction was held on 29 April 2023 at The Royal Philatelic Society London

Results are now online - see here.

Simon will aim to send out the lots starting Tuesday and send them all out by 19 May.

Offers for unsolds will be dealt with on a first come first served basis at 80% of estimate.
No offers will be accepted after 30 June and then I will settle up with vendors in early July.

Contact: Simon Richards: Heathercombe House, Drayton St Leonard, Wallingford, 0X10 7BG Tel: 0771 368 4263 e-mail: auction@wipsg.org

Please note only society members eligible to bid, however paperless membership only £8pa -see this page

View 2023 Auction Lots here (and download catalogue)

Download Bid from in pdf

Download Bid form in MSWord

We add one late lot, inadvertently omitted - Lot 338A – Jamaica - c1805 historic printed document signed by George Nugent, Lieutenant Governor, to the senior magistrate in Trelawney parish requiring him to provide assistance to the baggage train of the 55th Regiment, who were sent to Jamaica in 1802 and stayed for ten years. E £36