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Lot Link Image Ex Country Description Est £ Real £
1 Anguilla Leewards KGV ½d and 2½d clearly used in ANGULLA VALLEY may not excite too much until you notice that the ½d is Die 1 and cancelled 3 AU 32 – checking the wmk though and it is MCA, so a late use of SG47 and not SG82 after all – oh well! 8 20
2 Anguilla A range of over 100 items, mint used and some covers. The mint is largely the 1967 second definitive series and subsequent commems, the covers include three philatelic covers with the 1967 Independence issues which now have a considerable catalogue value; and the used include a nice range of stamps cancelled in Anguilla from GV to Independence. You also get a registered packet receipt of 1968 from the Valley plus an unused Air Letter form overprinted INDEPENDENT ANGUILLA – an interesting lot, seemingly untouched for 20 years – with a new book coming out, just the time to start a new area 75 230
3 link ex Anguilla Between March 1969 and December 1970 Britain operated BFPO 1046 on Anguilla for forces sent following the island’s second declaration of independence. Here we offer five covers and two airmail letters with GB stamps cancelled with the Field Post Office date stamp, the air letters are to Hare and Sinclair Brown, hence philatelic correspondence; one of the covers to a Miss Murray would seem distinctly unphilatelic and the other three are to Post Roses in Waltham Cross 60 48
4 link Anguilla Also with FPO 1046 and dated 19 MR 70 is an OHMS envelope sent to the Royal Engineers Barracks in Maidstone and bearing the boxed ‘LAND FORCES/ANGUILLA’ hand stamp – sent post free 45 36
5 Anguilla Some 25 or so covers from the 1970’s largely from Anguilla Valley, but with some h/stamp interest, such as a large VALLEY AIR SERVICE, three items show the cancel of the Anguilla Post Office Travelling Branch – a good number are philatelic but Radio Montserrat material also present 25 120
Anguilla End of Country
Antigua Antigua
6 Antigua A pair of pkt entires to Whitehaven, England with fair to good strikes of the Antigua dbl arc: FE 10 1848 rated 2/-; JA 14 1851 for 1/- 35 32
7 link Antigua The envelope is quite grubby, but this decent strike of the Crowned Circle Paid at Antigua was applied 27 MY 60 – which on our records is the first recorded use after the Colony took over responsibility for the post when this env went to Whitehaven for 6d, a known correspondence 180 170
8 link Antigua GB 6d wing marginal tied to piece by clear A02, SGz5 cat. £180 60 48
9 Antigua Attractive incoming entire from Glasgow, sent JU 15 (18)72 and arrived JY 2 72, 1s green plate 5 (SG117) paid the fare 35 40
10 link Antigua 1884 1d carmine red in positional block of four with top sheet mgn and showing the two re-entries on posn 8 and 20 (c. Freeland & Jordan p.59) 45 36
11 link Antigua Stockcard featuring the DLR printings of the 1d and 6d largely wmk CC in a variety of shades and perfs, all used (one A18) – 5x 6d (Incl. pair) and 7x 1d condn. Gd to fine 30 24
12 Antigua 6d purple and drab SG36 fine used, Cat. £55 18 unsold
13 link Antigua Block of 12 from lower left corner of the sheet with plate no. 1 of the 2 ½d blue with MCA wmk, SG46, heavy gum toning, but perfs appear fine, cat, £38 each or £456 75 unsold
14 Antigua Blocks of four of the ½d and 1½d War stamp (SG52, 54) from the top rt of the sheet, with full mgns and the plate no. some perf splits, cat. £27+ 8 unsold
15 Antigua A used vertical strip of 5 of the ½d optd War Stamp (SG53) on small piece with full sheet mgns and both plate nos, is combined with a used block of four of the 1½d optd WAR STAMP also on piece (SG54) Cat. £25+ 10 unsold
