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Lot Country Description Est £ Real £ Link Image
Antigua Antigua
1 Antigua Letter written by John Cockin to his mother in Bristol on Nov 22 1792 headed “On board ye Rector of Montserrat”, clearly written and readable. Put in to the post in Antigua “to be forwarded by the first conveyance” receiving a fine straight line ANTIGUA stamp (PD8) initial charge of 1/2 amended to 1/5 180 155 link
2 Antigua Interesting letter from John James on Barbuda to Christopher Codrington with two line ANTIGUA/ SEP 29 1804. James report says the island has “ a valuable stock of negroes totalling 314 including children, 500 cattle, about 100 horses and sheep all over the island thought to number between 20,000 and 25,000.” The charge for this report was 1/9 – ex Brooks & Booth 150 120 link
3 Antigua Missionary outer to London sent by packet for 1/- with fair to good AP 27 1847 dbl-arc d/stamp on rear 20 MY arrival 36 42 link
4 Antigua Only fair strike of the Antigua dbl-arc AP (1?) 1852 sent to London by the packet. In London it was redirected to Dover which it reached on AP 27 but the 1d stamp added for re-direction has been removed 12 10
5 Antigua The Tercentenary set of 10 mint, lge pt o.g. SG81-90, cat. £225 60 unsold link
6 Antigua The Antigua 1949 UPU delegate presentation pack in blue folder with KGVI set to 5s plus the victory pair. Scarce, stamps cat. £85 alone 40 32
7 Antigua Leewards Script ½d (SG59) with (MO)NTPELIER pmk 30 24
8 Antigua The very scarce pmk of GREEN BAY SEP 29 (3)3 on 1d carmine pair SG63 25 20
9 Antigua Even when only from Antigua, Leewards QV are not plentiful on cover. This May 1893 example to a London hotel, franked 2½d, has a pleasant simplicity 18 15 link
10 Antigua A Leewards size G PSRE sent to a philatelic address in Berlin franked with the 1902 opt set of three (SG33-35), this franking on a registered envelope is most unusual and our vendor cannot recall another, sent from St John’s OC 5 03 90 115 link
11 Antigua First World War censored mail is most unusual, this largish letter to Luzern, Switzerland was sent registered FE 24 16. The 6d postage paid by Leeward ½d, 3x 1d and 2½d opened and re-sealed by CENSOR 769 85 90 link
12 Antigua DE 3 25 OHMS env to Costa Rica, sent regd paid with Leewards 2d slate-grey and 3d purple on yellow (SG 65,69) – most unusual 24 20 link
13 Antigua Slogan Cancel HS2 the boxed “You Should Visit/ANTIGUA/The Ideal Summer Resort” adds interest and value to this regs OHMS env. to Kentucky you get the large dbl oval “Post Office/Antigua” in purple front and back too, - and the franking you ask – Leewards 5d purple and olive green (SG71) serving its intended purpose on OC 24 30 28 33 link
14 Antigua SP 22 29 airmail cover from Antigua to Paramaribo, the air letter fee was 1s 7d, and ordinary postage 2½d, so the 1s 10d here is only fractionally overpaid, comprising Antigua 4d and 6d (SG 56, 75) combined with Leewards 1s (SG73) 18 19 link
15 Antigua Three lots of 1930’s village cancels – firstly All Saints sent JY 14 32 to Tacoma – tercentenary 1d and 2½d used to send registered. 24 29 link
16 Antigua Next Cedar Grove to a different address in Tacoma using tercentenary ½d and 3d and a St John’s regn label on MR 2 33 28 56 link
17 Antigua Finally to Scotland from St Peter’s with the 6d fare paid by a pair of tercentary 3d, the orange rather clashed with the orange envelope MY 11 33 28 42 link
18 Antigua We follow up with air-mail. Firstly two strikes of the Special Flight DO-X Pan American by Dornier to Miami (see Freeland & Jordan p.264) flown AU 20 31, ultimately proceeding to Southend-on-sea for 1s ¼d paid with a Leeward Farthing and Shilling stamp (SG58 and 87) – the 1s is Die I which catalogues at £85 off cover – quite an item 90 125 link
19 Antigua Envelope sent by airmail to Montreal JA 4 33 fare 2s 1½d paid with tercentenary 1½d and 1s pair 60 85 link
20 Antigua The KGV 1½d Chestnut Leewards PSE uprated with a Leewards 1d and sent from St John’s to St Croix in November 1931 60 52 link
21 Antigua 1½d chestnut Leewards postal stationery envelope was used to sent this letter by airmail to Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1935, uprated with Leewards ½d and Antigua 1s black on emerald (SG76) 35 37 link
22 Antigua Sticking with Cambridge, but this time to Trinity College we have an airmail envelope of AU 2 39 sent by air to NY and then on by air to London which you may realise was the first, and almost the last West-East crossing of the Atlantic by Imperial Airways before war intervened. This example of Canadian National Steamships stationery cost 5s to send 6x Leewards 1d (SG98) and 2s (SG111) and Antigua 2s 6d (SG106) – a fine item 105 150 link
23 Antigua OC 10 40 censored env to Brooklyn sent surface for 3d (SG103) with neat dbl-ring Passed by Censor Antigua on reverse and brown re-sealing tape 18 19 link
24 Antigua The Large Examined by Censor hand stamp is on the reverse of this envelope to Connecticut sent JA 25 42 with KG6 ½d, 1d and 1½d 24 25 link
25 Antigua Unopened env. to Frank Goodwin owner of the Gaynor’s sugar estate and mill with both Antigua and Leewards Victory pairs cancelled at ST PHILIPS, no date 25 unsold link
26 Antigua Early Jose Anjo postcard, with undivided back, showing a panorama of St John’s Antigua – sent to St Andrew’s, Grenada JY 20 02, a scarce interisland use 35 unsold link
27 Antigua 24 AU 37 Peco postcard to England featuring ‘Natives, Antigua, BWI’ – not really a design for today’s more sensitive world 12 8 link
Barbuda Barbuda
28 Barbuda Full sheet of 25 with complete mgns of the 1973 BARBUDA opt on $2,50 sideways wmk SG115 15 unsold
29 Barbuda OHMS cover sent registered, via New York, to South Africa OC 23 22 to Kimberley, South Africa 5d paid in all, ½d vert. pair, 1d horiz. pair, 2d grey – SG1,2,3 – cat from £165 and destination is a plus 75 105 link
30 Barbuda This OHMS cover to Detroit has the first boxed registration h/stamp numbered 120 dated AP 25 26 with 6d postage paid with Leeward stamps used in Barbuda ½d, 2½d blue, 3d purple on yellow SG47, 50 and 51 neat cover 48 48 link
31 Barbuda Another striking destination for an OHMS cover here – Buenos Aires, sent SP 1 26, via St John’s and New York. Sent registered for 4½d, made up of ½d, 1d, 3d – SG 1,2,5 – cat from £220. 90 75 link
32 Barbuda Meister cover of JY 27 28 with the same SG1,2 and 5 franking has less appeal but you do get the larger type registration box handstamp 40 unsold
33 Barbuda Registered cover to Savannah, Georgia, much enhanced by being on the stationery of ‘Royal Netherlands, West India Mail, SS Flora, Haiti’. Sent on AU 26 28 postage Leewards 1d carmine vert. pair and 1½d red-brown horiz. pair. 36 28 link
34 Barbuda A horiz. strip of 5 Leewards ½d Die II stamps paid for this envelope to Syracuse, NY on AP 10 33 24 19 link
35 Barbuda By OC 10 38 Barbuda had printed registration labels to apply to letters such as this commercial envelope to Manchester, England. 4 ½ d postage paid with a strip of 3 Leewards 1 ½ d red-brown (Die II) 20 21 link
36 Barbuda US 2c blue PSRC with Liberty head returned from Barbuda AU 17 31 to Oakland, California, clearly philatelic as there is no message but with St John’s Antigua transit mark, scarce all the same 50 40 link
Bahamas Bahamas
37 Bahamas 3 July 1820 local entire from West End, Grand Bahama to Mr Thaddeus Whitlock Jr at the Brig Argo under Capt. Hunt. The only postal indication is “Surface paid” at lower left, but then there wasn’t much of a postal service at this time either. Scarce 80 unsold link
38 Bahamas The 1916 5d Special Delivery came in three printings which you need to plate to be sure. Fortunately the unused example here can be identified as from the third printing (x4) according to Gibbons and is from Position 56 which the ‘extra tree-trunk variety’, we offer with the plating notes 50 70 link
39 Bahamas SG 102 the ½d War Tax may only catalogue at 30p but this block of four straggles the gutter margin between the two panes so you plate no.1 to the left and plate no.2 to the right. 24 20 link
40 Bahamas The Script CA 4d orange-yellow (SG121), in corner block of four with Plate no. 2 and sheet number 526 18 15 link
41 Bahamas The 1949 UPU 1/- in mint block of 12 from the top rt corner of the sheet, with sheet number 0256 and sheet duty plate 44263 50 40 link
42 Bahamas Neat envelope to Havana, Cuba with 4d (SG43) tied by B killer, original letter still in the envelope, Cat. £300 75 130 link
43 Bahamas Though a little battered this envelope is Royal Victoria Hotel stationery one and the contents are on the hotel’s attractive note-paper with large engraving of the hotel and even better you get three examples. It was sent from Nassau MR 22 98 to New York, 2½d ultramarine 24 unsold
44 Bahamas This 2c US PSE was sent to Delaware on 6 Jan 1906 with the four Queen’s staircase stamps attached (SG58-61) – i.e 1d, 5d, 2s, 3s – the 2s is corner mgnl with plate no.1. Cat. £160 as a set and just x2 on cover. 60 48 link
45 Bahamas An envelope from West Bromwich AU 29 13 to Frederiksted in the DWI found its way to Nassau where a very fine and scarce early strike of MISSENT TO BAHAMAS was applied. Nassau 9 Sep front and back before DWI arrival date stamp 26 September 80 95 link
46 Bahamas A pair of registered Wilson covers: 4 Jul 17 with 1d red cross (SG90) and what must be the first printing 3d purple on yellow (SG76); then two copies of SG 94 War Tax on 3d purple on yellow sent 9 Dec 18 30 unsold link
47 Bahamas Two blocks of four of the WAR TAX on ½d green (SG 102) on the is GPO OHMS env send registered to Massachusetts 22 SEP 19 24 unsold link
48 Bahamas A philatelic cover 18 MAR 20 to England with 8 different stamps SG 90, 93, 96, 97, 98, 100, 101 and S3 – cat. c£90 off cover 30 unsold link
49 Bahamas Three single franking cover of the 1920 Peace issue: 1d carmine to NY 10 JUN 22; 2d slate to Mass 1927 by Munson lines SS Munargo; 3d brown to Montgomery Ward July 1926 24 unsold
50 Bahamas We combine a Souvenir FAM7 cover with map covering the first flight on Jan 2 1929 to Miami with KG5 2½d with a Dr Hess cover from exactly a year later with red slogan “First Daily Flight to Miami 1930” here wit a more philatelic franking, a block of four of the 1d War Tax (SG103) and a pair of the War Charity 1d (SG101) 30 unsold link
51 Bahamas A Dr Hess regd cover from Nassau to Toronto 2 JA 30 with ‘First Flight/NASSAU_CANADA/Resumed Service’ – the franking is a pair of WAR TAX 3d staircase (SG105) and a block of four WAR TAX ½d (SG102) 30 unsold link
52 Bahamas Brown Post Office Express Delivery label applied to this blue envelope sent by airmail to NY on 3 MY 1930 franked with 5d seal (SG128) and 1d (SG93) with the 5d Special Delivery black and mauve (SGS3) make for a handsome item 48 unsold link
53 Bahamas You can contrast the special delivery above with this envelope sent registered 24 SP 30 to London for just 4d (1d and 3d seal (SG 126/7) 25 unsold
54 Bahamas FAM Route 5 first flight cover to Kingston, sent from Nassau JUL 31 1930 with 6d keyplate and 3d staircase making up the fare. Judging by the Dec 3 Kingston d/stamp there was a lengthy delay. The reverse does have the purple boxed cachet ‘First Flight/inaugurating/Air Mail Service/ to Jamaica BWI’ – presumably held in Miami until this first inbound flight was ready 20 unsold
55 Bahamas If you prefer your early airmails to be commercial this one sent JUN 16 1933 to Purley in Surrey is. Interesting air mail etiquette label and franking of 2x 2½d and 1d from the GV script set. 6 unsold
56 Bahamas In our Jamaica section you will find rather more of a mini-display on ‘The Great White Fleet’. These four covers to the US all bear Bahamas stamps and were carried by SS Munargo and between them offer three different pursers cancels: ½d green on 1927 postcard; 2½d ultramarine – this with violet “Mail Delayed on Ship/(Foreign Section GPO)”; 1d seal 1931, paquebot and Postage Due 2 Cents d slogans and 2c postage due. Then, after the Munargo was transferred from Munson Line to United Fruit in 1938, a letter with KGVI 2½d from that year, fine pursers cachet and NY Paquebot 48 40
57 Bahamas Patriotic 1940 combination cover with Bahamas 3d lilac and US 1c, 2c and 3c sent AUG 7 1942 15 unsold
58 Bahamas 24 Jan 42 envelope sent with Post Office EXPRESS delivery brown label added and large boxed AIR MAIL to Florida, 1s 8d postage, Special Delivery in blue crayon and h/stamp Fee claimed/at/Miami Fla 15 12
59 Bahamas Fine strike of COLONEL HILL AUG 7 1942 ties 3d violet to this env. to NY – sent uncensored 20 16
60 Bahamas We offer six single frankings with KGVI definitives, all bar the last to the US – ½d green; 2½d ultramarine and also in violet; 3d violet; 10d and 1s (this to the UK in 1950) 18 unsold
61 Bahamas Long OHMS economy re-use of envelopes item sent with large boxed AIRMAIL h/stamp from Nassau to Toronto 11 OCT 48. The rate 3s 11½d which we will leave you to puzzle out – the stamps are tercentenary 1½d, 10d and 3s 18 15
62 Bahamas A piece of our history here – a 1969 postcard with 2x1c and 3c stamps added but with Bahamas Postal History Study Circle Convention BCPSG 12 Nov 1969 Gambier N.P. Bahamas h/stamp and three more handstamps in a lurid shade of blue plus the Gambier d/stamp in the same shade. One h/stamp is the BCPSG logo 8 unsold
63 Bahamas Two long machine cancelled envelopes addressed to Bermuda that ended up in the Bahamas where different Missent to the Bahamas h/stamps were applied – one 1978 the second 1982 10 unsold
64 Bahamas Four ‘modern’ Paquebot covers here: MS Vistafjord 31c bird to Sweden 1985; MV Bardsey to Bath 40c 1992; Holland America’s MS Maasdam to Sweden 40c 1995; M/T Channel Dragon to Sweden 40c also 1995. 20 unsold
65 Bahamas Two 1961 6/- booklets SG: SB3, cat. £35 each but in one the stamp have been sewn in inverted making for a uncatalogued variety. Each booklet contained panes of four of the QEII 4d, 6d and 8d 20 unsold
66 Bahamas We don’t normally offer much by way of mint postal stationery, but the size K registered envelope of KEVII warrants an exception. Only 1,025 of these envelopes were printed and no Specimens, a clean example 36 28
67 Bahamas Slogan cancelled KGV 1d staircase postal stationery envelope sent to Roessler in NJ with “By First Airmail/to Miami, Fla” cachet in red so the date was Jan 2 1929 15 12
68 Bahamas E VII H2 size PSRE sent from Nassau to Brussels Nov 1913 via US (15 Nov) and Brussels arr. d/stamp 22 Nov. Postage 2x 2½d KEVII (SG 73) and 1d carmine KGV, only 2,205 of these envelopes were produced back in 1902. 60 75 link
69 Bahamas A pair of PSRE size G envelopes: Dec 46 KG6 2d env to Florida, 3d ultramarine paid postage; 27 Oct 60 QE2 4d env to NY, 8d postage added and large AIR MAIL h/stamp 45 36 link
70 Bahamas Ppc of Fisherman launching canoes produced by Johnston of Brown’s Town, Jamaica was posted to USA on the High seas with a 1d carmine KE7 stamp of Bahamas. The purser’s violet cachet of Hamburg-American Lines SS Prinz. Aug. Wilhelm is very fine – no date but the ship was only built in Flensburg in 1902 so we would estimate c1905. 48 40 link
71 Bahamas The Silk Cotton Tree featured on ppcs, one in colour one b/w. The colour one sent to Hamburg for 1d Mar 1914, the b/w to NY also for 1d Mar 1923 with Paquebot marking 8 6 link
72 Bahamas Pair of Sands Studio ppcs, both sent by airmail to NY with KGV frankings; first 9 MR 37 shows Paradise Beach and a 5½d franking (4d plus 3x ½d); second shows British Colonial Hotel Jan 20 1938 with 4d paid with 2½d and 1½d 20 unsold
Barbados Barbados
73 Barbados A delightful coloured map of the island showing the parishes, the language suggests cut from a French book of the 19th century – enhance any display 50 56 link
74 Barbados A collection written up on pages studying the double arc postmark. Eight examples in all 1846-51, mainly on letters to England but with one incoming entire from Demerara, variable quality of strike 180 unsold link
75 Barbados Three mounted mint four margined pairs of the 1d blue SG3/4 to show the variety of shade, cat. £330 100 unsold link
76 Barbados We know that the 2d greyish-slate is rather scarcer used as a complete stamp than it is bisected on cover, but in that state it has attained a catalogue value of £8,500. So what do we make of a quadrisect on a small piece that our vendor believes is a fragment of the Barbados Agricultural Reporter and thus the bisected 2d was itself bisected to make up the ½d newspaper rate. You won’t get a certificate for it but it just may be a unique piece of postal history 500 400 link
77 Barbados 4d brownish red, unused with 4 margins and hinge remains on reverse. SG5 cat. £120 30 unsold link
78 Barbados The ½d green on white paper SG7 & 8 used. The yellow-green has just retained its margins and has been cancelled kindly by an inverted barred numeral ‘1’. The deep green is truncated at the top but with three very good margins on the other side 40 unsold
79 Barbados Four margin unused copy of SG9, mgn close at rt pt o.g cat. £240 is paired with a very fine four mgn used copy to make an attractive pair 45 unsold link
80 Barbados As fine a shade of the 1d blue SG9 as we recall with just a smidgen of a cancellation with four margins and decent centring, justifies single lot status 25 unsold
81 Barbados Attractive colour and centring on this four mgn unused example of SG10. Cat. £110 15 unsold
82 Barbados SG10 pair neatly used with excellent mgns on three sides but the top mgn is close on one and just eats in to the design on the other 30 unsold link
83 Barbados SG11 and 11a, the pale and deep rose-red shades of the 6d on neatly used four margin copies both with barred numeral ‘1’. Cat. £300 60 unsold link
84 Barbados A similar used pair showing SG11 and 11a the margins are not quite as good, but ther deep colour is striking and there is cancellation interest with fine barred numeral ‘1’ and a faint bootheel with indistinct but probably British killer 60 unsold link
85 Barbados A group of three 1s imperf SG12/12a to show periods of use so one is cancelled with a barred numeral, one with a bootheel and one with a d/stamp (MY 29 72) all with ‘1’ numeral all, four margins. Cat. £225+ 30 24
86 Barbados The two shades of the 1s brown black and black on four mgn copies SG 12,12a cat. £185 40 unsold
87 Barbados The 1d pale blue pin-perf 14 (SG14) is a difficult stamp to find with four margins, which this stamps has though uneven and giving a slightly lop-sided appearance, though kindly cancelled. Cat. £150 40 32 link
88 Barbados The No wmk ½d deep green with clean-cut perfs (SG17) unused but without gum, neat appearance. Cat. £180 25 unsold link
89 Barbados The ½d deep green (SG20) in unmounted mint pair from the top of the sheet with full sheet mgn. With this pair you get a mint single from the left hand column also with full sheet mgn and a used single that seems imperf btm and rt. An interesting page, cat. £155+ 50 75 link
90 Barbados Mint block of six of SG21a the ½d blue-green from the bottom left corner of the sheet with full mgns cat, £330+ 60 75 link
91 Barbados Neat, rough-perf ½d green SG21 with full strike of bootheel ‘1’ 15 unsold
92 Barbados The rough-perf ½d grass-green in mint pair and lge pt o.g with full bottom sheet mgn is a striking example and the centring left shows the trouble perforation caused – SG22 40 unsold link
93 Barbados Half page of ½d green stamps laid out to show the four shades in mint and used condition, so SG20, 21, 21a 22 m. and u. cat. £376 80 unsold link
94 Barbados Block of 6 of the 1d blue SG23 rough perf 14-16 attractive multiple, cat. £480 150 120 link
95 Barbados A reasonably well centred unused example of SG23 1d blue cat. £80 20 unsold
96 Barbados The deep blue 1d here (SG24) has huge margins and is a striking stamp with much of the paper still in the perf holes at the sides cat. £75 15 16
97 Barbados Roett lists a variety of SG24 which is imperf, and for some reason SG do not list, here was offer a block of four with full mgns all round, it’s cat. £300 as ordinary, see Roett p.85 120 130 link
98 Barbados A page the looks at SG23 and 24 you get a mint and used example of each plus 5 more with there own interest, including the ‘Doctor Blade’ flaw and one where the transfer has been printed on the reverse. Two of the used examples come with 2003 RPSL certificates so you have authority in distinguishing the shades, 60 48 link