16 link ex Antigua Complete sheets of 60 the 1916 ½d green optd War Stamp in black, and the 1917 issue in red; together with the 1½d optd War Stamp. Folded in half but otherwise seem in good condn (SG52-54) 60 unsold
17 link Antigua Old time page laid out to show the shades of the 1921-29 Script CA set in fine used condn SG62-80, 37 stamps in all, incl. the four higher values, cat. £300+ 75 unsold
18 Antigua A page featuring the 2d grey SG70 and the ‘Shifted Decoupage’ described in the Philatelist in February 1979, you get a normal and two singles (pmk 1925) featuring the shift as well as an example on cover to New York DE 19 24 with a violet ‘NOT FOUND’ h/stamp – the pmk’s suggest an error on the third printing 35 28
19 Antigua Diagonal line by turret on used example of the 1d SJ SG91f, cat. £140 35 unsold
20 link Antigua Silver Jubilee set m. but the 2½d shows the ‘dot to left of chapel’ variety SG93g, cat. £275 75 unsold
21 link Antigua The 1947 UPU Congress delegates folder in blue containing the KG6 set to 5/- and the victory pair 36 28
22 Antigua Page with 31 stamps – 20 QV ½d and 1d with manuscript dates between 1883 and 1890 – sub post-offices or fiscals? (the dates stop just before the Leewards federal stamp came in to use). Then you get 11 stamps with maritime markings, generally Paquebots but A91 on Arms ½d noted 20 16
23 Antigua Leewards used in Antigua – QV 6d cancelled A02, 13 stamps with cds (11 QV, 2 KE), 10 KE stamps used at St Johns plus a 1911 cover to England franked with 4x ¼d. 3 stamps cancelled at All Saints (2QV) and 3 QV cancelled at St Peter’s 30 30
24 Antigua G(REEN) BAY on Leeward ½d, die II, SG59 a little hard to read but we make the date AP 11 34 which is few months after the LKD given by Proud, though still before the office closed in 1936 50 40
25 Antigua Long printed envelope sent MY 24 99 ‘United States Consulate Sanitary Report’ on Antigua to the US Treasury back in Washington with pair of Leewards QV 2½d paying the fare 40 32
26 Antigua Two QV Leewards used in Antigua: 1d to Chipping Norton AP 9 02 and 2½d to Albany, NY NO 21 99 25 25
27 Antigua Two simple but attractive 1d usages: FE 26 08 to Bishop Auckland with 1d grey-black and red (SG32); radio card sent JA 23 36 to Amateur Radio, Manchester with SJ 1d (SG91) 20 20
28 Antigua OHMS mail sent free: two long envelopes to London from the Chief Registrar featuring the ‘Supreme Court Library’ departmental h/stamp sent 1909 and 1910 with Official Paid d/stamp; three smaller covers with the same Official Paid d/stamp from 1916, 1921 and 1927; final three from 1930, 1936 and 1937 show the Post Office/Crown/Antigua h/stamp – eight items in all 40 32
29 Antigua Three items of registered mail: MR 13 14 to USA with Leewards 1d and 2½d pair; NO 21 28 to USA with Leewards 5d and 1949 env. to Jamaica with full UPU set. Each registration lable or h/stamp different 20 29
30 Antigua Long regd St John’s Lodge stationery env addressed to ‘His Royal Highness The Duke of Connaught’ at London’s Trinity House sent MY 13 19 with three Leewards 1d red and War Stamp SG51; we combine with smaller env. to Leamington Spa that also seems commercial and sent a week or so late with just one Leewards 1d but the same War Stamp 35 28
31 link ex Antigua Six War Stamp covers here in various combinations and includes one OHMS env with 5 examples of SG 54 and one SG53; another has a block of four of SG 52; worth inspecting 60 unsold
32 Antigua An OHMS env to McFarlane with 3d grey-green and orange on front and ½d War Stamp on the back, sent JA 16 20 20 unsold