99 Barbados A stamp to show the variability in perforation achieved by Miss Stewart’s efforts on an unused 4d brown red (SG26) the stamp is shifted to the left and down giving enormous margins top and right but eating in to the design bottom and left 40 32 link
100 Barbados This mtd m. lge pt o.g. 6d orange (SG33) with very fresh colour, is better centred and has good margins on three sides the perfs just cutting in to the design at the top. Cat. £200 60 52 link
101 Barbados The 1/- value is listed under brown-black and black, (SG34/35) and to assist you get mint and used of each shade, plus two additional used examples of SG35, one ‘intense black’ and another unused. Cat. c£250 60 unsold link
102 Barbados Completing our rough-perf offering is an unused 1s brown-black (SG34) with four mgns despite slightly leftwards shift Cat. £75 15 unsold
103 Barbados The small star wmk ½d green perf 11x14½ (SG56) is not an easy stamp as the £375 cat. value suggests. This is example if fresh in colour, lacking in gum and reasonably centred if a little high 100 80
104 Barbados Two shades of the 5s SG64 with neat ‘bootheels’, one reasonably well centred the other somewhat to the right. Cat. £600 80 65 link
105 Barbados The PB perf 14 ½d green and 1d blue SG65/66 both stamps centred to the right, the ½d only very slightly the 1d a little more so, ½d has very little gum, the 1d enhanced by a portion of the watermark’s frame line. Cat. £200 40 unsold link
106 Barbados Attractive example of 4d red SG76 with clear, but not overwhelming bootheel ‘10’ of St Peter 15 12
107 Barbados If you have your Foxley Barbados catalogue to hand you will see an interesting copy of SG97 offered as Lot 639, it realised £3,500 plus premium and is now catalogued as SG97a ‘value doubly printed’. Our vendor has searched long and hard for another and the used example we offer has a very similar shift up and right in the value tablet only. The strength of the lettering of the tablet is suggestive of doubling, especially when one compares with the ‘Barbados’ lettering. Is this the second copy found? Would you get a certificate as SG97a? It is certainly a variety. We read the d/stamp as AP 12 84. Offered as is at 400 unsold
108 Barbados Attractive m. complete set of the 1892 seal SG105-115 v. lightly mtd, cat. £250 60 48 link
109 Barbados A Die Proof of the SIX PENCE value tablet for the Diamond Jubilee issue struck 22 SEP 97 on card 92x60 mm 65 100 link
110 Barbados 1897 Jubilee set on white paper m., v. lightly mtd, SG116-124 cat. £300 75 60 link
111 Barbados Two used copies of the ½d Jubilee to show the two papers, SG117 & 125. Cat £30+ 8 6
112 Barbados A similar fine used 2½d pair with convincing bluing SG119 & 128. The later d/stamped SP 19 98. Cat. £46 10 8
113 Barbados A different pairing here for the 5d, here unused and in Specimen format 15 unsold
114 Barbados The 1912 seal of the colony set of 11optd SPECIMEN, fine condn, SG170s/180s, cat. £200 65 75 link
115 Barbados The 1912 set m. lightly hinged, but with some gum toning, with addl shade of ¼d and 1d SG170-180, cat. come £300 60 48 link
116 Barbados 1916 large seal set of 11 m. with the colour changes for 4d and 3s SG181-91 and 199/200. V. lightly mtd, but some gum toning, cat. £175 45 36 link
117 Barbados Without the 1d scarlet perf 13½x13 your KG6 wartime defins are incomplete. This example centred a tad left, pretty good top and bottom, with hinge remainder on reverse. Colour is fresh, not quite as scarlet as scarlet can be, as there was a war on (just) SG249 cat. £275 60 unsold link
118 Barbados The ‘eyelash’ or ‘curved line’ variety on 4d black (SG253b) fine used, cat. £70 25 20 link
119 Barbados The 1968 Human Rights Year set locally overprinted SPECIMEN. This was done to display in Post Offices when a new issue appeared and just four sets are known, mildly tropicalised and scarce 35 28
120 Barbados The 35c and 40c value of the 1979 bird set with printing interest. For the 35c we have a single with extraneous, though neat, green ‘blob’and a top right corner block of six with sheet mgns and a brown ‘blob’. For the 40c we offer a block of 12 with lower sheet mgn, incl ‘Harrison and Sons Ltd London’ with blue ‘blob’. All ‘blobs’ are clearly of a colour used in the printing. Cat. £70+ 25 20 link
121 Barbados Neat 21 Mar 1857 cover to Trinidad with 1d blue SG3 neatly cancelled with barred oval 1, b/stamped Trinidad arrival 23 May in the recent census as item 1110, The adhesive has three good margins but is cut into at the base 110 90 link
122 Barbados JY 26 96 is the d/stamp on printed Returned Letter envelope from the Colonial Postmaster to R.E.E.F Nuneham sending an exhortation from Postmaster Trimingham to sign letters with a full name – ex Booth 35 52 link
123 Barbados A pair of ½d dull green seal stamps were neatly cancelled by the Barbados squared circle JA 20 00 to send this envelope to Old Calabar in the Niger Coast Protectorate via Liverpool – have you seen another to this destination? 20 52
124 Barbados OHMS wrapper from the Imperial Department of Agriculture for the West Indies with mostly good strike of the Barbados squared circle d/stamp of FE 14 02 and the Barbados/PAID/Official h/stamp – ex Booth 45 48 link
125 Barbados An envelope d/stamped 21 OC 42 per Transatlantique Clipper and addresses to ACI Goddard c/o West India Committee in London suggested “undercover mail” to a previous owner. It was re-addressed on arrival to Queens College, Cambridge and sent for 3/1. It seems the Yankee Clipper left on 1 January and arrived Foynes 6 January 25 20
126 Barbados This year’s auction has a good variety of censored mail from Barbados and an opportunity to add to your holdings or start a new collecting area. Our first lot has a fine strike of dbl circle d/stamp 9 JY 18 of Field Post Office H 22 the postage to London is paid by a ¼d stamp (SG116) which has been cancelled by rectangular crown Passed By Censor No 4267, addressed to London SW9. 40 80 link
127 Barbados The second world war H6 triangular PASSED BY CENSOR h/stamp gains a 10 rarity rating in Burrows, here on a Jan 1940 cover to Penzance with 1½d orange adhesive 60 100 link
128 Barbados Also with a 10 rating is h/stamp CC3 from the Import, Export and Currency Board of Control, for good measure you get two strikes, one front and one back here on a 20 OC 42 cover to a Rectory in Newfoundland, postage 2d (1x 1d and 2x ½d) 60 65 link
129 Barbados H/stamp H8A the octagonal h/stamp Crown/PASSED/H./ and then hand numeral 28 on postcard to Canterbury 17 MR 44 25 20 link
130 Barbados H/stamp H8B is a variant where the H is replaced by I.H and in this case hand 11, fine strike on rear of Ocean View Hotel stationery envelope to Trinidad where it arrived AP 10 43 for 2d, by airmail 25 20
131 Barbados Proceeding now to the resealing tapes, we offer first L4 on four envelopes: in Vermillion on white with no identifying number to California Feb 40 for 2½d; the three green on white No.21 on 4 SP 41 env to NY sent for 1/6; No.23 (not recorded by Burrows) to California by surface mail for 3d 14 SP 41; No. 3631 to Los Angeles for 1/6 on 13 NO 42 which would seem to extend the LKD 75 60 link
132 Barbados The L4 label in black on white here on three 1942 envelopes to the US, one surface rate 3d, the other two 1/6, differently made up. Censor numbers 18 and 29 48 40
133 Barbados For the L6 label we can offer censor numbers 1, 10, 17, 18, 19, 26, 27, 28. The last on an incoming cover from Trinidad 3 JU 42. The others all to the US, generally for 1/6, but one is 3d surface and one ¼ and one 1/7. Eight covers in all 105 80
134 Barbados Label L6.1 is slightly shorter at 73mm – here we offer four from censors 12, 22, 28 and 29 three of which are not listed by Burrows. All to the US, 3 for 1/6 and one 1/8. 60 48
135 Barbados We offer 6 different printed censor numbers on the L7 on pale blue paper – 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, 20. I surface to the US for 3d, 4 airmail to the US at 1/6 and one to London for 3/1. All 1942/43 90 70 link
136 Barbados A minor, but much scarcer, variety is the L7a label with broken slash and H10, here to Canada 14 OC 43 for ¼ - the date seems to be the LKD quoted by Burrows, though we incline to blue rather than green for the background shade 30 24
137 Barbados On the L8 resealing label the number is printed but the ‘H’ is not and was normally inserted by hand. Here we offer what may be a discovery copy of Examiner 21 and a copy of Examiner 22 where the H has not been inserted. The later for 3d to Montreal, the former to Missouri for 1/6 7 Dec 1942 and appears to be ex-Freeland 40 32 link
138 Barbados If you want to make a colourful display of censored mails then the KGVI definitives and the background paper of the L10 censor resealing tape are for you. In all 18 covers here on white paper – No.s 10, 14, 16, 23, 24, 26, 28, 29. On green/blue No’s 12, 14, 15, 18, 23, 24, 25 (12 and 25 not listed by Burrows). On salmon 25 and 27 (last not on the Burrows list) and on grey- violet No.15. Of these 16 are outgoing to either US, Canada or England and 2 are incoming one from US and one from England. 180 150
139 Barbados Label H10b for Examiner 3631 apparently belonged to a Spanish speaking censor who moved around. This cover from Brazil to Barbados via New York and Trinidad was censored in Brazil and we think Trinidad as it is date stamped Trinidad 2 MAR 45and did not reach Barbados until 17 March 30 unsold
140 Barbados Two economy OHMS envelopes. One long (No. 204) registered to University of Hawaii in Honolulu sent 25 MR 52 for $1 (2x 8c, 24c and 60c – SG276, 278, 280). The other a small envelope (No. 219) less commonly seen sent to Connecticut 18 AP 53 with h/stamp ‘ON POSTAL SERVICE’ explaining the lack of stamps. The economy theme enhanced by the typed deletion of HIS and its replacement by HER following the change of monarch 25 unsold link
141 Barbados Did it cost 75c to post a local letter in 2015? This envelope from Bridgetown Port 13 MR 15 to St peter has a strip of three from the top of the sheet of the 1970 4X on 5c surcharge where the top two stamps have the surcharge omitted (SG398a) used here with a 10c and 50c commem. Neatly cancelled in St Peter on arrival, something you don’t see in the UK anymore. Cat. £70+ 30 24 link
142 Barbados Boxed violet “INSUFFICIENT/AIR POST” on this 29 JU 53 airmail envelope to London’s Pall Mall 20c postage was added which attracted 1/6 postage due in the UK 12 10
143 Barbados On cover the 1934 1d postage dye bisected catalogues at £1,800, so how do we value the bisect on piece with GPO d/stamp 30 SP 34 next to a T in circle mark. The bisect retains its sheet margin which adds to the attraction, but this seems a ‘by favour’ item 100 80 link
144 Barbados Complete pane of 60 of the1950-53 1c deep green postage due with full mgns and St Edward’s Crown CA in margin SGD4ac, very minor perf splits. Sheet numbered 278. 100 80
145 Barbados A small selection of 7 items of used postal stationery: postcards (3) internal ½d brown QV to St Thomas parish SP 4 89, ½d brown seal to Bridgetown MR 29 01, 1d carmine seal to Newfoundland AP 14 96; ½d on 1d pink to New Brunswick 1892; ½d brown WV wrapper to St Thomas OC 12 94, ½d om 1d red wrapper to England OC 98 and ½d brown wrapper to Mayaguez 1905. 70 56 link
146 Barbados Five used PSRE: Bailey RE24 2d blue-grey size F to Germany 1901; seal size F & G (Bailey RE27,28) each uprated by 2½d first to US 1904 second to Italy 1915 per SS Siena and censored on arrival; finally GV size G and H (Bailey RE 32, 33) first to London 1922 second to Demerara 1925 – all seem commercial and with the wear to prove it 60 70 link
147 Barbados B/w ppc of Sand Dunes, Barbados BWI, published by Knights Ltd and sent to Mold, N Wales 25 Jun 1927 for 1d 6 5
Bermuda Bermuda
148 Bermuda Packet letter of JA 9 1829 from London to Bermuda, carried by Pitts’ route 6, year round Admiralty pkt. No Bermuda h/stamps but inscribed per Packet and rated 4s 2d and what we take to be 4/11 (7/11?) which may be the Bermuda currency equivalent to be collected 60 unsold link
149 Bermuda Similar pkt letter of 7 November 1832 from London to Bermuda, with pencil notes on the rear outlining the journey. Inscribed per Novr mail” the rating of 2/2 with 4/2 in Bermuda currency is straightforward, clean 60 unsold
150 Bermuda Date lined St Georges 16 Sep 1835 this entire to Bewton Gordon in Madeira bears signs of disinfection but no postal markings and presumably carried privately 30 unsold
151 Bermuda May 19 (1844) New Orleans date stamp on entire with ‘interesting contents’ and US PAID mark in blue, senders routing instructions struck through 30 unsold
152 Bermuda 14 August 1856 incoming packet letter sent from London, via Liverpool and Halifax, to Bermuda bears inspectors h/stamps and 5d accountancy handstamp 60 unsold link
153 Bermuda The 1d pale rose with watermark inverted (SG2w) mint with a few short perfs but otherwise fine, cat. £600 125 unsold link
154 Bermuda 3d yellow-buff with watermark inverted (SG5aw) very lightly used, cat. £350 105 85 link
155 Bermuda A group of 6 QV unused postal stationery cards, HG1 (with ½d on blue card first issue), 3 copies of HG3 ( ½d blue). HG4 (1½d carmine) and HG7 (One Penny on HG4) 54 unsold
156 Bermuda SPECIMEN overprint on four dock values – ¼d, 2d, 2½d, 4d SG34s,39s,40s,42s – the cat. £20 each for the full set of 9 so 30 24 link
157 Bermuda Slightly damaged 1872 envelope to Grenada, via St Thomas, we think of 23 JU, red4 in crayon and franked with 6d dull purple(SG6 – scarce on cover) 375 300 link
158 Bermuda Rather battered, but we think rather scarce, opened out envelope of AP 6 73 sent from Bridport and then bagged in London to be sent to Bermuda via the Liverpool pkt (so via Halifax) and there is a complete wax seal clearly showing “Packet Letter Office/Liverpool” postage 6d paid by 6d pale buff plate 11. It seems this is the discover copy of this seal, which justifies our vendor’s use of the word ‘Significant’ 115 unsold link
159 Bermuda Two pages written up to explain the hiring of HMS Charybdis by the Bermudan govt to maintain a mail service after the “Bermudian” was taken from them to serve as a troop transport. On them are four covers carried by the service: 26 JUN 18 2½d blue to NY, censored CM13 in red; regd philatelic cover to Toronto 13 AUG 18 3d purple on yellow and seven copies of 1d WAR TAX, censored CM13 in black; regd 7 MAR 19 to Boston with War Tax, 2d and 2½d; registered Montgomery Ward cover 20 Nov 19 2d and 2½d – HAMILTON, Bermuda regn label No. 100 40 unsold link
160 Bermuda “Via Airship Los Angeles from Lakehurst N.J” reads the typed message on this incoming FFC with 1922 US 2c cancelled by AIR MAIL SERVICE NEW YORK in red APR 15 1925, This was the first flight from Lakehurst to Hamilton Bermuda and arrived 22 April. 30 unsold
161 Bermuda We combine an outer to London with fine NEW YORK 5 JAN 29 in black circle (10 FE 1851 arrival) with yellow envelope to Southampton fine HAMILTON DE 27 73 Bermuda dates tamp and fine Paid Liverpool US Packet arrival mark – but unfortunately someone has cut out the postage stamp 40 unsold link
162 Bermuda Bermuda’s 1d and 1½d Caravels combined with 2 US 20c airmail stamps to take this envelope to Mrs Forbes at the British Legation in Lima, Peru late 1934 90 75 link
163 Bermuda Lady Rodney Pursers Office toothed cachet very clear on this envelope to NY put in to the post in Hamilton 10 JUN 37 with 3x1d Silver Jubilee stamps 25 20
164 Bermuda 15 JUN 37 first flight cover by R.M.A. “Cavalier” with full cachet in red on front. Sent to New York with 1936 3d and 6d making up the 9d fare 12 unsold
165 Bermuda This 1938 envelope to British Columbia had an airmail etiquette applied and 9d postage (SG104 & 114 – 3d, 6d) which was underpaid so Bermuda applied a Tax mark of 18 centimes due and the Canadian’s a boxed 36 Cents Due h/stamp but only a 2c and 4c postage due (Canadian) were added 40 unsold link
166 Bermuda 1st printing 2s keyplate on long PAA cover passed by censor 3 in green. Sent on first flight eastwards from Hamilton to the Azores on the southern route 16 NOV 39 which took it on to Lisbon before coming back across the Atlantic to New York 75 60 link
167 Bermuda This airmail letter from Mexico to Hamburg in June 1940 for 1 Peso 25c, attracted the censors attention In Bermuda (opened and resealed with CL2 Opened by Censor 57) and in Germany (Oberkammando der Wehrmacht resealing tape) but got through – the typed instructions suggest via Lisbon and Rome 36 unsold link
168 Bermuda If you buy this lot as well as the last you will get a helpful map to show how the route changed. The cover here is from Coruna, Spain to New York 22 Dec 41 opened and resealed by Examiner 5061 in Bermuda 25 unsold link
169 Bermuda This blue envelope, which we take to be from 1943 was sent to London’s Regent’s Park, was opened for examination twice, most clearly resealed by Examiner 8157, but underneath it one can also see the tape of Examiner 8144 – both CL6 type resealing labels. The sender was in Warwick East if that adds to the explanation. The envelope also bears two Pan American Clipper airmail etiquettes and the fare, including registration came to 5/6 (3x 1/6 SG106, 1x 6d SG104 and 2x 3d SG114a) 24 19
170 Bermuda Bermuda numbered circle handstamps CM21 in an attractive green shade. Here are six of the commoner numbers 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 23 all listed by Burrows all letters with stamps to US or Canada 90 unsold
171 Bermuda Singled out is 27 in the green CM21 circle – mainly used on postcards, which attractive one is – ‘Old Post Office, Mangrove Bay’ – 2d postage 30 42 link
172 Bermuda The Alcoa Steamship Co kept up a twice monthly service and on this written up page you have covers with CM21 in green with censors 3 and 23 on covers to the UK carried by this service 30 unsold
173 Bermuda Would M. Arthur Simon have bothered to send this envelope at all if he had known that his letter to New York, that he sent by Transatlantic Clipper to New York for 16Fr on February 1942 was going to be delayed for four years? How do we know? Well the PC 90 of Examiner 342 is known to have been used in Bermuda and there is also the “HELD BY BRITISDH CENSOR/RELEASED JANUARY 1946” h/stamp on the front 40 unsold link
174 Bermuda 22 IX 42 envelope from Lausanne to Connecticut was censored in Bermuda by one of the Antigua censors who had bought their resealing labels with them (CL13 where I.B/6044 has crossed out the I.B and put in I.C 25 20 link
175 Bermuda Registered commercial airmail envelope to Nottingham 21 Jan 50 with UPU 3d and 1/- making up the fare – not so very easy to find like this 10 unsold
176 Bermuda Size F, Docks PSRE sent from Bermuda to Buenos Aires franked with QV 2½d on JU 3 1903 50 40 link
177 Bermuda Three used items of Victorian Bermuda postal stationery here: size F PSRE to New York per S S Orinoco MY 25 99 2½d postage; AU 1 98 PSC 1/2 d green from Bermuda High School for Girls; NO 21 93 One Penny on penny halfpenny PSC card to Ulm – ignored in our valuation 40 unsold link
178 Bermuda Two used farthing postal stationery wrappers – KGV 1925 from Hamilton to Pembro(k)e appears to be a valid and scarce use; more philatelic is the pencil address in Paget on KGVI with 1951 pmk and the oval Bermuda ¾d Postage Paid h/stamp with supporting article on the h/stamp and why it was needed following an increase in the rate in 1950 50 40 link
179 Bermuda Unused letter card in fine condition showing a three funnelled steamer under ‘My trip to Bermuda’ – an attractive addition to your display 8 6
British Guiana British Guiana
180 British Guiana Three examples of the Berbice dbl-arc in black on entires to the UK, two from the Ross correspondence to Inverness, the best strike is 17 AU 1845 (1/2 rated) and then dbl-rate JU 17 1849; the third was sent to Honiton, Devon for 1/2 on MY 3 1846 90 unsold link
181 British Guiana 1c rose SG29 v.g.u., as its centred left; with it 1c brown SG41 fresh and fine u. cat. £525 105 95 link
182 British Guiana 1860-3 8c(2), 12c, 24c(2) identified to us as SG35, 37, 39, 54, 65 (cat. £325, if so) all f.u. for these issues SG35 has nibbled perfs at top, but fine colour cat. £400+ 70 unsold link
183 British Guiana 4 used 1878-81 provisionals we’ll assume the cheap fully cancelled SG152 is cto (they usually are); SG141 was scissor separated rather close l. and r.; SG144, 148 are cork-cancelled ugly fine; SG146 adds character and value with the cork that encloses a pentacle design – cat. £325 in all 40 32 link
184 British Guiana We single out a nice used example of SG146 the (2c) on 8c rose of fine colour and whose cork cancel that encloses a pentacle design adds character and value. Cat £425 80 65 link
185 British Guiana 2 on 24c Official, SG159 pt o.g. The yellow-green is pale, but fresh; the type 19 surcharge was overinked and left traces around it, and the centring is quite exceptional, which adds up to a real plus on cat. £375 75 60 link
186 British Guiana The 1888 $2 on Inland Revenue optd set SG186 in mint condition but with slightly toned gum, cat. £275 80 unsold link
187 British Guiana A neat used set of the 1931 centenary issue SG283-287 cat. £65 20 unsold
188 British Guiana Four 1930’s covers from CHARITY: T & H type 6a pmk of 14 FE 35 to Georgetown’ SG285 sent 25 FE 32 to Stockton, California; 28 MR 36 rare registered Express cover to Georgetown, rate 14c; finally registered cover of 10 JA 35 sent to Georgetown for 6c 40 32 link
189 British Guiana CLONBROOK is a difficult office. Here we offer a fine second series code E8C JA 5 76 on 2c orange (which T & H describe as 6 seen) and the DLR 2c orange the rare type 2 cancel of Aug 7 (80) 70 130 link
190 British Guiana CLONBROOK features here on three 1950/60’s registered covers to England. Two from 1958 sent for 42c and the last from 1965 for 45c 15 17
191 British Guiana The Type 31 CORNHILL rated scarce by Horry, that is, on the $2 value (SG318), which classifies as a rarity. It’s a 70%, near enough a part strike and has the grace to land the name against the light background of the sky. The basic stamp is cat. £28 and this is an exceptional example 20 23 link
192 British Guiana Four different post marks from the scarce office of COTTON TREE. SG107 cancelled with W C B/4 (OC (1?)0 75) (T & H 10 seen); SG126 type 2 cancel partial strike with COTTON clear and just about discernible 24 OCT 83 (T & H VR); vertical pair of SG170 with very fine and largely complete strike of type 8 the squared circle 17 JUL 85 (T & H VS); finally SG199 cancelled with a fine 80% strike of type 5a MY 9 90 (T & H R). A very difficult assembly 200 400 link
193 British Guiana A nice group of five 1c covers, seemingly from Richard Maisel’s exhibit. The 1888 Inland Revenue 1c (SG 175) used singly on local printed matter (5 AU 89) and doubly to pay the local letter rate (23 SE 89). Then the 1890 1c on $2 (SG 208) used singly on local printed matter rate in 1890 and doubly to pay local letter rate 28 JY 90. Finally two copies on the $4 (SG 210) to pay local letter rate OC 29 90. The exhibit won a gold medal which is all you really need to know about the quality. 90 130 link
194 British Guiana A pair of covers on the same Maisel sheets first the 6c (SG 179) used to pay for a local registered letter (2c + 4c) AU 4 00 and secondly a neat local printed matter rate on unsealed env to Buxton with 1c sea-green (SG 213) 30 24 link
195 British Guiana Four more single franking covers from the era 1c SG 175 on printed matter 3 AU 89; 2c SG176 11 AP 90; 3c SG177 8 JU 90; 2 on 2c SG 192 SP 9 89. All fine, but from a different provenance 48 unsold link
196 British Guiana Four 2c carmine with pmk interest: Beterverwagting (type 12 – 1894); Leguan (type 6a – 1899); Leonora (type 15c – 1932); Potaro (type 10 – 1899). Some ageing and slight foxing. 16 13
197 British Guiana Incoming Boer War cover to Georgetown sent from UITENHAGE in the Cape of Good Hope in DE 22 01 for 1d and with purple Passed Press Censor/Uitenhage cachet 60 unsold link
198 British Guiana Three type 12 cancels her: Anna Regina on 2c carmine PSE 1904; Reliance to British Columbia on mourning cover 1915, 2c stamp damaged; Wakenaam on 1c PSC 1904 15 23 link
199 British Guiana Typed 1st Air Mail B.G. to Trinidad and boxed British Guiana by Air Mail cancelled 25 SP 29 and flown for 19c 14 11
200 British Guiana Four different rated single frankings to the USA from (we assume) the 1921-27 Script issue 1c printed PO form to Buffalo 1934; 4c from Mahaicony to Syracuse 1930; 6c to Connecticut 1934; 12c registered to Indiana 1934. 15 12 link
201 British Guiana 23 MY 31 entire from the capital to Revd White in St Swithin’s rectory Vried-en-Hoof, postage just 2c but with fine purple oval BRITISH GUIANA CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS 13-17 Oct 1931. T&H C4 12 10
202 British Guiana Page with the first four values of the 1931 set used to pay for this registered OHMS envelope to go French Indochina 28 NO 31 routed via New York, Seattle, Hong Kong as evidenced by the d/stamps on the reverse 36 27 link
203 British Guiana Type 20c TPO of Essequibo Steamer a fine strike on this 28 MY 34 to Bookers in Georgetown – common, apparently 15 33 link
204 British Guiana The Birmingham d/stamps (type 25) of Plaisance and Mackenzie are very clear on these two items. Plaisance on a 1947 printed postcard to US; Mackenzie on March 1944 cover that was censored on arrival in US 10 8
205 British Guiana Two uses of the KGV 48c here, first a single use to Chicago 18 SP 34 with an ususual Via Air Mail etiquette; secondly to Ohio together with a 12c sent 20 SP 29 with boxed BRITISH GUIANA BY AIR MAIL and typed First Flight Air Mail via San Juan and Miami 25 unsold
206 British Guiana Is the 14 FE 42 a clue as to why a Civil Servant spent 106c to send this registered envelope to Frank Osborne in the RAF nr Nottingham – franking made up of KGVI 4c, 6c, 12c, 24c, 60c 12 unsold
207 British Guiana Long airmail cover to London with boxed Late Fee went for $2.84in 1948, ex Booth who thought $2 represented the air fee and 84c the late fee – worthy of more research as the rates differed according to whether it went on BWIA or KLM/PanAm, write the article wont you! 50 40
208 British Guiana Two single use airmail frankings of the KGVI 24c green from 1950. The first from Albuoystown to California 6 MR 50; the second from GPO 9 JUN 1950 to Oxford features the two line “Air Mail to NEW YORK only, thence/by Surface Mail.” 20 16
209 British Guiana Eight KGVI airmail cover, four are registered and one is an air letter. Reliance to India in 1954 for 69c may be the pick but we note 46c from Nigg to Bradford; 24c, 40c, 42c, 96c to London; 26c to USA 40 32 link
210 British Guiana A group of eleven 1950’s covers with post office name and * in single circle: Albuoystown; Buxton; Canal No.2, Fellowship; Grove; Ituni; Leonora; Lodge; Queenstown; Rosignol; Stanleytown. Mainly T & H type 21a 16 22
211 British Guiana Four different PSEs: 5c blue-grey from Plaisance to Devon 1897; Two Cents on 5c from Whim to Abingdon 1899; 2c carmine to Canada, via Montreal, uprated by 2c 1907; 2c violet, uprated by 2c from Weldaad to Montgomery Ward, 1926. 25 28 link
British Honduras British Honduras
212 British Honduras Two pre-stamp items, one a wrapper of 22 July 1842 to London, wrapper inscribed as from Belize but the 2/3 rate merits investigation, the second letter does bear the Belize dbl arc a good strike of SP 21 1846 60 48 link
213 British Honduras A pair of 1851 pre-stamp covers to the Wesleyan Mission in London, both rated 1/- and showing the Belize dbl arc datestamp on the reverse, OC 9 1851 is only fair but MY 19 1851 is an above average strike 60 100 link
214 British Honduras From March 1854 the packet rate to the UK had been reduced to 6d, and you can show that if you buy this neat lady’s envelope sent from Belize to Leicester on 19 March 1855. Belize dbl arc in black on the reverse, along with London arrival in red and Leicester in Blue – colourful 40 65 link
215 British Honduras Two Lamman & Kemp covers that were carried privately to New York and put in the mail there. The first from 30 Sept 1861 carried by the ‘Honduras’ with 5 in circle US charge mark. The second from 15 March 1864 is more interesting, carried by the ‘Pallas’ it bears the New York Ship Letter 4 hand stamp 35 unsold link
216 British Honduras The 5c ultramarine overprinted Revenue in brilliant large pt o.g block of six, the top left stamp shows the ‘Malformed S at right’ variety – SG66b cat. £700, the error occurs at row 7 stamp 3 of the left hand pane. With this block you get a fiscally used example of the same variety, a pen cross and blue line rather deface, but very scarce. 200 160 link
217 British Honduras A block of none of the 25c red-brown and green overprinted revenue (SG68, manages to include two varieties SG68a and c) the central stamp shows ‘BEVENUE’ and so you know that is row 6 stamp 4 and you also get the repaired ‘S’ at right variety on row 7 stamp 3. The two varieties catalogue at £950 and to get the two in the one block merits a premium 275 420 link
218 British Honduras The ‘BEVENUE’ variety on the 5c, 10c and 25c in fresh, lge pt, o.g. condition, the 5c comes in a block of four, the other two as singles – SG66a, 67a and 68a cat. £775 220 180 link
219 British Honduras The Revenue overprint is for the most part 12mm in length, but for just over a quarter of the sheet the overprint is 11mm in length. Here we offer a set of four with the 11mm opt. The 50c on 1s is a particularly fine example, all lge pt o.g. SG66-69, cat. £480 140 115 link
220 British Honduras 14 Mar 1888 registered envelope to Altenberg, Saxony with faint REGISTERED handstamp R2 and oval R type R3 postage paid with 3x 10 cents on 4d mauve – ex Freeland and Booth 120 160 link
221 British Honduras Although his cover has Aikman’s address printed on the reverse this cover sent regd to Canada MR 18 92 using 12c SG59 looks entirely commercial, date stamps, hand stamps and registration marks are plastered on front and back including Montreal to Windsor TPO 40 32 link
222 British Honduras JU 25 92 neat envelope to Chicago 6c postage paid with vert pair of 3c brown (SG53) 36 50 link
223 British Honduras An envelope sent from Belize to Bremen via New Orleans on FE 17 93 with 7c postage paid with SG 36 and 56 (1c & 6c) might not excite too much if the date stamp weren’t the scarce dbl ring D8 only in use from 10 FE 93 until 14 AP 93 50 140 link
224 British Honduras Commercial cover to Liverpool sent DE 21 94, postage 30c paid by a strip of five 6c ultramarine SG58 cancelled by K65 killer 42 54 link
225 British Honduras S Wolffsohn Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, Belize sent this 1895 cover to Queen’s County, NY, the 5c rate made up with keyplate 3c brown and 1c on 1d green pair cancelled by the K65 killer with small Belize cds on front 30 24 link
226 British Honduras A pair of the 1899 Revenue opt covers on typed page. The 5c SG66 to New Orleans 3 November 1899 and 10c SG67 to New York 18 December 1901. Cat. x15 puts the second at £390 95 75 link
227 British Honduras This QV 10c keyplate SG58 was used on AU 14 08 to pay for this envelope to travel to the Canal Zone, Panama. It went registered and has a printed registration label 48 unsold link
228 British Honduras There are two interesting points arising out of a $2 SG109 sitting on front (only) of a cover regd from Belize to London AU 30 17. The first is that it sits alongside 1c War Stamp SG114, showing meticulous respect for the requirement to add for War tax irrespective of the massive overpayment of postage. The second is the name Ewens as addressee, giving, in effect, a character intermediate between commercial and philatelic, for here is the philatelic press getting sight of the issue – perhaps a new consignment along with SG106a (but we’ve not checked this). There’s an argument for adding a multiplier, even though the front is slightly reduced and has crumpling clear of the stamps. Our own estimate adds an interest factor to f.u. cat. £130 55 unsold link
229 British Honduras Use of a single 3c War Stamp SG120 to take a cover of Jan 7 1919 to New Orleans (with an assumption, again unchecked, that 2c was enough to pay for postage) shows the more casual approach to tax regulations. More significant is the continuing use with black ink of the Belize TRD to cancel (effectively to smother) the stamp, and that here is a rare example of a WWI censored cover which the handstamp on resealing label shows was dealt with by censor 1159. Sender was John Harley & Co 75 60 link
Belize Belize
230 Belize The 35c shell opts with 10c in a block of 4 with surcharge inverted, SG745a, unmounted mgnl block 100 unsold link
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
231 Cayman Islands The 1905 KEVII set MCA fine used SG8-12 cat. £150 40 unsold link
232 Cayman Islands KEVII 1905 set of 5, 1907 set to 1s and 1907 ½d on 1d all fine mtd mint, SG8-15 & 17. Cat. £298 40 32 link
233 Cayman Islands The (second) 1907 set in UPU colours, just the 8 stamps on Mult. Crown CA paper, again fine mtd SG25-32. Mint, cat. £160 25 20 link
234 Cayman Islands KEVII 4d, 6d, 1s SG13-15 fine used, cat. £225 65 unsold link
235 Cayman Islands Three stamps overprinted SPECIMEN from the Gabon archive and so with the archive circular stamp – the KGV ¼ d, 2 ½ d, 1s SG40s, 44s, 48s – ex Booth 36 42 link
236 Cayman Islands The wider spaced WAR STAMP 1½d on 2½d surcharge on used pair showing the missing fraction bar on the upper stamp, SG54a cat. £140 but most unusual to find in a used multiple 50 40 link
237 Cayman Islands KGV 3d purple on pale yellow with inverted watermark SG60bw, cat. £375, small hinge remain otherwise m. 100 80 link
238 Cayman Islands 2 album pages with the Multiple Script CA set (SG69-83) plus additional 4d (SG62) together with 1932 centenary set to 2s (SG84-93) all fine mtd mint. Cat. £240+ 30 35
239 Cayman Islands KGVI 2s, 5s, 10s, (SG124-6) as fresh and fine in colour as the wartime streaky gum allows, cat. £135 30 unsold
240 Cayman Islands Attractive c. 1953 coloured print of a Dolphin Fish with a reproduction of the 1943 1/- KGVI stamp featuring the fish in the upper right corner, 32x25cm. Also with a reproduction od f the same stamp in “die proof” form on thin paper with imprints “Les Poisson et le Timbre-poste” and “Heilo-Vaugirad-1953”, 155xx 115mm 30 unsold
241 Cayman Islands 13 letters from Cayman Brac, including a Panton cover with boxed Cayman Brac R4 h/stamp with manuscript No. 1, which suggests first use on AU 11 30; you also get an early manuscript 10 in the h/struck R6 h/stamp of AP 12 49 as a second EKD. Elsewhere ½d green to the Board of Education OC 28 22 is ex-Watkin and a nice commercial use; two 1947 OHMS envs to Little Cayman; 4 KGV and 2 KGVI ½d frankings make up the rest 70 56
242 Cayman Islands Cut down envelope from Little Cayman with very fine OC 1 1934 cancel to Mr Watkin in Georgetown 6d claret (possibly deep claret) SG77 paying to go between islands 20 unsold link
243 Cayman Islands Intriguing fragment of a parcel post wrapper from Mortimer D’Souza & Co in Jamaica sending school material to Boddentown, that was then turned and re-used locally as a parcel in Boddentown. The wrapper is too cut down to determine the original rate and the only adhesive is a KGV ½d green with a T mark and used as a postage due. Ex Booth & Watkin 40 unsold link
244 Cayman Islands Group of 7 covers of local mail; Boddentown to Georgetown OC 10 34, two x ¼d; Boddentown to Cayman Brac MY 2 1951 ½d; Georgetown to ‘Grand Cayman’ AP 6 1956; Boodetown to Cayman Brac SP 2 1925, 2 x ¼d; West End to Stake Bay, registered SE 3 25 with 1d and 1½d (SG71,72); finally two GVI 1949 covers to Cayman Brac one franking ½d and one 2x¼d 40 56
245 Cayman Islands Four Centenary covers at the ½d rate; two from the same correspondence from ES Parson in Georgetown to R Foster in Stake Bay, one with ¼d pair one ½d green both 1933; ¼d pair within Georgetown 5 Dec 32; ½d green to East End 15 Dec 32. 30 39 link
246 Cayman Islands A ½d cover sent from Boddentown NO 24 23 to the postmaster Ronald Watler in Georgetown 20 unsold
247 Cayman Islands 4 covers coming in to Cayman Brac: ½d (SG116) from Boddentown JU 24 1948; two covers from the same correspondent in Little Cayman to the Creek, Cayman Brac MR 22 1951 and AP 25 1951 both franked with ½d (SG136); lastly an OHMS env. from Georgetown to Miss Bodden, the Head Teacher AP 11 1947 20 32
248 Cayman Islands 5 local mail covers: ½d green used within Georgetown NO 27 22 and MY 2 2?; ½d green on cover from West Bay to Panton in Georgetown SE 30 1931; slightly truncated OHMS env. to Georgetown containing Way Bills, no indication of origin but with 3x 2d slate grey (SG73) on reverse cancelled SP 7 23 – ex Watkin who couldn’t explain it either; finally a corner block of QEII ¼d stamps with plate 1a on a cover from West Bay to Georgetown MR 25 1961, a correct 1d franking 25 20
Cuba Cuba
249 Cuba 1840 letter from Havana to Madrid with manuscript Correo No.3 on the front and a good strike of the HABANA FRANCO mark in black 28 22 link
250 Cuba Jan 1841 letter from Havana to London sent via New York where it was Forwarded by Gilpin’s Exchange Reading Room as shown by a stunningly clear strike and also received as nearly a clear strike of the Oval AMERICA L 40 58 link
251 Cuba A cover written from Bermuda and addressed to New York entered the British postal system in Havana where it received a crowned circle ‘Paid at Havana’ in black on the front and the Havana dbl-arc of NO 26 1848 on the reverse, blue manuscript 4. This early strike is about 70% complete 60 48 link
252 Cuba Oct 27 1849 entire from Havana to Paris with manuscript ‘Voie d’Angleterre – Vapeur Teviot’ which was a time when the British packets called at Bermuda on the return and why it featured in Luddington’s sale. On the front is the boxed Colonies & Arts 13 h/stamp in red 60 48 link
253 Cuba Havana to Villaviciosa in Spain14 Jul 1866 postage paid with four mgn copy of the dual currency 20c (SG21) 18 21
254 Cuba Also sent via NY this 1870 cover to Bordeaux was taken by American packet to England and then across the channel, 4 and 16 accountancy marks as well as the rectangle with triangle GB 2F h/stamp of the Anglo-French postal convention – fine strikes 30 33 link
255 Cuba Very fine strike of the C58 Havana duplex ties this 4d vermillion pl. 12 to this wrapper to Vera Cruz. It originated in NY as shown by a rose company stamp and then there is green forwarding agent in Havana, The date posted in Havana is SP 22 71, a delightful cover, ex Borromeo, our vendor informs us 130 150 link
256 Cuba Envelope from Havana to New York sen 2 MAR 1892 5c grey green baby face paid the fare (SG 150) 12 10
257 Cuba 2c PSC sent from Havana to Belgium JUN 25 1904, bona-fide use to a scarce destination, some corner creases 15 12
Danish West Indies Danish West Indies
258 Danish West Indies Headed West End Santa Croix 16 Dec 1806 this entire to Portsmouth, NH recd a red SHIP mark and NEW YORK MAY 11 d/stamp charged 22c (20c and 2c ship fee) very fine ex Gunnar Lossham 80 unsold link
259 Danish West Indies 1829 Entire letter from St Thomas to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with red “SHIP” and “New York/Jan 23” – charged 12½c in red 50 40 link
260 Danish West Indies Christiansted 13/11 1856 on this letter to Copenhagen, St Thomas d/stamp next day and then via the British pkt office, with St. P.A/4 Dec 56 and KDOPA Hamburg manuscript 16 Schillinge then 51 skilling (=48 + 3 for Hamburg transit) 75 unsold link
261 Danish West Indies 13 May 1857 folded entire to Copenhagen with fine Frederiksted 13/5/1857 d/stamp. 4c llocal postage pd to St Thomas where small arc ST Thomas 14/5 1857 applied, next day St Thomas pkt office dbl-arc d/stamp applied, London 2 JUN and then KDOPA Hamburg 4/6 -rare to find all the d/stamps so well struck – ex Gunnar Lossham 110 90 link
262 Danish West Indies Overinked crowned circle Paid at St Thomas with manuscript per RM Steamer La Plate to Edinburgh for 6d on AP 28 1861 as revealed by St Thomas dbl-arc on reverse, Edinburgh arrival MY 14 110 unsold link
263 Danish West Indies A pair of Ship letters from St Thomas to NY, Feb 1860 and Sep 1863, the earlier landed at Philadelphia, the later at Boston. Each bears a % and a SHIP h/stamp of similar, but not identical character, and the annotated page reveals that the earlier letter would have paid 1c more had it landed at NY itself 60 unsold link
264 Danish West Indies Striking large oval St Thomas EXPRESS Office makes this otherwise non-descript 1862 ship letter, originating in Caracas, to New York stand out – forwarded by James Tabbott & Co is also clear with 5 in circle on front – very rare mark and a very fine strike 250 200 link
265 Danish West Indies St Thomas 13/5 1868 to New Orleans bearing US 10c green and carried by the US Brazil line ship ‘Mississippi’ to New York. The ship only made six voyages to Brasil, the first in December 1867 before she was wrecked in May 1869. 120 unsold link