33 Antigua Post Office/Crown/Antigua cachet on OHMS regd cover JY 18 27 to Ontario, using 1d and 6d stamps (SG63,75) neat and commercial 20 unsold
34 link ex Antigua Seven covers from the first flights in September 1929: the first sent on 22 Sep on the southbound leg proudly proclaims that is was flown by Colonel Lindberg, who carried it to Trinidad before it went on by sea to Suffolk for 1s: the next three were carried in to Antigua on that flight and bear US stamps value 25c – one from San Juan date stamped 6 a.m. and the other two from St Thomas at 7 a.m. on 22 Sep all three have the purple First Flight San Juan to Paramaribo cachet. The final three covers were carried on the return leg on 26 Sep, two paid 9d and one 1s5d – all paid with Antigua stamps and two covers have the cachet ‘First Air Mail/Antigua to USA/September 1929’ even though one of those went to Sat Thomas, the third cover of these three is addressed to San Juan 70 75
35 link ex Antigua Moving on to1930 we offer four more airmail items: FE 26 30 to Brazil for 2s11½d (Leewards 2s, Antigua 1½d, 4d, 6d) with ‘Air Mail via Nyrbaline’ h/stamp – this one probably never flew (see Freeland &Jordan p.263); the second cover also date stamped FE 26 30 did fly by NYRBA as this is the incoming date stamp on a cover from Trinidad sent four days earlier on the northbound leg for 7d and has the ‘First Air Mail from Trinidad via NYRBALINE’ etiquette, on landing re-addressed to Dominica where it arrived on FE 28; the following month NYRBA did manage a southbound flight and this philatelic cover from Haiti to Dominica was carried by air as far as Antigua and bears the circular ‘PREMIER VOL/NYRBA; the final cover is addressed to Antigua from Montserrat and was date stamped JU 6 30 but never travelled by air until February 1931 that HMS Dorsetshire’s seaplane carried the mail to St Kitts 50 60
36 Antigua Slogan Cancel HS2 the boxed “You Should Visit/ANTIGUA/The Ideal Summer Resort” adds interest and value to this env. to New Malden franked with 4d grey-black and red on yellow (SG56) on MR 7 31 25 uns
37 link Antigua Special Flight DO-X Pan AM cachet on cover to NY with 2x Antigua 1½d is combined with Leewards 1d, 2 x 1½d and 5d, which is one way to spend 1s sent AU 20 31; combined with cover from St Peter’s with four strikes of the d/stamp on JY 22 32 and franked with tercentenary 2d and 1½d sent to Tacoma, so philatelic 50 70
38 Antigua Three Leewards used in Antigua covers: regd to New Zealand NO 17 31, with ½d, 2½d and 3d; Marshall cover with ½ d and 4d OC 28; philatelic cover from ST PETER’S sent OC 25 28 with 4d and 2x ¼d 25 40
39 Antigua Five items with various h/stamps: MR 19 1932 to USA with boxed ‘Tercentenary Year of Antigua (The Ideal Health Resort)’; JA 26 33 to USA with ‘Last Dat of Tercentenary Issue’; DE 31 35 to Trinidad with SJ1s and ‘Last Day of Jubilee Issue’; SP 26 29 cover with three strikes of ‘Not in the Air Mails’; finally cover to Chicgao AP 3028 with boxed ‘You Should Visit/ANTIGUA/ the Ideal Summer Resort’ with oval Post Office/Crown/Antigua on reverse. 30 unsold
40 Antigua C.N.S. Stationery Envelope sent by airmail to Pointe Claire, Quebec DE 28 32 fare 2s1½d paid with tercentenary 1½d and 1s pair 60 48
41 Antigua JA 16 33 regd cover to Kitchener, Ontario with Tercentenary ½d, 1½d, 2d and 2½d 36 28
42 Antigua Here we offer a Last Day Cover, the Tercentenary 2d, 2½d and 3d on regd cover to North Bay, Ontario sent JA 26 33 with h/stamped ‘LAST DAY OF/TERCENTENARY ISSUE’ 48 unsold
43 Antigua MAR 3 33 regd cover from Green Bay to a philatelic address in Tacoma, the 3½d franking made up of Tercentenary ½dx2 and 2½d much interest added by the R21 grey regn label of ANTIGUA/GREEN BAY see Freeland & Jordan p.251- this the EKD 30 52