266 Danish West Indies Commercial entire with fine, though torn La Guaira sender’s red seal on reverse, It seems to have been carried privately to St Thomas when entrusted to F de Aldeoca & Co to put in the post, their blue oval h/stamp is on the front. St Thomas 11/2 1874 d/stamp and New York JU 11 US Currency on the front 40 unsold link
267 Danish West Indies SS City of Peru carried this slightly reduced env to New York for 10c bistre-brown and blue (SG23) on 20/2 1880 60 unsold link
268 Danish West Indies Pair of Bi-coloured 1s purple/green (SG11?) tied to small cover by St Thomas 17/8 1891 date stamp sent to Jersey City – l.h. stamp has rounded corner lower left 90 unsold link
269 Danish West Indies Registered envelope to Springfield, Mass sent from St Thomas 12 5 1906 fine boxed Regn h/stamp in violet, No 6200 inked in. 65b postage made up of strip of 3x 5b green, 10b red and 40b grey and red, NY transit – very fine 130 105 link
270 Danish West Indies Small, slightly scruffy envelope from Frederiksted to Philadelphia, date indecipherable, with the 25b blue paying the way – correct single usage 25 unsold
271 Danish West Indies Quebec Steamship Coy stationery envelope from St Thomas to Kansas City, c. 1910 40 bit postage made up of 15 and 25 bit (SG 62 and 64) 36 unsold link
272 Danish West Indies You may like to pair the lot above with the two covers on this page featuring the Quebec, one is on official Co stationery to NY 25 bits (1x5b, 2x 10b) sent in 1911 the other just has typed SS GUIANA and was sent in January 1914, also 25 bit, (but 3x 5b and 10b) 30 unsold link
273 Danish West Indies 5c + 5c postal stationery reply card sent to New York, uprated by 5c King Christian (SG51) pmk CHRISTIANSTED 11 8 1906, St Thomas transit 50 unsold
274 Danish West Indies 2c blue PSE uprated by strip of 3x1c bicoloured and 3c bicoloured brown-red and blue (SG12, 16) sent from St Thomas 25/11 1895 to Lanes Mills, Pennsylvania 70 56 link
275 Danish West Indies 3 c red PSC sent to Altona, now in Germany 19 6 1900 full message 25 unsold
276 Danish West Indies Two early ppc’s featuring steamships, sent from St Thomas, first shows the boating Wharfe St Thomas sent to Munster 19 12 03 with 2x 1c green stamps, the second is an RMSP card of Kingston, Jamaica sent from St Thomas to Bristol 19 Nov 06, for 10bits 20 23 link
Dominica Dominica
277 Dominica Datelined Hertford Estate 2 Jany 1822, and with a poor strike of the undated fleuron on the reverse of this somewhat grubby entire to Wensleydale, a nephew writes to his uncle. Inscribed ‘By Beagle’ and ‘per Packet’ and with a rate of 2/4 this is at least a different destination and rate to the usual London and Edinburgh ones 38 unsold
278 Dominica 5 classics on s/card here SG2,3 from perf 12½ set then SG4,6,8 perf 14. All are kindly used bar the ½d which is m. cat. £250 38 unsold link
279 Dominica Bisects SG11 m., 10 and 12 and ½d CA u. gd to fine cat. £146 25 unsold link
280 Dominica 1d/1/- CC, 1d lilac CA m. ½d u. v.g. to f. SG19, 14, 13 cat. £94 15 unsold
281 Dominica 1903 Landscape CC 1d to 5/- (set except ½d) 6d u. rest o.g. or substantially so, all appear fine, cat. £223 (paper not assessed) 35 28 link
282 Dominica 1907 Landscape 6d, 2/-. 2/6 m., 2/6, 5/- u. all appear fine cat. £258 40 unsold link
283 Dominica Landscape CC ½d, 2d, 3d, MCA 1d all from SW corner with mgns, not tidily separated. If, as we suspect, all were bought at one time, there should be 3 CC with chalky paper, with cat. uplift, but we value for their plate nos (3d left margin has thin line of toning) 25 unsold
284 Dominica Landscape CC ½d (3), 1d, 2d, 2½d, 3d (2 each). All are o.g. or lge pt so, and we infer from appearance that there should be one chalky paper for each value, but we note creasing or gum disturbance on one ½d (chalky?) and one 3d (ordinary?). At worst cat. is £108.50, at best £244. Our estimate is in-between 22 unsold
285 Dominica Landscape 2/-, 2/6, 5/- SG53b/54 gd to fine m. (wmk unchecked) cat. £112 20 unsold
286 Dominica Badge issue script 2/-, 2/6 u. 2/6 m., 5/- m. 5/- u. all seem fine cat. £218 36 28 link
287 Dominica SJ set of 4, KG6 ½d to 10/-, 1948 SW, SG92/5, 99/109, 112,3 with all listed values and 2½d shade, substantially o.g. and apparently fine, cat. £120 28 23 link
288 Dominica The KG6 and QEII defins of 1951/62 look complete fine m. – wmks unchecked, QEII has both 10c shades, cat. £155 30 24 link
289 Dominica The 1951 $2.40 fine used, SG134, cat. £55 15 unsold
290 Dominica 22-ring pages written up to house issues to 1976. QV – KG5 issues (18m, 8u) stc £160 (£only) Total cat. (£ only) is brought up by 300+ more m. and about 30 cto which we ignore. They include the defins for Statehood (1968), 1969/72 and 1975 to give very adequate value at 18 15
291 Dominica A large s/card with 30 landscape issues selected for their h/stamp, often dated. Many are Colonial Bank but we note too 5 from D O Riviere & Co. All appear to be from the 1907/08 MCA issue and include 5x 1/-, 6x 6d, 10x 3d and 9x 1d. Worthy of further study. 18 15 link
292 Dominica Leewards QV 1d with COULIBIST(RIE) pmk 50 56 link
293 Dominica Leewards QV 1d with LAPLAIN(E) pmk AP 26 50 40 link
294 Dominica Leewards QV 1d with (ST) JOSEPH pmk AP 2 40 32 link
295 Dominica Leewards QV 1d with ‘Wesley (xx)/4/94’ in manuscript 80 95 link
296 Dominica Four covers to USA all paid with Leewards QV stamps: OC 17 92 registered to Bethlehem 2x 1d, 2½d; JU 22 93 to same address 2½d; JU 25 98 to Millbury, Mass 2x 1d, ½d; SP 26 99 to New York, same franking 90 150 link
297 Dominica Three covers with the 1902 surcharges: AU 22 02 One Penny on 4d cancelled A07 to Roseau; best is this Portsmouth date stamp on SP 17 02 cover to Roseau with One Penny on 6d; finally philatelic cover to Oldham, send registered DE 17 03 with four pairs of the One Penny, once on 4d, once on 6d, two on 7d (cat.£134 off cover!) 110 unsold link
298 Dominica 3d dull purple & Black (SG31) used to send this envelope to London on SP 8 1907. endorsed “Per Yare & Tagus” 18 15
299 Dominica A pair of covers to show the shade difference in the 1d SG48. NO 22 13 on cover to Manchester shows the carmine-red. On OC 11 21 we find the scarlet shade, with a ½d green used to send an envelope to Barbados 18 unsold
300 Dominica Unusual regd envelope with a strip of three 1½d black and scarlet SG74, cancelled by a Paquebot and sent to J MC Michael in Renfrewshire where is attracted a boxed ‘Posted out/of Course’ and two £d in circle charge stamps and a Glasgow regn label. 25 20
301 Dominica The ‘squarer’ Leewards 2½d grey PSE sent from Portsmouth to WATERLOW & SONS in London at the quite early date of 30 SP 93 70 56 link
Grenada Grenada
302 Grenada What was in this envelope sent to Lt. Colonel North in London by the packet marked 4/- paid in red? Though the envelope is a little grubby the FE 25 1847 dbl-ring d/stamp sparkle on the reverse 50 75 link
303 Grenada KGV 2/-, 5/-, 10/- (SG99-101) fine m. possibly even bought as new issues, cat. £90 30 29 link
304 Grenada Three stockcards with the second type Parish letter cancels E-G, you 8 examples of ‘E’ on either first or second keyplate type, then 11 examples of ‘F’ eight QV including the 8d and 3 KEVII, for ‘G’ you get 9 examples two of which are KEVII. 25 44
305 Grenada The Mount Rose post office was only open between for six years and Horry rates as ‘Very Rare’ here a good strike on the KG6 2d orange and a weaker strike on the 1d. It seems they one realised £120, but we can offer for 50 unsold link
306 Grenada A bulk lot of village cancels offered on 8 stock cards on stamps and 15 covers, offices included on singles: Birch Grove, Chantimelle, Crochu, Dunfermline, Hermitage, Snug Corner, Pomme Rose, St Paul’s, Morne Fendue, and Union. Whilst on cover and generally more recent, you find Carriacou, Chantimelle, Corinth, Dover, Ho0pe, La Taste, Mt Pleasant, Perdmontemps, St David’s, Snug Corner and Woburn 36 48
307 Grenada In January 1891 there was a reduction in postage rates and to ‘Foreign Guiana’ the new rate was 4d. This envelope of MR 12 91 to Paramaribo took advantage – 4d grey keyplate, envelope slightly nibbled at left. 32 25 link
308 Grenada 2 commercial covers from St Georges showing the 2½d single franking. First SG32 to Syracuse NY JA 24 95; second with SG51 sent to a dental manufacturer in Canton, Ohio FE 13 02 36 unsold
309 Grenada 2s badge used AP 10 13 on registered cover to Kiderlen in Ulm, clearly philatelic but not easy to find on cover. Regn label has some gum staining not affecting the envelope 15 12
310 Grenada Three covers on pages with District Post office type 6 cancels sending envelopes to the USA for 2½d: SAUTEURS 19 FE 14; VICTORIA MR 13 14; GRENVILLE 18 SP 18 60 unsold link
311 Grenada The Birmingham style d/stamp of GOUYAVE on Montgomery Ward env of 26 OC 19 with 1d scarlet 18 unsold
312 Grenada Long OHMS envelope to Oswald Marsh in London sent registered but unfranked DE 31 01 with a fine strike of the St George’s d/stamp with code letter ‘C’ reversed. The postmaster has crossed out ‘Her’ and written ‘His’ on the printed OHMS 24 unsold
313 Grenada On 28 NO 22 the 1½d rose-red (SG115) sheets would have been fresh to GPO and the block of four from the top left of the pane with top and side mgn shows it was a r.h pane with dbl mgnl jubilee lines top and left. The block comes on a long OHMS env. to Minneapolis and the 6d paid was enough for registration. Violet boxed 2Colonial Postmaster/Grenada BWI’ bottom left 32 unsold
314 Grenada Two Lady Boat covers: the first posted on the Lady Nelson with good purser’s cachet and sent to Sun Life in Dublin, posted for 2x 1½d GVI and Trinidad Paquebot, we think in 1938; then a 1952 envelope posted on the Lady Rodney to Victoria, Australia with fine cachet, postage 11c (5c and 6c) 36 42 link
315 Grenada Four maritime covers here: our first with 2x Coronation 1d to Liverpool 1938 has a fine violet ‘British Mail/ex R.M.S. Letitia/Posted on the High Seas’; then a Grenada Paquebot cover of 19 AU 35 to Solihull with a strip of 3 British 1½d Silver Jubilee stamps and with Grenada PAQUEBOT; then two philatelic Lady Rodney covers of 1952 franked with 4c and with the Barbados ‘Posted at Sea’ Paquebot 24 19 link
316 Grenada 6 items here with Grenada connections: a cover to Lennards of Bristol bearing KG6 1½d posted on board Harrison Line’s S.S.INDANDA; a 1931 philatelic cover, 5 stamps rising from ¼d to 2d h/stamped VISIT GRENADA, beneath this, in violet “via A.O.LINE”, we guess that A.O. is not meant to stand for Any Other; convenience cover franked 5 ore from the Swedish Pacquebot m/s Kungsholm, landed at Grenada 18 MR 35; a William Butler airmail cover landed Grenada in the 1960’s, presumably on its way to Toronto, and endorsed RMS Carmania/Paquebot/Mail; a United Fruit Co, cover, the Grenada SJ 1d cancelled by a first day violet cachet from SS Veragua ad a special boxed, dated, Purser’s cachet reading “Honored/for Passage/SS VERAGUA!; lastly a b/w ppc of the Exchange, Manchester sent from Swindon to Torquay in 1903 is to prove – as it does- that the Swindon Station cds SP3 12 resting on 2d orange, Grenada’s SG79, is authentic, with the trouble taken to cross-match – a rarity 48 unsold link
317 Grenada We give no detailed description for four covers of ’58 and ’60 from S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam or for RMS ANDES ’63 and QEII ’69; there’s more animation in a ’64 cover Posted on Board M.V. FEDERAL PALM out of Trinidad on its way to New Jersey. All five were landed in Grenada 25 unsold
318 Grenada Our vendor is drastically reducing his holdings and here we can offer some 38 covers from 1938-85. Whilst some are FDC’s the bulk is commercial mail from the early Elizabethan period. Some slogan’s, one postage due and a farthing use from Carriacou noted 15 19
319 Grenada Another bulky lot from the same vendor, here with 70 covers from 1921 to 2011. Most posted at GPO but with some slogan interest including the Grenada Agricultural Exhibition of 1963, Second Class Airmail from 1966, Grenada Independence 1974, Easter Water parage 1976, Visit Grenada for Carnival 85 (and 89), Missent to Grenada 2011 25 unsold
320 Grenada The DLR QV Penny Halfpenny card is known used on a Colonial Bank correspondence to St Kitts, where the writer has filled the back both horizontally and vertically, making it hard to decipher to a modern reader. We read the date stamp as JA 07 85 24 32
321 Grenada The KGV 1½d PSC card is scarce to find used, only 2,412 were printed. This example sent 16 MR 3(7?) was sent to Chicago and uprated by the 2½d SG139, so can’t be before 1935. Unfortunately one corner has been nibbled ad the other top corner has a hinge repair, hence we can offer for only 10 unsold
322 Grenada A small collection of the £1 revenue stamp including two blocks of four (one rejoined), four singles (one on piece) and two other pieces, one has the £1 revenue with £1 Foreign Bill stamp and the other features the postage and revenue, 1s, 2s and 5s with a revenue £1. Ex Medlicott and many ex-Towers 150 unsold link
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
323 Guadeloupe During the Seven Years War, Britain occupied Guadeloupe from 1762-63. This letter is headed ‘Bay Mahaut, Guadeloupe Aug. 27th 1763’ and is addressed to the Earl of London, b/stamped with 2 Nov Bishop Mark. No more than a handful of letters exist from this period – ex Brooks 90 95 link
324 Guadeloupe 1772 entire written in Latin to Bordeaux from Port Louis, Guadeloupe with fair dbl-oval “Colonies Par La Flotte” on arrival, scarce mark of the French Royal Packet wherever the origin 60 150 link
325 Guadeloupe Early letter date lined 31 January 1802 to Beverley, Mass with red manuscript ‘Sh19’ in the old tenor colonial currency of New York state being 13¾c in the newly created US dollar – ex Shepherd, transcribed 40 42 link
326 Guadeloupe Good strike of the British Post Office Guadeloupe dbl-arc in red with Jun 28 1867 d/stamp, sent to London by the packet for 1/-, ex Brooks 35 44 link
327 Guadeloupe 30 Oct 1904 AR envelope sent from Lamentin to France, initially to the Pyrenees, then to the Alps and then back to the Pyrenees fascinating series of b/stamps and 40c (SG44) paying the 15c postage plus 25c registration and very fine boxed AR 25 20
328 Guadeloupe 17 August 1905 envelope sent registered to YOKOHAMA, rate 75c being 50c postage and 325 c for regn. Franking 4x 15c (SG50), 1x 5c SG45 – corner missing) and 10c (SG49) 35 36 link
329 Guadeloupe Ten covers with the Guadeloupe et Dependencies keyplate frankings: 19 Apr 1906 sent from Sainte Anne to Los Angeles with boxed ‘Apres le Depart’ 50c franking (SG44, 65); 11 Aug 1904 St Francois to Paris, 15c (SG48,49); 31 Jul 1904 Anse Bertrand to Paris, 15c (SG50); 3 Apr 1904 Port Louis to France, 16c (3x SG35, 49); 1900 Morne a Leau to France, 15c (SG40); 9 Dec 1901 from Terre de Haut to France, 30c (SG38, 42); 1 Sep 1894 Pointe a Pitre to Bordeaux, 25c (SG42); 29 Jan 1898 Basseterre to Paris, 25c (SG42); 23 Jun 1896 Pointe a Pitre to Grenoble, 25c (SG42)’ 3 Dec 1898 Pointe a Pitre to Bordeaux, 25c (2x SG15, 38, 39) 80 85 link
330 Guadeloupe Military mail features on four covers in this lot. The star is the 25 March 1881 envelope to Chartres with a 15c imperf Ceres paying the military concession rate introduced on 1 May 1878; then three 15c Peace and Commerce stamps pay the concessionary fare to Nantes, with 30c for registration, sent from Pointe a Pitre 27 April 1898; third a 1918 item with no stamps with manuscript ‘C.M’ for correspondence militaire to Paris with hexagonal ‘Colon a Bordeaux’ d/stamp; finally from Capesterre to Paris an envelope showing the use of the 10c Sower optd F.M on 6 September 1928 90 70 link
331 Guadeloupe A registered cover of 22 April 1891 from Basse-terre to Paris is rated at 1Fr, seemingly double rate postage plus a higher level of regd fee. 13 adhesives make up the rate – SG15x7, SG16x3 and then three of the General colonial type 1x10c, 2x 20c 60 48 link
332 Guadeloupe An amazing, if clearly philatelic, registered cover, from the Saintes to the Army Doctor at Camp Jacob; the ten adhesives we identify as SG9, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 34(x2), 35, 36 – pmk Saintes/Guadeloupe 31 May 99 40 46 link
333 Guadeloupe Nine covers headed ‘First Pictorial Issue’: 21 Mar 31 to TIENTSIN regd from Terre se Haut, franking 3FR (3X SG94); 29 Apr 1906 Trois Rivieres to Paris, 15c (SG66); 1928 to Brussels, franking 1Fr 70 (SG71, 89, 94);1935 regd from Pointe a Pitre to Basse-Terre, 30c (2x SG89); 1910 Petit Canal to Bordeaux 10c (SG65);1923 Port Louis to Paris 25c (SG87); 1928 Trois Rivieres to Canada, 1Fr 50c (SG92, 94); 1925 Morne a l’eau, 30c (SG61, 63,87); 1920 Capesterre to Paris, 40c (4x SG65). 90 70 link
334 Guadeloupe Six covers from the smaller offices : ppc franked 40c (SG116) sent to Toulouse 20 Dec 1929 with ‘BM’ in box to indicate Boite Mobile as collected from a rural postbox between Pointe a Pitre and Basse Terre; regd item of 13 Jan 1930 to Zurich from Capesterre franking 3Fr (SG101, 110. 116, 128); registered item from Morne a l’eau to Haut-Rhin 13 July 39 franking 2Fr 50 (SG113, 165); regd item form Port Louis to the same address & Jan 1939 also 2Fr 50 (SG119, 140); same Bethlehem Institute address this one from Deshaies 15 Feb 39 90c franking SG161; another regd item to the same institute 12 Sep 1938, this from Sainte-Rose SFR 15c (SG116, 138). 75 60 link
335 Guadeloupe Six underpaid covers on pages from Guadeloupe in this lot: 16 July 1925 ppc to Budapest, 25c paid but it seems underpaid by 3,500 Korona; 6 Nov 1931 to Haut-Rhein envelope 50c paid but taxed with 30 centimes; 10 January 1935 to London 50c paid but 3½d underpaid; 2 January 1934 small mourning envelope to Moncao 25c paid 50c underpaid; 10 November 1929 env to Paris 50c paid, 50c underpaid; 2 August 1941 to New York 1Fr paid 6c postage due and also censored on arrival. 75 60 link
336 Guadeloupe The 1937 International Exhibition set on regd cover from Terre de Bas to Terre de Haut sent 26 Oct 37 20 30
337 Guadeloupe Three postal stationery items: 10c grey keyplate PSC from Sainte-Anne to Huy, Belgium 14 Apr 1897; 10c carmine keyplate PSC from Pointe a Pitre to Teignmouth 12 Nov 1902; 19 Feb 1897 15c keyplate PSE from St Claude to Pointe a Pitre 45 36 link
338 Guadeloupe Four early ppc’s with undivided backs all used with 5c keyplate frankings: 26 Dec 1902 view of La Guadeloupe, St Barthelmy sent from St Claude to France; 31 March 1903 view of the Pointes d’Enfers sent from Goyave to France; 16 Dec 1903 picture of ‘milksellers’ sent from St Claude to France; 1 Jan 1904 view of the charcoal market, Pointe a Pitre sent from Trois Rivieres to Bordeaux 40 32 link
Jamaica Jamaica
338A Jamaica c1805 historic printed document signed by George Nugent, Lieutenant Governor, to the senior magistrate in Trelawney parish requiring him to provide assistance to the baggage train of the 55th Regiment, who were sent to Jamaica in 1802 and stayed for ten years. 36 70 link
339 Jamaica Very fine strike of IAMAICA on this Feb 10 1774 entire to the Carolina Coffee House in London; carried by the packet ship ‘Halifax’ for 1s. Interesting contents dealing with slavery ex Hemmings 2014 – hammer price £440 175 160 link
340 Jamaica FALMOUTH may be the most regularly seen of the T2 village marks, here a fair strike is found on Oct 16 1800 entire to Edinburgh which cost 6/6 to send DE 9 arrival – slightly scruffy 50 40 link
341 Jamaica An early strike of the MONTEGO BAY/JA mark with faint Freeling style date stamp JAMAICA 1 MAR 1803 on pkt letter to Edinburgh rated 2s 2d 80 65 link
342 Jamaica SPANISH TOWN/JA is the only marking that is clear on this pkt letter to London, sent for 2/2, we will go for 1807 as the year 40 unsold link
343 Jamaica Very fine FALMOUTH/JA and good strike of the Jamaica fleuron 21 MY 1813 on the reverse of this letter to Fort George, North Britain, endorsed per the Lady Emily Packet, the original 2/8 has been struck through and 2/11 inscribed, with fine strike of the Scottish wheel tax and red AUG 13 1813 arrival date stamp – we can’t decide if we like the front or the back more 60 380 link
344 Jamaica The faint bur readable JAMAICA F of FE 18 1815 in Falmouth green adds considerably to this letter sent from Jamaica on 14 Jan to Camelford, Cornwall. An unusual destination and at triple rate cost 5s 6d – 3x the packet rate of 1/3 and three times the 7d inland charge for 50-80 miles 175 140 link
345 Jamaica HMB(rigg) Goldfinch carried this neat entire to London for 2/2, usual poor strike of Jamaica fleuron 8 OC 1815 on the reverse 35 28 link
346 Jamaica Straight line MONTEGO BAY T4 h/stamp on 12 OC 23 pkt entire to Liverpool at 2/3, with smudged fleuron d/stamp refolded and a little tired 40 32 link
347 Jamaica Naval Brigs were often used by the Admiralty in the 1830’s. Here a neat cover from Kingston to London is inscribed ‘HM Packet Sheldrake Oct 1834’. The clear K4 Kingston date stamp NO 7 1834 and the black edging shows the writer may have other things on their mind, 1 JA 1835 arrival h/stamp – rating 2/2. 40 42 link
348 Jamaica Neat letter from Kingston to Weymouth, FE 26 1835 with slightly faint but complete strike of the K4 cancel, rated at 2/-. Sent by John Wilson, the Postmaster of Jamaica 40 32 link
349 Jamaica Two 1846 covers here one with fine Kingston, Jamaica dbl-arc to May Hill at the 6d inland rate for 60-100 miles, May Hill is 63 miles from Kingston; the other cover has a smudged but bold cancel of MORANT Bay of MY 22 46 and was sent to London 30 24 link
350 Jamaica OLD HARBOUR date stamp of DE 17 1846 applied to this incoming packet letter from Liverpool, 1/2d packet charge struck through and 4d added for inland delivery – redirected to Chapelton where the 1/6 was paid 40 42 link
351 Jamaica A mini-collection of 7 pre-stamp covers (6 from Jamaica, one incoming to Rodney Hall) on five written up pages looking at the RMSP vessels that carried the mails – Clyde, Dee, La Plata, Orinoco, Tay, Teviot, Thames and Trent all feature – 1843-53 some interesting incoming marks too 140 200 link
352 Jamaica There are 12 listed values and shades in the 1905-11 MCA arms issues and the full range appears to have been chosen with care and discrimination on this s/card too arrive at cat. over £170 (SG37-45, 12 m.) 35 28 link
353 Jamaica Our next six lots feature the second and third War tax issues of 1916/17 and its fascinating varieties. First is the ½d stamp with the ‘R’ inserted by hand SG70c which has a catalogue value of £1,500 and is so scarce it is not illustrated in the Davies book on this stamp, though you can see an example on the 3d on page 241. Our example is used with neat cancel, centred slightly high, a little grubby and toned around edges. 180 130 link
354 Jamaica Mint block of four of the 1½d with the missing S variety on the top right stamp – SG71b from row 6 stamp 12, cat. £225 attractive 75 85 link
355 Jamaica A page featuring SG71 comprising u.m.m. block of four with inverted wmk (SG71w) and two unlisted varieties. The dropped ‘A’ is shown on the left stamp of a mint pair (a variety illustrated by Davies on page 242), and a used single with ‘blind P’ possibly row 11 stamp 7 (p.232) 45 52 link
356 Jamaica Moving on to the 1917 issue we offer the ½d with overprint inverted (SG73d) – the cat. is only £28 but we lot individually to tempt you to start to dabble in this area 10 unsold
357 Jamaica A more significant, in the catalogue at any rate, and perhaps more spectacular variety is the overprint on back only variety SG73c, cat. £250 75 95 link
358 Jamaica On three pages we offer the balance of this year’s selection. For SG70 we offer six examples with minor shade differences and a block of six from the top left of the sheet with plate no. 1 showing a minor variety of narrow ‘M’ on row 2 stamp 3. Five shade varieties are included for SG73. For the 1½d, SG71, there is a strip of three where the centre stamp shows the ‘semi-colon’ variety (9n on page 233 and with left hand sheet mgn); also a mint pair with the interpanneau margin at left showing the ‘Broad S’ variety 20 21
359 Jamaica Spanish Town’s King’s House features on the 2d value in the KGV series. Here we offer an attractive imperf colour trial in purple and blue overprinted SPECIMEN and mounted on small piece of card 60 60 link
360 Jamaica The pictorial script 2d, 2½d, 6d and 2/- to 10- on this s/card are attractively fresh o.g., the top 3 values in fact probably mint, between SG98/106 stc £158 30 24 link
361 Jamaica MCA 10/- myrtle green from a late, worn printing SG89 hinged o.g. – gentle toning on reverse shows up wmk nicely – v. fresh on face, cat. £80 20 16
362 Jamaica Similar gentle toning, just about detectable on face also is visible on the same MCA 10/- used in 1931. Though script successor was by now in use, we don’t scent philatelic usage on this occasion – SG89, cat. £160 35 42 link
363 Jamaica The 1932 set of three perforated SPECIMEN, SG111s/113s, cat. £120 40 unsold link
364 Jamaica The KGVI 6d SG128 is a common enough stamp but when did you last see an example with the top sheet mgn with the sheet duty plate number even half present – 44790 12 16
365 Jamaica KG6 1/- lightly u. the chimney variety (broken or repaired, according to taste) well clear of pmk, SG130a cat. £120 – small thin at top mgn beside king’s head 25 20
366 Jamaica The clothbound souvenir presentation book for UPU delegates attending the 1974 Congress in Lausanne – Jamaica presented the 4 values of the mail boat commemoratives. Neat and seldom seen 25 20 link
367 Jamaica Long cover with lots of keyplates – 12x 1d, 3 x 2½d and a ½d green QV made up 1/8 to send this item to London JY 7 92 re-addressed within London on arrival - handsome, no, rare, certainly 60 unsold link
368 Jamaica 2x 1d keyplate and a ½d green make up the 2½d rate that took this letter St Georges, Bermuda. A neat cover whose remarkable feature is the Street Letter Box/Kingston dbl-ring d/stamp of JA 2 99 25 26
369 Jamaica A pair of Jamaica Railway Cancel covers: first from Spring Hill hotel in Montego Bay to Connecticut, roughly opened and damaged at left with 2½d arms cancelled by blue FEB 16 1909 of the Montego Bay Railway Cancel, though the date is the only readily readable bit; second is a MAR 18 1918 envelope to Sav la Mar with 1½d War Stamp and a readable part strike of the Kingston Govt Railway cancel 60 75 link
370 Jamaica A large part of a mini-display entitled ‘The Great White Fleet’ which looks at various aspects of the United Fruit Companies operations. The display comprises 13 covers and 9 postcards. Two of the covers are large format and sent by air endorsed by BSAA; the covers include an array of purser’s cachets and the postcards add colour and interest and include both the Titchfield and Myrtle Bank hotels – a good basis for expansion 120 160 link
371 Jamaica Elders & Fyffe stationery envelope sent to Surbiton JA 29 24 with 1½d (SG96) paying fare 6 unsold
372 Jamaica The Titchfield Hotel features on this ppc published by Duperly & Son and sent OCT 12 1931 from Kingston to Sweden for 1d 10 8 link
373 Jamaica Internment camp card written in German to Buffalo, NY and sent 23 JUN 1942, hexagonal crowned/Passed/D5 violet cachet and US Censorship Examined by 144 mauve h/stamp 20 26 link
374 Jamaica The 1944 New Constitution set on registered FDC to Ealing, London, not so often seen 12 10
375 Jamaica BWIA first flight cover to Nassau Apr 1 1950 addressed to a stamp company in the Bahamas, cost 8d (2d and 6d) 12 unsold
376 Jamaica George V ½d green PSC properly used AUG 8 1928. Addressed to Prof. Rathburn in Kingston the writer asks him to ‘Please bring a sheet of perforated zinc for me’ – no e-mail of Amazon in those days, it would still seem an effective communication 20 16
377 Jamaica Incoming airmail letter to Half Way Tree sent from London’s Wood Green registered for 8½d on MR 1956, handstamped UNCLAIMED and damaged in transit being resealed with no less than three Jamaican ‘found damaged and resealed’ labels of two different types. Unusual 40 50 link
378 Jamaica Three posted ppcs addressed to Miss Bondis, Jersey, but with no message, from a series published by H G Johnston of Brown’s Town these comprise No. 12 (Cocoa Harvest); No. 15 (The Poor Man’s Heritage) and No. 25 (Bamboo Glade) 18 16
379 Jamaica A44 on the 2½d (SG30) provisional may be a new discovery, and this is a pretty decent strike 35 65 link
380 Jamaica Numeral cancels mainly on CA issues all decent to fine strikes – A27 (2d), A32 (2d keyplate), A52 (4d), A56, A57 (both 1d blue), A62 (fiscal), A65 (2d) A67, A68, A72 (all 4d), A73 (2d keyplate) A76 (1d red), A77 (½d), A78 (1d red), A79 (2d) A82 (1d red) – 16 different 70 56 link
381 Jamaica A64 on CC ½d, 2d, 3d, 6d and CA ½d, 1d, 2d – the ½d CC is cancelled in blue – 7 stamps 20 16
382 Jamaica ‘642’ on 2d CC SG19 Topaz very rare 30 70 link
383 Jamaica AO (Autre Objets) in violet applied to this air mail cover from Jones Pen to Ontario franked with mgnl Coronation pair JU 2 53 – the first day of issue. 6 5
384 Jamaica 6 stamps with numeral cancels in the 50’s – A52 2d CA; A53 4d pine; A54 ½d CC, A55 2d CC, A56 & A57 both 3d CC – fair to good strikes 20 unsold
385 Jamaica 193 and 196 on 1d CA red and F95 on 3d CA 15 unsold
386 Jamaica Clear LAWRE(NCE) TAV(ERN) boxed violet R1/8 cancel only in use in 1895 & 96 here on ½d green 18 15
387 Jamaica LUCKY HILL boxed violet R1/21 also only in use for a fort period from November 1920 to January 1922 here on the large 1½d green stamp of KGV still on small piece – only part of the last ‘L’ is missing and the ‘CA’ of Jamaica 12 unsold
388 Jamaica The GRANGE LANE boxed R1/18 was only in use for less than ten months, this example on KGV 1½d orange shows the EKD of 26.7.1918 15 26
389 Jamaica Boxed first flight cachet on this cover of AU 8 32 from Jamaica to the Dominican Republic, with four stamps used to make up the 10d rate. One of the scarcer legs of this flight 25 20 link
390 Jamaica Taxe marks feature here on four covers: binocular UP47 for 7 centimes on part cover to England 2 JNE 59, UK 2d to pay in green; same mark on undated cover but with a different 2d to pay; and a third example of 2 JNE 61 with yet another 2d to pay UK mark; moving forward to 1970 we get an air envelope to George Odom Ltd from Lionel Town with square boxed purple T stamp on which 8/8 has been inserted manually in red. 12 unsold
391 Jamaica T.O.L.B. in purple is here applied to a registered letter from Brown’s Town to the Bible Society in Kingston, 25c franking of 1974 20 JUL. The instruction stands for ‘Taken Out of Letter Box’ which would seem to be entirely appropriate in this instance. The EKD, according to our vendor, is 2.10.69. An unusual item 12 17
392 Jamaica Five pages featuring the Parcels Office cancellations on stamps or blocks (mostly) and some small pieces. Earlier marks include PP2 on 3d block of four, optimistically interpreter by our vendor as AP 18 04, but we question the four; 10 examples of the Double ring type (PP6), 2 examples of the Birmingham (PP10) and three examples of the MSR type (PP23?). Variable quality of strike 8 11
393 Jamaica 15 pages, mainly of pieces, but with 5 covers, featuring registration cancels. 4 of the covers feature the R37 type on 1/10 airmail rates to England, but the real interest is in the number of pieces featuring the Temporary Registered Types applied in purple – 34 pieces featuring temporary oval and circular marks from the mid-late 1970’s, one claims to be an EKD 15 12
394 Jamaica War tax in blocks, three mint blocks of four of the ½d WAR STAMP (SG68) first printing, second printing with ‘no stop’ variety SG68a, and the third block with an unlisted ‘large stop’ variety; we combine with a block of 10 of SG77 from the bottom of the right pane and showing plate no. 1 – cat. £170 30 24 link
395 Jamaica The 2s purple on blue (SG56) in used block of four with indistinct cancellations, cat. £32 8 6
396 Jamaica 6 sheets with relatively modern Kingston cancels on piece mainly of the Central Sorting Office Timed MSR type date range 1980-1990. Some 42 pieces in all 6 unsold
397 Jamaica A GV 1½d stamp is tied to this Elders & Fyffe stationery envelope by the Kingston Paquebot SL14 shortly after it came in to use, the date is MY 29 and there is a large violet OCEAN MAILS. on the front. We pair with 4 QEII covers with a maritime interest. 3 show Kingston Paquebot marks on GB Wildings: posted on the High Seas/RMS Caronia 19 Jan 1962 with SL15 Paquebot ; also SL15 on 13 Mar 1965 posted on the Empress of the High Seas, then 13 AU 65, but ten years after the Proud LKD for SL14 on letter posted on mv AMALRIC. The fourth cover bears two uncancelled ½d Jamaican stamps and a boxed SS Settler 25 unsold
398 Jamaica Two ppc’s sent to England in the 1930’s. The first a PECO card sent from Constant Spring in 1935 for 1d shows ‘Coccanut Grove, Jamaica, BWI – 82’; the second sent in 1937is b/w on sepia with hand stamp of Grenville Hotel shows a view of the hotel and no claim by a publisher 6 5
Leeward Islands Leeward Islands
399 Leeward Islands The QV 5s (SG8) is a difficult stamp to find used as reflected in its catalogue value of £325. In this example the green is somewhat ‘washed’ and the A)& very heavy indeed, so we can only offer ‘as is’ 40 unsold link
400 Leeward Islands The 1902 KEVII set used, bar the 2s6d value. The 5s is fine used the 1s the colour is a little washed. 45 unsold link
401 Leeward Islands The wide ‘A’ variety on 2½d CA SG23a FINE M. Cat. £275 80 65 link
402 Leeward Islands The wide ‘A’ variety on 2½d CA SG23a gd. U. with a faint wholly indecipherable pmk. Cat. £160 40 unsold link
403 Leeward Islands The dropped ‘R’ variety on 1s (SG26a) here on a fine, lightly used stamp with good colour. Difficult item. Cat. £850 210 170 link
404 Leeward Islands Damaged frame and crown variety on 1905 ½d (SG29aa) fine m. cat. £200 75 unsold link
405 Leeward Islands On the Mult Crown CA paper we offer the wide ‘A’ variety on 2½d (SG32a), lightly hinged fine mint. Cat. £850 250 200 link
406 Leeward Islands The 1907 KEVII set of ten overprinted SPECIMEN fine m. SG36s-45s Cat. £300 100 115 link
407 Leeward Islands You can complete your collection of wide ‘A’ variety on 2½d with this bright blue copy (SG40a) m. o.g. a tad off centre. Cat. £350 105 unsold link
408 Leeward Islands Or you may prefer this used example (SG40a) the postmark does not detract and nicely centred, cat. £180 60 unsold link
409 Leeward Islands Three m. GV keyplates with plate no. in top mgn. ½d green with Plate 21, 2½d blue with Plate 23 and ½ d green par with plate 26 and sheet no. 338 Attractive trio 24 28 link
410 Leeward Islands Coming to the KGV era the plate 23 1s shows the DI flaw in two formats, to our eyes this m. example is the chamfered form found on posns 5/4 and 7/3 on the r.h. pane (SG87a) – cat. £600 200 320 link
411 Leeward Islands The £1 value (SG80) has some catalogued varieties and some less prominent but still plateable ones that have yet to achieve catalogue status. This nicely centred m. example plates to posn 55 and shows a break in the leaf below the lower left scroll Cat. £225+ 80 85 link
412 Leeward Islands The 3 shades of the KGVI 1/- with full o.g, the early shade on ordinary paper, streaky wartime gum. SG110b, ba, bb (the last, and most valuable, with lower sheet mgn) a few fox spots and some light toning, cat. £160 40 unsold link
413 Leeward Islands The interest in this large part cover sent registered from Montserrat to London SP 20 43 with six Leeward stamps making up a 2s 9 ½d rate lies not in its Opened by Examiner AA resealing tape but in the fact that one of the 1s stamps shows the short ‘L’ and raised ‘D’ from row 1 stamp 6 – see Oliver p. 270 and as SG110a now has cat. status and a cat. of £350 off cover 80 65 link
414 Leeward Islands KGVI 10s with Missing Pearl SG113ca from plate posn 5/1 lightly mtd m. and which has cat. £1,700. A very clear example 280 380 link
415 Leeward Islands The four different printings of the KGVI £1 are offered here – so SG114, 114a, 114b, 114c all lightly mounted mint, cat. £565 85 70 link
416 Leeward Islands Vertical pairs of the QEII $2.40 and $4.80 with lower sheet margin showing the broken scroll variety on the upper stamp, row 4 stamp 3, both unmounted mint. SG 139/139a and 140/140a Cat. £293 65 130 link
417 Leeward Islands The printed page for KG6 issues is overfull. You get the basic KGVI set to £1 plus all the commems for which the page was prepared, with additional: ¼d, 1d red (3), 2d, 2½d blue, 3d orange, 6d (2), 1/-. Small reverse adhesion needs removal from one 2d, otherwise fine. M. appearance overall and, despite divided views in team, we have to allow for KG6 popularity in assessing weight to give to stc £340 75 unsold link
418 Leeward Islands KEVII 1s on piece with full strike of WEST END TORTOLA AP 19 06 which is a week earlier than Proud says it was sent! 50 40 link
419 Leeward Islands A pair of MCA ½d dull-purple and green SG29 fine used are a single lot – why you ask? Well the pair are clearly pmkd ST JOSEPH JA 9 05 which is curious as Gibbons date of issue is Feb 06. Oliver on p77 assists us once again and the ½d and 3d were printed on MCA paper and sent 12 Aug 04, so the date stamp works. 60 unsold link
420 Leeward Islands A pair of Victorian covers from St Kitts, the first DE 31 96 registered to Toronto, 2½d paying the postage, 2x ½d and 1d the regn fee, slt damage to reverse. Secondly a roughly opened cover to Delft, Holland 2½d single paying the fee in March 1898 40 42
421 Leeward Islands Cover from Dominica to Boston with 2½d rate paid with a block of four and a single of the QV ½d FE 20 96 18 21
422 Leeward Islands A small neat cover from Portsmouth to Roseau bearing the sexagenary ½d and 1d (SG9, 10) was sent SP 9 97 which is outside the July period of authorised use, but we have records of two other covers sent from Portsmouth on that date, so we suspect philatelic usage 70 56 link
423 Leeward Islands Pair of Leewards covers from Dominica to the UK showing the change in rate on 25 Dec 1898. The first sent MR 17 98 cost 2½d – 2x1d, ½d; the second sent from Portsmouth MR 27 99 for 1d – the stamp cancelled by the horiz. A07, Portsmouth date stamp btm left. 50 52 link
424 Leeward Islands 2½d was the fare to NY, here our St Kitts based sender only used a KE7 1d and the letter duly had the St Kitts ‘T’ mark applied and manuscript 1/15, there is a neat b/stamp of FE 9 1903 of Hamilton, Bermuda and no sign the tax was collected 16 21
425 Leeward Islands An Edwardian 2½d bright blue (SG40) took this envelope from St Kitts to Massachusetts on MY 5 11, nice clean item 8 11
426 Leeward Islands Three 1½d covers from St Kitts of 1926, 29 and 30 to Detroit, Vancouver and Toronto respectively, the 1½d is made up differently in each case. The first has ½d and 1d violet (SG59,61); the second 1 ½ d carmine red (SG61) and the third ½d and 1d carmine (SG47, 60) 30 34
427 Leeward Islands Classy Montgomery Ward printed cover from St Kitts to Chicago 26 FE 25, left intact with its business purpose, clean, carefully opened and registered with KG5 1d and 4d (SG61 and we presume SG70), the 4d is quite a tricky stamp used 30 35 link
428 Leeward Islands OHMS cover to Philadelphia also sent registered for 5d on15 JU 30 but paid with 5d purple and olive-green SG71 18 15
429 Leeward Islands AMPENAN in the Dutch East Indies must be a scarce destination from St Kitts, the 2½d bright blue (SG85) the fare for November 1934 25 36
430 Leeward Islands Most unusual item with Leewards 1d pink PSE posted in the US German seapost NO 28 93 to New York with US 2c and Canadian ½c added, but still not quite enough and so taxed 10 35 56 link
431 Leeward Islands The Victorian Federal Postal Stationery envelopes came in two sizes 8¼ (the longer one) and 13 (the squarer one), they were ordered in roughly equal quantities. Here we have the 1d longer one sent 2 August 1901 registered to NY uprated by QV 6d, slightly scuffed in one corner – ex Brooks 40 44 link
432 Leeward Islands And now the 1d squarer one, also ex Brooks, sent to Jersey on 16 May 1894 uprated with QV ½d and 1d. Brian’s write-up tells us that the duplex was struck in purple which only happened in the early part of 1894 40 80 link
433 Leeward Islands From a collection of the Federal postal stationery we separate out a very clean example of the KGV size K registered envelope – it would seem only 5 unused examples are thought to have survived despite three printings 120 95
434 Leeward Islands The balance of the collection includes some 37 unused stationery items and is quite comprehensive with a number of better items including the 1934 1d red envelope on airmail paper, 4 different size H2 registered envelopes. All are KEVII to KGVI bar one QV envelope and two postcards. 150 120