44 Antigua KGV ½d and SJ1d were used at FALMOUTH to send this envelope to London NO 8 35 35 unsold
45 Antigua Four items from the KG6 reign: 1½d Coronation to Devon 1937; regd printed matter rate to NJ JU 28 49 with Leewards 2½ d and 3d; pair of 3d stamps on airmail cover to Los Angeles OC 20 27; Lady Nelsom pursers cachet on Canadian PSC card uprated with the Leewards 3d (blue) AU 26 49 10 8
46 Antigua Printed advertising envelope to Africa House, Bradford, Magenta POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS and NY Paquebot date of JUN 24 1938. The franking Antigua KG6 1d combines with Leewards KG6 ½d 20 16
47 Antigua We pair an envelope of the Governor’s stationery, and possibly initialled by him, sent in the 1940’s to Ohio for 3d, with and OHMS env sent registered to Washington DC for 1/9d with the oval ‘GENERAL POST OFFICE/date/ANTIGUA sent 2 SEP 41 15 12
48 Antigua Three items of censored mail: two bear the S1 dbl-ring h/stamp ‘ANTIGUA/PASSED BY CENSOR’ – one on June 1941 outgoing cover to USA for 1s1½d, the other incoming from USA JUN 26 1940; the third item was sent to Canada in May 1943 for 1s11d and was opened and resealed with the L7 resealing tape of Examiner B/235 35 28
49 link ex Antigua In September 1940 the US acquired two bases on Antigua and this lot of 15 covers will let you develop a collection covering the early war time uses through to a role as a NASA tracking station – see Freeland & Jordan pp.221-229 60 unsold
50 Antigua October 1944 censored cover to Barbados sent by airmail with Leewards KG6 ¼d pair and 2d, opened and resealed with Opened by Examiner L8 tape and with printed IB/524 25 20
51 Antigua Six paquebot covers with St Johns d/stamps. Merchant Ships cachets: ‘Lady Rodney’ 1949; ‘Fort Townshend’ 1931; ‘Student’ 1952; ‘Hanseatic’ 1963; ‘Oriana’ 1978 and 1980 (different cachets) 25 20
52 Antigua Four covers and a postcard each featuring the boxed ‘GIVE TO THE/PRINCESS ALICE/APPEAL’ all from 1955, two to the UK, two to the USA, one inland mail from Cedar Grove 15 unsold
53 Antigua Envelope with 25 covers and three postcards from Antigua, including three pre-war air mail letters and going up to early 1970’s including large ‘MISSENT TO ANTIGUA’ some slogan interest, but little or no village marks, all appear to be St John’s 30 52
54 Antigua 1d pink Leewards embossed PSE local use in Antigua NO 30 93 addressed to Revd P Bardels at Cedar Hall 20 25
55 link Antigua Antigua ½d Arms PS wrapper sent to Sir Charles Walpole in Chobham uprated with KEVII Leewards ½d sent MR 7 04 looks commercial 30 29
56 link Antigua Scarce small-size Antigua 1d badge p/s card SP 18 06 from St John’s to Mrs Shand, Queen’s House, Nevis via St Kitts 20 23
57 Antigua Arms 2½d PSE and 2d PSRE uprated by Arms 1d (SG32) and 2½d (SG46) to Germany look rather less commercial: the former sent JU 16 09, the later MR 20 08 20 16
58 link Antigua Late use of QV size G Leewards PSRE sent by the Postmaster, to the well-known PS collector A E Michael (who wrote ‘Roving the Stamp World’) sent MY 9 1921 with KGV 2d grey doing the uprating 30 24
59 Antigua 1924 GV 3d registered envelopes came in two sizes G and H2 – here you get size G in Specimen and used to Chicago 1925; for the H2 you also get a two Specimen examples (one a little foxed) and two unsused 50 unsold
60 Antigua Leewards KGV size H2 3d PSRE sent to Birmingham AP 23 29 the additional adhesive seems to have been removed 10 10
61 Antigua Unusual reply half of a GB PSC sent back to Rutherglen JA 31 36 with a message from the acting postmaster at St Johns and a fine strike of the oval GENERAL POST OFFICE/31 JAN 1936/ANTIGUA h/stamp 25 32