435 Leeward Islands A fine example of the KEVII 2s6d stamp (SG27) on FE 1 05 registered envelope to Cologne cancelled by the A09 duplex of Nevis. Clearly heavily overpaid, but a £90 stamp off cover and the Nevis usage is exceptional 40 42 link
436 Leeward Islands QV 1d PSC from GR Seignoret in Dominica to Salisbury sent MY 19 92 and giving an insight into the stamp trade in the 1890s 20 16
437 Leeward Islands QV 1d PS wrapper to Elstree sent from Antigua January 1898, a neat commercial use 15 17
438 Leeward Islands Two Federal post stationery items sent from St Kitts, a 2½d KEVII envelope to a philatelic address in Switzerland in 1905 and a size G Columbus PSRE sent to Groves & Lindley in 1924 postage of 3d paid with 3d purple & yellow (Die I) on orange-buff (SG51d) – which catalogues at £32 off cover and x4 on 30 42
439 Leeward Islands Three covers from St Kitts featuring the federal issues: NO 9 11 registered cover to Minnesota with a pair of ¼d, pair of ½d and 3d (SG36, 37, 41) making up the correct postage; 1927 cover to Switzerland with 3d deep ultramarine (SG68a); finally 1936 cover to Mc Farlan with 1d and 1½d Silver Jubilee 18 29
Martinique Martinique
440 Martinique The second British occupation lasted from March 1794 to March 1802, this 6 August 1796 entire to Capt. Joseph Lambert of Salem, Mass was carried privately – ex Brooks 60 70 link
441 Martinique Neat incoming packet letter of 6 January 1796 from London to Martinique, rated 1s – ex Brooks 40 unsold link
442 Martinique In February 1809 Britain occupied the island for a third time, this time until December 1814 this letter of 10 April 1811 was sent via Baltimore to Philadelphia and charged 12½c indicated in red with May 3 arrival d/stamp – ex Brooks 40 52 link
443 Martinique The fourth occupation was from June 1815 to August 1816 this letter of 28 April 1816 from Bordeaux was carried privately to St Pierre and then sent on to the addressee in St Lucia, which had only just been ceded to Britain – ex Brooks 36 58 link
444 Martinique The small office at Vauclin opened in March 1766 here we have a letter to Montfort in the Landes region of France dated 1 March 1839 and shows the straight line MARTINIQUE, reaching Le Havre 9 July and charged 21 Decimes on arrival, it also shows the oval 1D mark for rural delivery – so village to village – ex Brooks 60 85 link
445 Martinique The same straight line MARTINIQUE can be found on this 7 Feb 1840 letter from the village of Le Montagene to Marseilles where is has the Outre-Mer 24 April arrival mark and was charged 10 Decimes – ex Brooks 50 70 link
446 Martinique By 1841 we see to a change to the framed MARTINIQUE mark on this 1 October 1841 letter from Riviere Chaude to Paullic. Disinfected and charged 8 decimes on arrival – ex Brooks 90 115 link
447 Martinique We combine two incoming letter to the village of Basse Pointe, one from L’Isle-Rousse of 1844 has a quite stunning d/stamp both were carried on the British packet the second in 1846. These are combined with an 1841 letter from the village to Bordeaux with a clear Outre-Mer/Paullac entry mark – all three ex Brooks 75 110 link
448 Martinique The last of our pre-stamp village mail is from Ajoupa Bouillon which only opened in 1849. This letter shows a fine example of the blue double circle Martinique/Ajoupa Bouillon d/stamp 5 OCT (18)74, sent to Bordeaux and charged 18 decimes, with manuscript 3 to indicate a triple charge for an unpaid letter – ex Brooks 60 70 link
449 Martinique Documents supporting a protest about the treatment of cargo were impressively endorsed by the British Consul in Martinique in October 1860. The consular seal bound in the attested copies which were then placed in a large envelope and taken as a Ship Letter to Boston via New York- a wonderful item to display, though the postal markings are limited to a New York Ship Letter d/stamp of NOV 1 36 28
450 Martinique Three single franking covers from Martinique featuring the Peace and Commerce issue. Firstly the 40c imperf paying the UPU rate in force between 1 July 1876 and 1879, the letter from St Pierre to Marseilles was sent 18 July 1877 and the stamp is tied to the cover by the ‘MQE’ in lozenge killer; secondly the 25c ultramarine imperf paying the reduced UPU rate in force from 16 January 1879 on a letter from the same correspondence; finally we add the 5c perforated paying for a cover from Basse Pointe to go to Saone et Loire on 1 January 1885 – all three ex Brooks 60 60 link
451 Martinique In 1917 the Dyneto Electric Corporation thought it could send a letter to Martinique for just 2c. Instead 2x 5c and 1x 20c postage dues (SGD73 & D76) were attached but the letter was refused due to the underpayment and returned to sender – ex Grabowski 30 24
452 Martinique Ligne D packet d/stamp of 2 August 1900 envelope from the village of Le Vauclin to Bordeaux. The village cancel ties the 15c keyplate (SG38) to the envelope 15 17
453 Martinique It must have been an easy mistake, mustn’t it? Here we offer 1971-75 letters, mainly intended for Radio Antilles in Montserrat that all show the boxed ‘Missent to St Lucia’, However the letters come from 29 different post offices on Martinique including 25 out of the 34 communes that comprise the island 35 unsold
Mexico Mexico
454 Mexico Put in to the pkt agency at Vera Cruz this outer to London was rated 2/3 and shows the agency dbl-arc in black of JY 12 1842, London arrival 29 AU 40 32 link
455 Mexico Outer to Le Havre put in to the pkt agent in TAMPICO as attested by NO 15 1842 d/stamp in red. London arrival 3 Jan, Le Havre 6 Jan - these on the reverse. On the front the rate 3/2 a fine boxed Packet Letter in red and the Calais TPO 50 unsold link
Montserrat Montserrat
456 Montserrat Datelined 13 December 1846 and “On Board the Reindeer off Montserrat” this entire to Aberdeen has a boxed PACKET LETTER h/stamp and suitable b/stamps reaching Aberdeen JA 10 1847 50 54 link
457 Montserrat The full GVI SPECIMEN set of 12 SG101s-112s. Cat. £325 120 unsold link
458 Montserrat Boxed FIRST AIR MAIL/MONTSERRAT on registered cover to St Lucia pmk JU 6 1930, postage made up of seal 1½d, 3d, 1s, transit St Kitts b/stamp and Castries arrival 26 FE 31 suggests a lengthy delay – Proud (p.283) tells us this mail was forgotten and was not carried until HMS Devonshire arrived in February 1931 and used its seaplane to carry the mail. Franked 2x 6d (SG77) and ½d (SG53) – ex Brooks 30 42 link
459 Montserrat Pair of Lady Boat covers franked with Montserrat stamps. The first to Montreal features a fine strike of the Lady Hawkins purser’s cachet in purple with Montserrat 1½d chestnut paying for it to travel to Montreal via Boston in 1937; the second features the purple cachet of Lady Drake with KGVI 1½d sending it to Montreal in 1939 25 65
460 Montserrat Scarce env. to Barbados censored in Montserrat and resealed with PC90 label OPENED BY EXAMINER A.A./ pencil 150. Sent JU 23 43 Leewards 2d grey and 2x ¼d brown paid the fare. 75 80 link
461 Montserrat HARRIS is a scarce pmk and here you get three strikes and the boxed R MONTSERRAT/(HARRIS) h/stamp with manuscript 2. The cover is to Roger Wells and the franking all Leewards ( ½d, 3x 1d, 2d) 42 52 link
462 Montserrat Montserrat 1½d chestnut PSC sent to Borough High St in SE London, with a commercial enquiry about gloves. Cancelled with Montserrat OC 26 82 Paid. – some nibbling at bottom left corner 90 75
463 Montserrat Montserrat 1d Carmine PSC sent to London DE 2 1890, the Leewards Islands stationery did not arrive until the following year. Uprated by Leewards ½d as the stamps had been in use for a month by now. Ex McCann 60 70 link
464 Montserrat We can offer both sizes of the QV 2½d blue PSE used. The squarer (size 13) to London 19 OC 92 and the longer (size 8¼) t0 Cleveland OC 30 1900 40 44 link
465 Montserrat In 1903 the islands were permitted their own design, here the Edwardian 1d carmine PSE was used to send a letter to Holland and was properly tax 15c as no additional postage had been added – scarce usage, Ex McCann 60 75 link
466 Montserrat Leewards GV ½d green PSC uprated with Leewards ½d was sent with Christmas greetings to Harry Huber in Pittsburgh DE 16 1927, usual signs of poor quality paper age discoloration for an item 95 years old 40 42 link
467 Montserrat Leewards 1½d PSE JU 24 2(9?) sent to Springfield, Massachusetts – seems to be a commercial use 50 65 link
468 Montserrat The George VI 1½d chestnut airmail PSE to Cheshire JY 20 43, uprated by 2x Leewards 2½d blue and 2x Montserrat 1s (so 2s 6½d in all) sent by Transatlantic airmail and censored on arrival and resealed by PC90 Opened by Examiner 2576. McCann reports just six GVI used PSEs recorded 90 220 link
Netherlands West Indies Netherlands West Indies
469 Netherlands West Indies Somewhat grubby item sent from Curacao to Leiden 22 5 1868, inscribed and h/stamped FRANCO, 29c prepaid. Probably sent by ‘occasional shipping’ see Julsen & Bender p51. Ex Brooks 20 unsold
470 Netherlands West Indies The very rare Curacao cds in black used on a letter to France 23/1/1870. 24 decimes port tax h/stamp applied 25 20
471 Netherlands West Indies Seven covers in this lot, mainly registered, including 12½c PSE sent from SABA to New York in 1919, censored; similar 1929 item from SABA to Chicago alongside an unstamped 1930 cover with unknown ‘T’ mark; two items from ARUBA to USA 1920 and 1929 featuring different registration labels; two items sent registered from Curacao with Overprinted Marine Insurance Stamps 50 70 link
472 Netherlands West Indies 8 covers posted from SABA including three first world war censored covers with Saba registration labels, one to London, two to New York; then a 1925 registered Montgomery Ward item 12½c +15c, two 12½c covers sent unregistered to USA in 1927 and a 1926 cover to Manchester at 15c. The final item is a 1964 cover to Brian Brooks with a note saying several of these items were in his collection 65 85 link
473 Netherlands West Indies In 1934 there was a special 5 December Christmas flight from Batavia to Amsterdam that left for the Dutch West Indies by Ship on 15 December. This TB Charity item is spectacular, each was numbered, this is 322, and franked with 9x 12½c and the airmail 30c. A spectacular item 10 8
474 Netherlands West Indies Six covers from ARUBA 1920-1948. Four feature the 1928 Queen Whilhelmina and there are single franking uses with fine cancellations of the 6c, 12½c and 15c values. The two 1948 covers show the 50c rate to England with different frankings 12 10
475 Netherlands West Indies BONAIRE features in this lot with two 5c PSC uprated by 2½c sent in 1895, one to NY the other to Java. There follows three 1940’s censored covers, two to the USA one to England and finally a 1946 airmail letter to the USA with a fine and scarce Bonaire cds of 20.2.26 36 28
476 Netherlands West Indies British troops occupied Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao in May 1840 and were replaced by US forces in February 1942. This neat 2½c cover was sent to Glasgow from Aruba 8.11.41 and received the triangular Passed By Censor 257 h/stamp – a scarce item 10 8
477 Netherlands West Indies A large and impressive airmail cover with KLM etiquette sent from Curacao to New York by the General Military Commandant, Curacao. The cost was 1,895 cents! It is addressed to the Netherlands Purchasing Commission and we speculate may have contained a weighty contract and was sent on 18 August 1942. 18 15
478 Netherlands West Indies 1946 Avis de Reception sent from Curacao to Aruba, most unusual 10 8
479 Netherlands West Indies Group of 8 covers and a piece from Curacao. One 1941 item features Price Bernhard’s war effort fund label. 6 of the covers and the piece are registered, generally from the 1940’s to the USA, various frankings 24 29
480 Netherlands West Indies A group of 24 covers featuring stamps of the 1931 Mercury airmail issue, a number have censor marks and one features a resealing label not seen before by your describer, various rates and destinations, and whilst mainly to the USA, some to the UK, we note too Germany, Costa Rica and Argentina as destinations 90 70 link
481 Netherlands West Indies 36 airmail letters in this lot from a 1929 first flight to Columbia to 1949. All on pages with descriptions and including a number of censored items, instructional markings, first flights. Good variety of adhesives and rates. Well worth inspection 150 120 link
482 Netherlands West Indies World War II censored mail on 33 covers described on pages make up this lot, with good variety of hand stamps, resealing labels, frankings and destinations. 175 140 link
483 Netherlands West Indies 7½c provisional surcharge on 12½c PSC (H&G5) sent from Aruba to Hamburg where it arrived 29.11.81 having received a London Ship Letter mark the previous day. Cancelled with clear 201 ‘puntstempel’ 25 20
484 Netherlands West Indies Postcards with postal history interest. 23 cards in all from 1903 to just post war. Mostly 1920’s and 30’s. Some show censorship markings, once sent by French line noted and Jusqu’a marking to Switzerland 60 48 link
485 Netherlands West Indies Underpaid incoming postcard from UK shows the rare 1st type ARUBA marking cds 13 OCT 09 on an underpaid card, so shows hexagonal tax mark and a 5c postage due added 20 16
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
486 Puerto Rico May 20 1836 entire to London with black “Forwarded by Whitmore & Co St Thomas) on back and red boxed ‘PACKET LETTER’ on front rated 2/2 50 unsold link
487 Puerto Rico Datelined Mayaguez 9 Jany 1862 with fair strike of the San Juan Puerto-Rico dbl-arc of JA 11 186(2) this entire to Edinburgh was rated 1/3 and has a fancy Edinburgh arrival d/stamp of JA 30 62 on the back and forwarding agents cachet in green on the front 30 unsold
488 Puerto Rico Smudged strike of the Puerto Rico Paid d/stamp on the front of this entire to Lamman & Kemp in NY, the front also has a fine strike of the sending firms stamp from ARECIBO P.R and 10 in circle from NY and manuscript 1/- in red. The back has St Thomas transit d/stamp of JY 29 1863. An example of the Spanish closed mail via Havana to NY 50 unsold link
489 Puerto Rico An altogether better strike of the Porto-Rico Paid handstamp of NO 11 64 is shown on this cover from the same correspondence. On this it was carried by British pkt to NY with 1/- in red, St Thomas b/stamp and Steamship 10 applied in NY 80 65 link
490 Puerto Rico Incoming letter of 16 AU 1877 from London to Puerto Rico, 1/- rate paid by wing mgnl 1s green pl.12 (sg150) 60 unsold link
491 Puerto Rico By 1881 UPU has dropped the incoming rate to 4d, this cover from London to San Juan of 1 SP 81 shows the 4d grey-brown (SG160) pl.17 paying the fare. Endorsed per SS Medway the cover appears to have been disinfected 48 unsold link
492 Puerto Rico Similar cover a few months earlier inscribed per Moselle sent MAR 16 81 using 2x 2d pale rose (SG168) a scarce make up of the rate, cat. £600, also disinfected and slightly roughly opened 90 unsold link
St Barts St Barts
493 St Barts This is the first lot we recall offering from St Barts. The island was sold by Sweden to the French in 1877 and became a dependency of Guadeloupe, but not all connections were severed. This cover was sent on 30 November 1882 with the 25c ochre/yellow (SG44) to Ragunda in Sweden, via St Nazaire, the adhesive tied by the Guadeloupe/Saint Barthelmy d/stamp – ex Brooks 50 80 link
494 St Barts St Eustatius’s Schotzenhoek estate and Signal Hill feature on this ppc sent from Saint Barthelemy to Denmark in October 1909, a 5c adhesive on both sides 15 unsold
Nevis Nevis
495 Nevis 1863 1d, 6d, 1/- SG1, 2, 4 perf. 13 f.u. We are happy that one no longer applies a cat. differential for apparent blueing, but 6d, 1/- are unashamedly white paper, cat. £190 42 95 link
496 Nevis 1867-76 1d gd u., 4d, 1/- yellow-grn f.u., the 1/- a gorgeous fresh colour, impressively centred SG9, 11, 14 cat. £183 42 95 link
497 Nevis We’d say these four used 1d values satisfactorily represent the 1871/8 lithographic shades of SG15-17, 22. All approach or achieve fine condn, SG15 is an aristocrat, cat. £161 35 28 link
498 Nevis 1878 4d, 1/- f.u. – as sometimes happens 1/- shade is intermediate between the two, so deem it pale, SG18, 20, cat. £148 35 unsold link
499 Nevis The ideal used example of 6d grey (we think pos. 11) when used will sport a neatly centred A09 cancel which the freshness of the stamp’s colour will dominate, even when quite heavily inked. This example gets there, and only because centred slightly to left (without impacting design) does it fall below superb – SG19 perhaps now undercat at £200 60 48 link
500 Nevis JA 30 05 AO9 duplex used twice to send this registered envelope to Koln, Germany, postage 5½d made up with ½d, 1d and 2x 2d Columbus & Spring SG1,2,3 18 15
501 Nevis 5 imperf proofs in colour 4d and 6d from top left corner of he sheet, a further example of each, all fine and a 1d green cut into on one side 48 40 link
502 Nevis Small collection on s/card ostensibly spring 4d, 6d, 1s m. and u. then 1d mauve, 2½d red-brown u. 1d dull rose, 4d grey m. 1d revenue lilac-rose u. High cat. 105 unsold link
503 Nevis Printed sheets to show Leewards federal stamps used in Nevis, only sparsely filled – QV 1d, 2½d; 5 EVII low values 3 GV to 4d. Then two covers from KGVI – 3d blue to Philadelphia 1952 and also from 1952 airmail to the same address for 9d (3d and 6d) 25 unsold
504 Nevis 3 unused postal stationery items, the Nevis 1½d red-brown PSC and the two QV reply cards – 1d, 1½d optd SPECIMEN 12 unsold
505 Nevis OHMS envelope to Browns Town, Jamaica sent registered JU 25 28 from Nevis via New York and so took a month JY 24 arrival b/stamp. Despite the date the 6d is Die I so must be SG53, pity 22 unsold
506 Nevis It is not easy to prove censored mail originated in Nevis, this airmail envelope has the addressee in Charlestown sending to NY censored in Nevis with type CH4 and numeral 6 in purple and then again in St Kitts with CH4 and numeral 3 in red on 8 MY 42. Postage of 1s 1½d made up of 1d and 5x 2½d (StK Nevis SG 69, 72) 40 56 link
507 Nevis Four forgeries of the lithographs here, two of the 1d in different shades, a 4d with an outrageously faked (A)05 cancel and a 6d 10 unsold
Saint Christopher Saint Christopher
508 Saint Christopher Very early incoming packet letter sent to St Kitts 13 August 1757, inscribed 1N6 in red which would be the pakt rate. Bishop mark 13/AU on front as is a violet institution hand stamp. Ex Brooks & Booth 75 240 link
509 Saint Christopher Early ship letter of 28 July 1777 with interesting contents concerning two young slaves to be sent to New York for sale, payment to be made in London. PORTRSMOUTH/SHIPLR h/stamp rated 7d and carried by the ‘Dorsetshire’ Captain Waddy – ex John Griffiths Gold medal collection – comes with his exhibit pages still attached 125 180 link
510 Saint Christopher Freeling style date stamp on pkt letter to Edinburgh rated 2/2 ‘St KITTS/NOV 101802’ can be clearly read on the datestamp. Ex Brooks & Booth 95 140
511 Saint Christopher Quite bold strike of St Kitts fleuron dated DEC 4 1807 on this pkt letter to London from the Dr Cole correspondence. Initial rate of 2/- has been ruled out by the inspector and 4/- charged 75 140 link
512 Saint Christopher Incoming packet letter of 26 July 1838 to Stone Fort Estate. Rated 2s 3d which is packet rate of 2s 2d and 1d penny post 30 unsold
513 Saint Christopher Very fine early strike of the St Kitts dbl arc of SP 11 1844 on outer to London rated 2s. With it you get a second example dated JU 25 1845 which is at best fair, but the letter from the Spooner Cayon Estate is of interest, both are ex Brooks and the second ex Jaffe 95 150 link
514 Saint Christopher OHMS incoming wrapper of 11 AU 1846 from the @Commander in Chief’s Office so bearing the Crown Paid mark and addressed to Major MacLean of the 3 West India Regiment 40 70 link
515 Saint Christopher This incoming April 1879 letter from Edinburgh was sent with GB 6d grey, pl.15 – St Christopher did not join UPU until 1 July that year, so it was assessed as deficient in postage by 6d (British accountancy mark) in St Christopher it was refused by the recipient and sent back, which may explain its survival, ex Freeland and Booth 48 150 link
516 Saint Christopher Three incoming packet letters from the 1850’s carried by RMSP. First from Glasgow per ‘Orinoco’ 1 May 1855 rated 1s; then 17 May 1852 also from Glasgow per ‘Magdelena’, also 1s; finally merely inscribed ‘p Steamer’ a letter with a red London Paid mark of 1 Feb 1853 60 65 link
Saint Kitts Saint Kitts
517 Saint Kitts 1903 Embossed seal of the colony on white watermarked paper (68 x 86mm) fine, with a couple of minor stains on the back 80 65 link
518 Saint Kitts The 1½d yellow-orange MCA wmk, sideways reversed, m. lightly hinged (SG26x) cat. £160 50 65 link
519 Saint Kitts The 2s dull-purple and blue on blue MCA wmk, sideways reversed, m. lightly hinged (SG32x) cat. £350 120 95 link
520 Saint Kitts The 1921-29 set fine used with additional 1d shade SG37/37c cat. £170 60 48 link
521 Saint Kitts Small but complete collection of the 1903 Columbus and Medicinal Spring postal stationery overprinted SPECIMEN. 2 PSC, I reply PSC, 2 PSE, the size G PSRE and 3 wrappers – you get an extra 1d wrapper as the other two appear to be UPU archive copies with pencil annotation ‘766.30/1903’ which are much underrated 130 unsold
522 Saint Kitts C1931 embossed Revenue pair of embossed proof impressions in red-orange on vertically laid paper, each 63 x 63mm, denominated ONE/FARTHING and HALFPENNY, unissued values and rare from the archives (ex Medlicott) 360 270 link
523 Saint Kitts Five Leeward Island stamps showing different two letter village codes: AN (on SG47); CA (on SG20); DB (on SG21); OR (on SG1); SP (also on SG1) 50 52 link
524 Saint Kitts Small env from St Kitts MR 17 05 to Kinze in Germany with Leewards QV ½d, 1d, 2½d, 1s each lightly cancelled by A12. Sent registered with London transit 6 AP and German arrival next day on reverse 75 60 link
525 Saint Kitts OHMS env. with early use of the first printed regn label for St Kitts type S11R with manuscript 464 was sent on AP 10 08 which predates the EKD given by Oliver. It also reminds you that in 1908 the destination in Bohemia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Postage of 6d made up with SG12, 14, 15, 17 – does that make it a four or five colour franking? 25 50 link
526 Saint Kitts Leewards 2d grey franks this JU 20 23 cover from St Kitts to the Bronx, distinguished by the date stamp which features the SP of SANDY POINT 60 65 link
527 Saint Kitts 15 JA 25 envelope to the Priscilla Company in Boston, 2x 1d violet on cover cancelled by the Old Road duplex, this according to a former owner, as it far from clear. Fine same day date stamp of St Kitts on front 15 unsold
528 Saint Kitts The three singles usages of the twin medallions to Raymond Brainard in Mahwah, New Jersey. 2½d brown 15 FE 29, 2½d ultramarine of the same date and 1½d orange-yellow 27 MR 31 18 unsold
529 Saint Kitts Postcard to Morley in Rochdale, message side blank, pmk DIEPPE BAY 23 MR 33 on block of four ¼d stamps with interpanneau mgn on rhs 50 52 link
530 Saint Kitts Early use of the ‘PASSED THE CENSOR’ handstamp (CH1) struck in red on this 18 SP 39 cover to Montgomery Ward, SG69, 70 used to make up the 2½d rate – ex Brooks 30 24 link
531 Saint Kitts Here struck in purple the same PASSED THE CENSOR handstamp on 29 NO 39 airmail cover to NY 1s 1d rate, with local 1d and Leewards 1s, also ex Brooks 30 33 link
532 Saint Kitts The CH2a Crown in dbl circle with St Kitts and Passed by Censor in red sent via St John’s to NY FE 21 42, strip of 3x 1d carmine paid the way, resealed with plain brown tape 18 15
533 Saint Kitts According to Burrows only one example of CH2c (missing ‘SOR’ from CENSOR is recorded, and is in red, but Brian Brooks had one in violet and here we offer an example in Blue on an envelope to British Guiana that was posted on the High Seas on the Lady Nelson with 2d SG71 on face and JA 7 42 arrival b/stamp from New Amsterdam 60 95 link
534 Saint Kitts A pair of 1942 1s 1½d covers to NY, both with Leewards 1s, and then either 3x ½d or a 1½d St Kitts make up the balance. Both are censored and struck with CH4 one in red with manuscript 4 and the other in purple with any number obliterated, both b/stamped in St John’s Antigua, one resealed with plain brown tape the other Examined By 4159 40 42 link
535 Saint Kitts This censored item, also ex Brooks was sent from Cayon to Baltimore 20 AU 42. It is a long envelope that cost 2s to send made up of 3d per 1 oz postage and double the airmail fee of 10½d per ½ oz. It also bears the CH4 censor handstamp with manuscript 4 and went via Antigua. Env in good condition 50 54 link
536 Saint Kitts PC90 OPENED BY EXAMINER BB/4 resealing tape was used after this registered item to Curacao was posted 16 NO 43 paid with Leewards ½d, St K 2½d and 3d. Sent via St Maartens it did not reach Curacao until 23 12 and was not cleared until after censorship on Jan 5 – were they working from home we wonder 20 21
537 Saint Kitts Not all war time mail was censored, this 12 MR 41 envelope to Maidstone paid the all air rate of 2s 6½d made up with St Kitts ½d, 6d, 1s and Leewards 1s, also via Antigua 25 20 link
538 Saint Kitts Columbus 2d registered envelope, size G to Groves & Lindley 1929? Uprated with 2½d ultramarine. 18 15
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
539 Saint Lucia Incoming wrapper of OC 2 1873 bearing 1s green plate 7, damage to bottom left, otherwise clean, was sold by David Feldman back in 2016 for a hammer price of £300 reflecting its scarcity, we offer for 160 130 link
540 Saint Lucia This 28 Jul 1897 incoming letter with GB ½d and 1d lilac comes on a page extolling the efficiency of St Lucia’s handling of underpaid mail, and this letter duly had a tax stamp applied and crayon 2/15 fraction 36 37
541 Saint Lucia Three printed Imperial pages to the end of KGV with every space filed mint or used. Most are good to fine examples, we ignore SG28 which is nibbled and SG29 which is the fiscal variety and the first EVII 5s is colour washed. The total cat. value is £4,000+ and this must be value at 250 290 link
542 Saint Lucia The detached triangle variety on 1d dull mauve on used stamp with the killer cancel considerately to the left of the stamp so not to obscure the flaw – SG39a, cat. £225 80 65 link
543 Saint Lucia The detached triangle flaw on 6d, SG41a, fine used, indistinct pmk, cat. £400 105 85 link
544 Saint Lucia The Script wmk 4d. 6d. 1s and 2s 6d nicely used with 13x12 perf 1936 pictorial ½d, 1d. 1½d cat. £85 24 unsold link
545 Saint Lucia 1935 Silver Jubilee set fine used 10 8
546 Saint Lucia A ‘New Age’ printed page is full for the GVI decimal set m, apart from the 24 and 48c and includes the decimal postage dues and the 1947 4d and 8d all m. We combine with 6 s/cards also featuring this set but also the QEII set of the same design and a range of other issues. Cat. c£200 25 20
547 Saint Lucia Coil strip of 8 of KG6 ½d green and 1d violet mint – unfortunately 2 of the 8 1d stamps have become separated 10 unsold
548 Saint Lucia JY 12 92 regd front to London with 2x One Penny on 4d, keyplate 3d and a bisected ½d on Six pence; a valid rate, reverse claims ex Cave, an auction of 1936! 40 32 link
549 Saint Lucia Roughly opened and with the odd trim, nonetheless this Myerscough envelope has a strip of 5x ½d green sent OC 16 96 to London from Soufriere as evidenced by the ‘S’ in the date stamp 36 unsold link
550 Saint Lucia 13 May 1898 envelope to Tobago with an 8d franking with 2 x ½d, 1d, 2d and 4d keyplates, attractive, if philatelic four colour franking – ex Booth 75 unsold link
551 Saint Lucia An ordinary Leewards islands cover to London with 2x ½d KE keyplate is made much more interesting by the manuscript “Posted on Board!!! Please tell the St Lucia P.O so – otherwise they Tax London double postage” – it seems Castries obliged and cancelled the stamps on MY 22 03 8 6
552 Saint Lucia KE 2x 1d carmine and ½ d green took this envelope to Boston MR 20 12 12 10
553 Saint Lucia A commercial use of the first 1d black on blue postage due on an underpaid envelope sent to the Chief of Police from Trinidad. The sender had used a 1d brown but this was short by ½d and so taxed double deficiency. Arrival b/stamp of 21 JY 32 confirms the date on the postage due stamp and the serial no. is 14192 – ex Booth 80 105 link
554 Saint Lucia 3x ½d SJ on Lady Drake cover to Herefordshire, posted on the high seas with a fine purser’s cachet and Trinidad paquebot applied DE 9 36 25 30 link
555 Saint Lucia Ignore the dealer’s write up the 3d, 6d and 1s keyplate here are all Die II and took this letter by Airmail to Conde Nast NY on 4 AU 36 – a nice commercial item 30 unsold link
556 Saint Lucia A little roughly opened this wartime letter from Barbados to Vieux Fort sent stampless on 11 AU 42 was taxed 4d on arrival paid (by his mother?) two 2d postage dues (D4) and fine Vieux Fort on reverse 45 42 link
557 Saint Lucia Mexico is an unusual destination for any BWI PS item, this 1d pink PSC went to Mexico City De 10 98, clean, fresh and with message 24 26
558 Saint Lucia Three used PS items: 1d pink PSC to Guernsey; 1d carmine wrapper to Leipzig 1895; and KGVI 12c philatelic air letter posted in Trinidad to USA in 1953 18 15 link
559 Saint Lucia A miscellaneous bundle: attractive drawing on card of the colony Device used for the KG6 high values and a less attractive one of the wreath; with these two you get a postcard od Castries North Wharf showing RMS Esk alongside and a block of four St Lucia Steam Conveyance 6 stamps 18 52 link
Saint Vincent Saint Vincent
560 Saint Vincent Fascinating 1803 legal document relating to the sale of 35 named slaves by Patrick Coningham of Union Island to Walter Coningham of St Vincent for £1,800. Of historic and perhaps genealogical interest 50 85
561 Saint Vincent A goodish strike of the ST VINCENTS fleuron on 14 December 1812 entire to London, triple rated at 6s 6d it reached London on 17 February 1813 during the war with America. Wisely the writer was enclosing copies of accounts, the originals of which were lost when the ‘Princess Amelia’ was captured by the American privateer ‘Rossie’ in the opening loss of the War of 1812 120 170 link
562 Saint Vincent Neat entire to Edinburgh, rated 1s in red, bearing very fine dbl arc d/stamp of AU 8 1850 on the reverse. Sep 3 1850 arrival 105 130 link
563 Saint Vincent Fine a strike of JY 12 1851 dbl-arc on this blue entire to London rated 2s, arrival markings less clear 80 120 link
564 Saint Vincent Fair Crowned Circle ‘Paid at St Vincent’ on the front of a fragile entire sent 25 April 1861 to Edinburgh with London Paid arrival d/stamp of MY 13 61 – ex Seaton 180 unsold link
565 Saint Vincent The 1861 rose red (SG1) a much above average centring on this unused example, no gum remains though, cat. £50 12 unsold
566 Saint Vincent 6d deep green in mint block of four centred to the right, attractive SG4, cat. £240+ 60 48 link
567 Saint Vincent With centring even more to the right and low, this 1d block of 4 perf 11 to 12½ by machine B shows the difficulties Perkins Bacon experienced, SG5, cat. £160+ 36 28 link
568 Saint Vincent The 1866 4d blue (SG6) perf B with printer’s black line across to denote Specimen, centred up fine colour 20 16
569 Saint Vincent 1s slate grey perf14-16, SG9, pleasing colour, lge pt o.g. centred a little low but compensated with a portion of the stamp above. Cat. £375 90 unsold link
570 Saint Vincent 4d yellow perf B also lge pt o.g centred left and slight oxidisation, SG12, cat. £350 70 unsold
571 Saint Vincent 1869 1s brown perf B, neatly used and well enough centred that the perfs avoid the design, good colour SG14, cat. £160 40 unsold link
572 Saint Vincent SG22, the 1d black perf BxA in a mint pair with pt. o.g, reasonable centring and seemingly ex Sir Gawaine Baillee, cat. £170 80 75 link
573 Saint Vincent The 1871 6d deep green (SG16) perf 14-16 with printer’s black line across to denote Specimen, fine colour 20 unsold
574 Saint Vincent Sound used copy of the ½d on 6d green (SG33) cat. £170 60 48 link
575 Saint Vincent SG34 ONE PENNY on 6d bright green, a sound used copy. Cat. £350 150 150 link
576 Saint Vincent The final surcharge is SG35 4d on 1s bright vermillion, this seemingly sound used copy is believed by our vendor to be an extremely well-done forgery, so offered ‘as is’ 150 unsold link
577 Saint Vincent The 1d mauve optd THREE PENCE (SG63s) in horiz. strip of five also optd SPECIMEN, an unusual survivor in this format, cat. £225+ 75 60 link
578 Saint Vincent The keyplate mint set SG67-75 attractive examples all cat. £150 42 35 link
579 Saint Vincent The same keyplate set optd SPECIMEN, SG67-75s, cat. £170, colour on the 1s a little faded 42 48 link
580 Saint Vincent Before 1907 five examples of each value had to be sent to UPU members, here we can offer the ½d value in vertical strip of five SG67s – a rare survivor and as rare as a 5s strip would be 35 65 link
581 Saint Vincent The next three lots offer the keyplate issue in blocks of four. Firstly a 2½d block with full top margin, SG69, cat. £38+ 12 unsold
582 Saint Vincent Secondly a block of four of the 4d, no sheet margins, SG71 cat. £30+ 10 unsold
583 Saint Vincent Thirdly the 5d, SG72 in block of four with full upper sheet mgn, cat. £32+ 12 unsold
584 Saint Vincent A block of four of the fourth setting of WAR STAMP in m. l.h. condition featuring the double opt variety on the top left stamp. This comes with a 1967 RPSL certificate of opinion signed by Sir John Wilson – SG124a, cat. £250 80 unsold link
585 Saint Vincent An Imperial page is almost complete with the early classics, almost all are used and most of a reasonable quality, it lacks the 5s and the three local surcharges, but does include 6 different 4d, 6 different 6d and no less than 10 different 1s. Said to catalogue £3,750, an opportunity here 200 260 link
586 Saint Vincent The redrawn Pax et Justicia SPECIMEN set of four ( ½d, 2d, 2½d, 3d) SG102s, 104/6s, cat. £90 38 unsold link
587 Saint Vincent 1909 ½ d green with inverted watermark SG102a, cat £150 fine mint 40 52 link
588 Saint Vincent 10 December 1877 Roughly opened at right envelope, with original contents to Shepherdstown, W Virginia with 6d pale green cancelled A10 in red. St Thomas transit d/stamp of 14 December and 5c added in New York for US delivery 200 300 link
589 Saint Vincent Registered OHMS env to Massachusetts SP 18 91 with 4d chocolate (SG51a) and 2x 1d red(SG48b) 36 90 link
590 Saint Vincent 2½d on 4d (SG54) on local cover within Kingstown DE 30 9(?) 90 unsold link
591 Saint Vincent AP 20 84 mourning envelope to Brighton with 2½d on 1d grey-blue (SG55), nice single usage 30 44 link
592 Saint Vincent 6d purple (SG57) on regd cover to Leicester with the added plus of an early St Vincent regn label on reverse R.2,093 50 40 link
593 Saint Vincent Myerscough registered cover of NO 26 97 bearing strip of five ½d greens and 2x 1d red also with regn label on reverse 30 52 link
594 Saint Vincent Envelope to Portsmouth properly franked at 2½d – 2x 1d red. ½d green sent 22 Dec 1896 20 unsold link
595 Saint Vincent Our final QV cover is also to Leicester, sent registered for 1s made up of a strip of four of Three Pence on 1d red-mauve (SG63a) – even if it just SG63 this comes to a catalogue of c£800, which we discount somewhat 90 unsold link
596 Saint Vincent 5d sage green SG136 on reg. cover to Marshall in Manchester sent 29 JU 27 and with regn label on reverse R.89 24 unsold
597 Saint Vincent Four inter-island covers carried from St Vincent with different Lady Boat purser cachets, two by the Lady Hawkins , 1936 to St Lucia, 193(9) to Trinidad; two by the Lady Nelson, 1936 to Dominica and same year to St Lucia. Paquebot strikes very good to superb – ex Booth 60 70
598 Saint Vincent Envelope to Switzerland sent for just ½d (SG149) on 26 AU 38 claimed the printed matter rate by going unsealed 10 8
599 Saint Vincent Four wartime covers, three censored: 1 MY 40 envelope to Canal Zone sent for 3d, opened and resealed with Label L2 ‘Opened by Censor’ and tied with H1; 20 FE 42 to Jamaica by airmail and rated 1s 5d resealed with L3 ‘OPENED BY CENSOR/ST. VINCENT, B.W.I.’ tied with H1 ‘Passed by Censor No. (3)’; 23 MR 44 envelope sent to Roseau for 2½d and went via Antigua where passed by censor 8790 in crowned circle; final cover 2½d to Barbados 6 OC 45. 60 65
600 Saint Vincent Three airmail letters, full of family detail (Casson family) sent to Reigate in Surrey in early 1948, all uprated by 6d 15 unsold
601 Saint Vincent QEII 10c brown on OHMS envelope from MUSTIQUE to London School of Accountancy date stamped NO 22 58 sent as printed matter by second class airmail. 1958 was the year Colin Tennant purchased the island 30 33
602 Saint Vincent The Mustique TRD on pre-printed envelope ‘EDUCATIONAL EXERCISES ONLY to the London School of Accountancy, the date stamp is indecipherable to us but we take to be later than the previous lot, franked with 5c carmine 25 27
603 Saint Vincent Size H KEVII PSE to Meister in Montserrat, uprated by 2 x ½d green, scarce used even when philatelic – ex Booth 45 54
Tobago Tobago
604 Tobago Tobago fair to good strike of small fleuron 4 NO 4 1827 on reverse of packet letter to London, rated 2s 2d arrived 22 DE – ex Brooks 180 150 link
605 Tobago The outer wrapper of a 1/- packet letter to the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh with very clean d/stamps on the reverse and a very fine strike of the Tobago dbl-circle OC9 1852 not diminished by the London receiving d/stamp in red of 3 NO and with fine Edinburgh arrival d/stamp next day 24 20 link
606 Tobago The 1885-96 6d and 1s stamps feature here as mounted mint on page, with 8 examples of the 6d (SG23), 7 of the 1/- olive-yellow (SG24) and 4 of the final 1/- (SG25). Cat. £150+ 25 unsold link
607 Tobago 10 used Tobago issues include 2½d/6d, ½d/ and 2½d/4d grey, ½d/4d postal fiscal, ½d CC (lovely looker, but a pinhole lurks) and the next ½d, 1d (ignore 4d CC which always turns up) and two tired 2½d – CA; cat, say £380 35 28 link
Trinidad Trinidad
608 Trinidad FE 4 1844 pkt letter to Port Glasgow, rated 1s and with fair strike of Trinidad dbl-arc 36 37 link
609 Trinidad Trinidad to Baltimore 3 Aug 1849, carried privately with Baltimore d/stamp SHIP and 7 all hand struck in blue. The real interest is that it is from WH Burnley, formerly the largest slaveowner in Trinidad and some background information is supplied 50 46 link
610 Trinidad 5 classics m. comprising (1d) purple-brown (compare and contrast our pair), blue (2) paper only faintly blued, (1d) local litho red, 1/- slate-grey, SG1, 3, 10, 20 mgns all round, v. close at times, cat. £132 30 unsold link
611 Trinidad Imperf 4d grey-lilac pt o.g. and 1/- indigo unused, each with the usual tidy mgns, share this lot SG25 and 29 cat. £220 40 unsold link
612 Trinidad Pin-perf 6d dep green SG42 with no hint of gum and no hint of postmark, so we’ll rate it transgender, with what we’ll term a pulled perf at left half-way up. Let’s say this is a fault (which is hyper-critical with a pin-perf) – This aside there are visible perfs all round and the note under SG45a makes this a rarity, even by the Circle’s standards. If we look only at cat. £90 for average used, (if m. we’d have to think of cat £5-600). Lightly inked price 1/- on reverse – no further comment 75 130 link
613 Trinidad An array of shades and denominations of the KG5 MCA defins and Red Cross and War Tax issues, 34 different m. look quite inviting on a medium-size s/card – but don’t go overboard for it, you’ll still have to look for the ones that matter. Cat. at least £150, we think 18 unsold
614 Trinidad The 9 m. 1935 Jubilee on this s/card comprise the set of four, corner block of 2c (margins folded, splitting some perfs) and 3c single, each of these with extra flagstaff, cat. £111 – sound but not lustrous 25 unsold
615 Trinidad 71 m. on s/card the 1923 MCA Postage due set of 8 (SGD18-25), the 1935 set of 9 (SG230-238), all listed KG6 stamps and shades except $4.80 plus QEII 1953-9 defins, coron and surcharges, a few later to $10, (QEII 12c, 24c are used not m). Condition looks OK throughout, Cat. c£500 40 unsold
616 Trinidad 1 March 1870 incoming entire from Glasgow to Trinidad enclosing an insurance policy. Rated as a 1 oz and so double rate letter and so 2x 1s green plate 4 were required. Carried by RMSP with MR 20 70 Trinidad arrival d/stamp. Ex Arthur White 95 75 link
617 Trinidad Trinidad joined UPU on 1 April 1877. This envelope to United Services Club has 4d grey Britannia paying the packet rate on SP 27 1881. OC 14 arrival. 40 32 link
618 Trinidad The 4d rate is more commonly found once the keytypes were issued, but there were various ways to make it up. Here we offer 4x 1d carmine OC 3 85 to Winch Bros, Colchester 24 25 link
619 Trinidad The same addressee three years later SP 29 88 but with 8x ½d dull green 30 34 link
620 Trinidad Or you may prefer the simplicity of a 4d grey, but here to the Colonial Bank in British Guiana. Recd 5 AP. 24 20 link
621 Trinidad A double-rate cover here, with 2x 4d grey (SG110) to Birmingham 36 27 link
622 Trinidad Size G 2d PSRE in fine condition used in MAYARO on SP 8 92, evidenced by single ring d/stamp, to take the contents to Port of Spain, franked with 2x 1d carmine Keyplate 20 22
623 Trinidad OC 27 98 registered cover from ARIMA to Manchester sent for 4½d – 2x 1d, 2½d (SG115, 117) 24 20 link
624 Trinidad A mystery here, an official RMSP envelope with 2½d postage SG151a and manuscript instruction to send by first opportunity. The cancellation says OC 9 91 but it would make a lot more sense if the year is in fact inverted and it should be OC 9 16 – which is the year this stamp was issued. 12 10 link
625 Trinidad Printed envelope with PRISONERS OF WAR underlined at the top and with a very fine strike of the Post Free/P.C./Prisoners of War censor h/s on front along with Port of Spain d/stamp of MR 16 17. On the reverse we find Percy Fraser/Capt./Military Camp/Trinidad also in violet. Sent locally, top back flap missing and some very mild staining on reverse mentioned for sake of completeness. Scarce 100 80 link
626 Trinidad SEP 25 1929 rose pink env. with Air Mail etiquette to St Thomas with 6d and 1s (SG 226/7) paying the way and, as it arrived next day, we can take it this part of the Lindbergh FAM6 circle was complete 18 unsold link
627 Trinidad Simple 1d brown to Montgomery Ward OC 30 29 from TUNAPUNA with code G 8 unsold link
628 Trinidad The letter is still enclosed on this attractive Hamburg-Amerika Linie envelope to Philadelphia, it had a Barbados 2½d on it when it was handed in to the post office in Port of Spain, who then weighed it and decided it needed 2x 2½d of Trinidad (SG148) if it was to travel further 16 15 link
629 Trinidad DOX flight cover of AU 19 31 to NY. It seems this was meant to be a dual colony franking with British Guiana 2c, 6c, 12c, 24c stamps left unfranked whilst the Trinidad 2d, 3d and 6d are date stamped. The boxed h/stamp ‘DO-X/SPECIAL FLIGHT/Pan-American Airways/ Co-operating Special’ obscures the original h/written address 100 80 link
630 Trinidad Pair of 3c paquebot covers to Canada; first, 1937, with very fine Furness Prince Line/M.S. Southern Prince, the other, 1935, with SJ 3c and the cachet of the same lines Northern Prince 25 38
631 Trinidad 23 or so KG6 airmail covers largely to the UK but with a very good variety of frankings. All appear to be from Port of Spain, but the rates include a single 60c, 3x 68c and 18c, 20c, 24c, 26c, 30c, 48c, 50c and 56c – so plenty to occupy you writing up the changes in air mail rates as the service developed 24 unsold
632 Trinidad We single out a Via Transatlantic Airmail cover to Barclays Bank, Liverpool sent JU 9 42 with a note saying this is new LKD for Proud type D63. No censorship evident, rate 26c 6 unsold
633 Trinidad A year earlier DE 7 41 (Immediately after Pearl Harbour) this first flight cover went form Port of Spain to Leopoldville with violet boxed ‘First Flight/Trinidad-Bathurst-Lagos-Leopoldville where it did arrive on 12. The addressee was in New York, and the rate 52c 6 unsold
634 Trinidad Apparently, JA 18 44 is the earliest date recorded doe Examiner 5610 applying his or her PC90 L12 resealing label – here to a cover sent to Half Way Tree, Jamaica for 32c, the correct rate 15 unsold link
635 Trinidad Fine strike of the Lady Hawkins cachet in violet on this DE 9 33 cover posted on the High Seas to Trinidad and with strong, though mildly distorted strike of the double ring Paquebot/Trinidad which was only is use for about a year. Franked with a Canadian 3c carmine 60 80 link
636 Trinidad 3c Washington used to send this letter to Miss Phyllis Barnes in August 1933 marked “Hold for Arrival” was insufficient and the binocular 20 centimes due mark was applied in the US and 2d black postage due (D19) applied – attractive cover 20 16 link
637 Trinidad 20 centavos was insufficient to frank this letter from Venezuela to Point Fortin in Trinidad and so a 6c and 8c postage due (SG D28,29) were added to recover the deficiency, neatly cancelled POINT FORTIN 20 JAN 53. The cover is unopened and so we shall ignore the x15 multiple and value at the 8c cat. 45 unsold link
638 Trinidad Censored Registered Air Letter to Egypt, a remarkable item with QEII 8c and 12c making up the 20c postage, sent 26 FE57 from San Fernando to the founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union, plastered with pmk’s opened and resealed with Egyptian tape, much more to be uncovered by those who read Arabic 35 52 link
639 Trinidad Size F PSRE sent AP 7 85 to Finsbury Square, London with 4d grey adhesive cancelled by T2 duplex of San Fernando, also with GPO date stamp of same date 32 58 link
640 Trinidad This Halfpenny brown PSC is showing its age sent from San Fernando to Port of Spain AU 20 87 arriving same day 15 12 link
641 Trinidad This ½d green PS wrapper with printed address in Trieste, Italy looks commercially used on Jan 16 1930 20 unsold
642 Trinidad KGVI 6c PSRE to a nursing home in Alton DE 16 42 attracted postage of $1.36 ($1.20 and 2x 8c) and fine strike of Via Trans-Atlantic AIR MAIL in red on both sides and a customs declaration label declaring ONE LIPSTICK – an odd use of wartime airfreight you may think 24 37 link
643 Trinidad On 15 June 1906 Mr Rodriguez sent this card of “The Blue Basin” to Miss Griffiths in London for 1d, telling her this is “said to be the only Tuck’s view of the island”. Do we believe him? Tuck’s Oilette West Indies series III 8 unsold link
644 Trinidad Three incoming letters to T Geddes Grant Ltd in Port of Spain, one from Toronto 1942 with 2x 3c and neat slogan cancel ‘Help the Muskoka Hospital for Consumptives’; then 1942 from Dominica with 2½d defin; finally 1946 from Grenada also 2½d. Good commercial mail 8 8
645 Trinidad We hope you enjoyed the article on the early slogan cancels of Trinidad that appeared in the September 2022 Bulletin. Here is a folder, formerly belonging to Ron Wike, containing examples of 77 of the first 100 slogans. Most items are on cover including S13 ‘Help the Red Cross’ and S39 ‘Trinidad & Tobago Blind Welfare Golden Jubilee’ and S56 ‘Praedial Larceny Kills the Economy’. A few items are on piece including a fine strike of S5 ‘Buy Regent Spirit’. The date range runs from 1923 to 1997 and would make for a fine mini-display. The examples are arranged in slogan order per Ali and Wike’s book and where no example is included a scan has been inserted so you know what to look for 120 230
646 Trinidad We can’t resist ppcs sent in the 19th century, can you? This coloured card, about 80% of normal width shows London’s National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, fountain playing in front, but was 1d franked from Port of Spain DE 7 99 to Kiel, written in German, fine condn 15 12
Turks Islands Turks Islands
647 Turks Islands The 1d dull rose 1d dull rose SG1 looks rather common unused until you start screaming for condition – colour, centring, integrity, freshness, this perhaps, one in a hundred times you meet one like this. On three sides it is scissor-separated (GPO made constant use of scissors) along E and S perfs, outside N perfs. It captures a sliver of its western neighbour, the final tug inducing a trivial wrinkle at SW corner. Reverse is smooth lge pt o.g., tiny dealers or proprietary mark in one corner. For this example cat. £65 isn’t enough 22 unsold
648 Turks Islands 1d dull rose from position 24, with throat flaw, fresh pt o.g., scissors wielded less adroitly than usual, so as to trim the eastern perfs from halfway up, which soft fresh colour and relative prominence of the flaw – which can be hard to spot on the earliest issue – partly atone – SG1a cat. £250 45 unsold link
649 Turks Islands 1d dull red SG5 and 1/2 /1d dull red SG15 (from top tow) both are sound unused examples, cat. £150 35 unsold link
650 Turks Islands 1/- dull blue fresh unused and lightly u. consort here with 1d dull red more heavily u. and could do with a wash on the reverse (that’s legitimate you know). They present themselves in different sizes yet look closely and you’ll see perfs on all 12 sides. Miss Stewart’s problems with alignment of the sheets may leave them to look disabled now, so in the age of enlightenment, we should treat them all as of equal status – SG3, 3 and 5 cat. £245 48 unsold link
651 Turks Islands 1900 badge type /-, 3/- of high standard for fresh frontal appearance and centring, each large pt o.g. We rate them equally on reverse side, though the depth of ink colour on top value, produces a darker appearance there, SG108/9 cat. £140 36 unsold link
652 Turks Islands The 1900-08 badge set fine used SG101-112, cat. £233 70 unsold link
653 Turks Islands On a piece of DLR card measuring 58x46 mm we offer a proof in black of the 1922 5d (the postage series) – ex Luddington 150 120 link
654 Turks Islands Five proofs on card in a deep blue shade of the 1928 postage and revenue series with the ½d, 1d, 2d, 2½d and 3d. By the post WW1 era DLR had changed their pattern of striking proofs and these are not (yet) fully documented 150 unsold link
655 Turks Islands Incoming US 1c (Grant) PSC sent My 1891 when the rate was 2c, so attracted US tax mar and also fine manuscript 1d in blue applied on arrival. Ex Freeland & Booth 25 20 link
656 Turks Islands Strip of five ½d green Arms stamps (SG 101) took this cover to Syracuse NY where it was forwarded to Ontario, seemingly without extra charge 48 unsold link
657 Turks Islands Foolscap-size OHMS cover to Vienna sent registered 29 JA 13 franked with KE 3d (SG121) and 1/- badge pair (SG107), which was obsolete by this time. Clean with faint central fold, the only back stamp is London registration branch 23 FE. 55 44 link
658 Turks Islands OHMS envelope with crest embossed on rear sent regd to Henry Turk in NY on OC 10 02 with 1d and 6d badge 40 unsold link
659 Turks Islands A ½d green and 2x 1d red were used to post this env. to NY on board ship, cancelled MY 4 06 in Kingston, Jamaica and Paquebot strike applied 18 30
660 Turks Islands JA 23 13 Clyde Steamship Co stationery envelope to Cheshire, 2 x ¼d red cactus and ½d KE made up the 1d Imperial rate 12 10
661 Turks Islands 6 War Tax covers make up this lot: SG146 & 7 OC 12 18 to Wallington; SG140 SP 25 19 block of 4 regd to Huber; SG150 SP 25 19 pair to Norwood; SG140 pair with SG153 MY 12 19 to Alex Brown; 2x SG153 JU 19 33 to New Jersey; SG144 (with 3x SG129) to Montgomery Ward AP 19. 60 48
662 Turks Islands Long OHMS regd cover of JU 12 22 to Brooklyn with ½d (MCA?) and 4d – SG129? & 134 dated oval Turks regn h/stamp R6 18 15
663 Turks Islands AU 24 26 regd cover from SALT CAY to Pittsburgh, 6d paid with block of 4 of 1½d scarlet SG165 which catalogues at £17 each used. Fine condn 60 80 link
664 Turks Islands The b/stamp tells you this cover to Chicago was sent summer 1928 for 2½d using the 1d brown and 1½d scarlet (SG164/5), with it you get a MY 29 36 cover to NY bearing 3d bright blue 50 unsold link
665 Turks Islands British Censor resealing tape ‘Opened By Examiner 7297’ was applied to this piece of clerical correspondence addressed to Bishop Dauglish in Tufton St, Westminster 18 unsold
666 Turks Islands 1d surcharged on 1½d re-brown PSC sent OC 25 92 to Nova Scotia, clean and fresh with message 35 28 link
667 Turks Islands 2½d postal stationery envelope sent to Nova Scotia SP 28 96, nice clean cover and quite scarce 48 40 link
Venezuela Venezuela
668 Venezuela Outer to London with clear LA GUAYRA British pkt office d/stamp of MR 11 1842 in red, the office only opened at the beginning of that year, rated 2s 6d 36 50 link
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
669 Virgin Islands The 1s on greyish paper with crimson SG20 is a difficult stamp, your team has plated this example to position 14 and the relatively slight, if blurred cancellation, assists this positive identification. Simon Goldblatt was the expert Migliavacca deferred to when distinguishing between the more common ‘toned’ paper and the ‘greyish’ paper and he was positive in his identification that shows the characteristic translucency – see Migliavacca page 91. Cat. £900 105 150 link
670 Virgin Islands The DLR St Ursula ½d pair mint with the missing bar in ‘F’ variety, so we position the pair as Row 8 stamps 1 and 2. SG43 & 43b, cat. £89 25 29 link
671 Virgin Islands Attractively laid out stock card with 50 different stamps m. and u. covering the QV to KGV period, includes the 1899 set to 1s, 10 KE7 to 6d, 12 KGV key types to 1s and 17 of the post war KGV definitives to 2/6 – cat. £250+ 20 23
672 Virgin Islands The 1922 6d and 1928 1/- (SG98/9) in NE and NW corner blocks of four with full sheet mgn including plate no. 1 18 unsold
673 Virgin Islands The KG6 set of 10 on chalky paper (it goes only as far as 5/- - the higher values come later) m. all lge pt o.g., hinges left in place, ½d, 1d 1½d are marginal SG110-9 fresh and fine, cat. £218 54 unsold link
674 Virgin Islands The KG6 set of 12 to £1 on ordinary paper, in similar lge pt o.g. condition equally fine SG110a-121 cat. £75 22 19
675 Virgin Islands KG6 5/- to £1 f.u. on ordinary paper SG119a-121 cat. £41.50 12 12
676 Virgin Islands The birds series following the change of designation to “British Virgin Islands”, has been quite sensitively dealt with. Questa offered some quality in their defin. set of 19 values, 1c to $5 issued 3 July 1985, SG560 to 578. Large s/card holds the full set-mint with lower margin folded under, where we have checked – and 6 different f.u. including the $2, 3, 5. Cat is abt £95 in all 15 12
677 Virgin Islands Another s/card takes us to 1987/8 where you get the change of wmk set of 7 with 1987 imprint, SG 647/60 and 9 of the Officials, values to $5 between SGO16/34. All these stamps (where checked by us) are mint, lower mgnl, total cat. £40+ 8 6
678 Virgin Islands If you go for specialist interest at this period you might fancy the unusual inverted curved silver OFFICIAL opt. on $3 mauve SGO14a. This example is mint right mgnl. A happy accident? We reserve our views, cat. £110 25 unsold
679 Virgin Islands Two examples of the sexagenary 2½d, one on piece, showing fine strikes of A13 and A91 40 32 link
680 Virgin Islands Two covers to Cameron the Commissioner in the Turks Islands each with the JAMAICA/TRANSIT h/stamp. First is an OHMS cover of OC 22 99 with a pair of ½d virgin (SG43) the other with a vert. pair of the 1d value posted on 3 November 1899 but arriving on the same day as its partner 30 115
681 Virgin Islands A philatelic cover with some foxing went to Antigua bearing the ½d. 2½d, 4d, 6d, 7d, 1s of the 1899 set on AP 20 1903. The stamps are unaffected and cat. £75 u. off cover 30 unsold
682 Virgin Islands An underfranked cover addressed to just ‘Castries’ St Lucia is clearly philatelic, ½d green was affixed but in St Lucia it attracted a ‘T’ mark and a 2d yellow postage due label (No.10037) in June 1932 25 unsold
683 Virgin Islands War Stamps on inter-island registered mail on two covers: first to Nassau APR 3 1917 with 2x Leewards ½d green and 3x 1d WAR STAMP in pale red shade (SG78b); this is paired with an OHMS printed envelope from the Governor to Govt House, Antigua sent APR 25 1917 with 2x 1d (SG78b) and 3d (SG79a) – a fine cover 50 56
684 Virgin Islands Three covers previously unsold singly here are offered together to clear for a deceased member: first, a regd 1920 from Virgin Gorda, large part Montgomery Ward front from which address of sender has been excised at NW. A block, a pair, 2 singles of Leeward ½d used to pay carriage, capturing 3 luscious cds, very scarce in commercial use; second, a block of 3d War Stamp used with a dbl-ring cds of 4 OC 18 (SG79a) on a regd philatelic cover within Roadtown; thirdly, the KG6 $4.80 SG147 used on a Donald Steele cover. 48 40 link
685 Virgin Islands Two registered covers from Road Town to British Guiana; our first has a pair of 2½d bright blue (SG95) and went via New York in August 1927 as that was deemed quicker; from a year earlier a cover was 6d paid with Virgin 3d (SG96) and Leewards 3d (SG69), also routed via NY. 28 unsold
686 Virgin Islands Two George VI covers on a page; firstly ½d (SG110) underpaid to send a letter to Roger Wells in Montserrat and attracted a T mark in January 1940; second a registered airmail cover to Bessie Harper in Antigua franked with 2x 1/- (SG119a) so clearly overpaid. 18 15
687 Virgin Islands The quite scarce 1d PSE envelope with Virgin (140x78) addressed to Cameron c/o Lady Fremantle in London’s Sloane Square sent from Road Town AP 10 07, St Thomas transit d/stamp on reverse 50 65 link
British Post Offices Abroad British Post Offices Abroad
688 British Post Offices Abroad C86 of Porto Plato, Dominican Republic boldly struck at 9 o’clock on 1½d SGz3, cat. £110 28 unsold
689 British Post Offices Abroad Very fine F88 from Ponce, Porto Rico on 1s green plate 12, but you have to forgive scissor separation at left which removes all the perfs and at top where they are slightly trimmed SGz79, cat. £65 18 15
690 British Post Offices Abroad Fine C65 of Cartagena on plate 12 4d vermillion, the perfs are fine, the stamp has yellowed slightly, SGz29 cat. £60 18 16
691 British Post Offices Abroad Good HAVANA dbl-arc of SP 10 1846 to Huth in London, British packet double rate so 4s 6d – 7 Oct arrival date stamp 36 unsold link
692 British Post Offices Abroad The dbl-arc of LA GUAYRA is here in a brownish shade on outer to Huth in London JA ? 1848 with 3 Feb arrival date stamp, a little fragile 24 19
693 British Post Offices Abroad The clerk in Vera Cruz was struggling with the date plugs on the dbl-arc date stamp this March day of 1843, the ‘4’ in 1843 is inverted as is the date of the month, but why invert ‘65’? Another Huth outer to London at 4s 6d 36 unsold link
Philatelic Literature Philatelic Literature
694 Philatelic Literature Proud’s Postal History of British Guiana, clean copy with dust jacket 15 unsold
695 Philatelic Literature First Edition of Oliver’s Leeward Islands Noted for Philatelists, clean with dust jacket 15 unsold
696 Philatelic Literature The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company by Mike Rego – a Cockerill series booklet No.49 published 1987 8 16
697 Philatelic Literature The cachet ‘ex Charlton Henry’ is still one of quality some 60 years on; here we offer with p/r the 4 day sale by Harmer Rooke in April 1961, full of illustrations and covering our entire area – over 1,900 lots 30 24
698 Philatelic Literature The final portion of the Charlton Henry sale was sold by Harmer Rooke in December 1961, in pristine condn with p/r, just 1,300 lots! 25 32
699 Philatelic Literature In the late 1970’s Robson Lowe International held some sales in Bermuda, this is the 15.16 Feb 1979 sale headed BWI 1 with p/r, some loose sections 8 unsold
700 Philatelic Literature The W B Stitt sale of May 1970 by Robson Lowe also covered the whole BWI, here with p/r in fine condn 12 10
701 Philatelic Literature The ‘Hurlock’ collection of Barbados and Trinidad was the subject of this H R Harmer catalogue of June 1960, with p/r in very fine condn 15 12
702 Philatelic Literature June 1964 sale of BWI including specialised collections of Bahamas & Trinidad formed RPSL President T W Hall 8 7
703 Philatelic Literature Five years earlier in November 1959 Robson Lowe offered a BWI sale with the Lloyd collections of Barbados & St Vincent and the Reid Trinidad with p/r 12 11
704 Philatelic Literature A 2002 US publication ‘Identifying the Cancellations of Trinidad & Tobago by Larry Goldberg 8 8
705 Philatelic Literature 1 July 1993 Philips sale of Commonwealth but with significant BWI offerings, with p/r 8 6
706 Philatelic Literature 1985 Robson Lowe booklet entitled ‘The Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons’ – Part 1 Great Britain & Empire to 1960 8 6
707 Philatelic Literature The Marriott sale of Trinidad in 2001 was for many years the high water mark for Trinidad prices, so it is a shame we don’t have prices realised to include, but the catalogue is in good condition 6 5
708 Philatelic Literature Frank Deakin’s Barbados was offered by Harmers in April 2010, fine copy of the catalogue with p/r 12 10
709 Philatelic Literature Our final literature offering is Brian Brooks St-Kitts-Nevis sale of January 2018 as sold by Spink, no p/r but these are available on the website 10 unsold