62 link ex Antigua QEII registered envelopes, you get three size G mint, one used to Sussex 1960; two size H mint, one used to California; four size K all mint. Our vendor had become interested in whether stamp duty has been embossed, which may add interest 75 unsold
63 link Antigua Two incoming postcards from the UK c.1914 that were taxed on arrival, one with hexagonal T10 the other manuscript 10 8
64 Antigua Early Jose Anjo b/w ppc with undivided back of St John’s Botanical Station No.2 sent to Minneapolis from St John’s AP 17 06 with a pair of the Leewards 1902 ½d 20 36
65 Antigua In our 2018 sale we offered over 80 blue and black and blue and orange (shilling values) of the QV fiscals, mostly mint and including a block of the 2d with current number. Some duplication, but to it our purchaser has added a further 35 examples, including 6d. 1s, 2s and 4s that show the current number 38 and 2d, 4d, 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s that show the plate no. 1, also a block of four of the 3d. Very attractive stamps and a lot that would be hard to duplicate 140 190
Antigua End of Country
Barbuda Barbuda
66 Barbuda 1922 Leewards 2½d with wmk inverted SG4w. cat. £38 20 16
67 link Barbuda 1981 Famous Women set SG546-549 printed in five colours by Format, here in an imperforate sheet with the four values and five colours – printers waste perhaps but you could say the same of earlier proofs 25 unsold
68 Barbuda Leewards used in Barbuda, a fine pair of 1d carmine with almost complete strike AU 31 25 and a single with lge pt MY 3 26 and further single AU 10 no year BARBUDA/BWI. Also a postal stationery 1d cut-out SE 15 30 and lastly 3d lge pt complete strike MY 27 29 – presumably SG69 – five attractive items 20 27
69 link Barbuda Page with two censored covers from Barbuda to the US: the first was sent DE 30 41 for 3d with a weak strike of S1 the ANTIGUA/Crown/PASSED BY CENSOR of note because it extends the date range by three months; the second, slightly damaged, cover was sent airmail for 6½d JY 27 42 from the Revd Brown on Barbuda opened and resealed by Examiner 4113 on Antigua with the L4B resealing tape 60 70
70 link Barbuda JA 19 42 cover to British Linen Bank in Glasgow, Antigua KG6 ½d pair and 2½d paying the surface rate; considerable interest is added by the dbl-circle WARDEN/Crown/BARBUDA on the reverse, which we don’t recall seeing before 60 48
71 Barbuda Five items with Barbuda connections: a Leewards 1d KGV PSC addressed to Huber in Persia JY 14 30 -sadly top rt corner missing affecting the indicia; a block of four of the Leewards ¼d on small env; incoming US FDC of the Bay State Tercentenary sent to Barbuda with the US 20c airmail stamp and then returned after Leewards 1s added and cancelled in Barbuda JY 28 30; 1929 first flight San Juan to Paramaibo service addressed to Barbuda; AU 30 1949 air letter sent to Kent with the six definitive stamps issued on 1 July 1949 25 30
Barbuda End of Country
Bahamas Bahamas
72 Bahamas Page featuring use of the ‘27’ killer used at GPO to cancel out-island mail arriving with one or more adhesives uncancelled. There are four 1d Chalons (perf. 12 and 3x perf. 14) and queen’s head 1d, 2½d pair, 2 singles, all blue, probably more alluring than the Chalons, stc c. £200 30 25
73 Bahamas Sun Life of Canada stationery envelope sent registered to Montreal in 1896 with a pair of 1d keyplate and 2½d, a neat cover even if the Bahamian cancel is obscure 15 12
74 Bahamas Three keyplate covers: the most desirable is the KEVII 6d (SG66) used to send this OHMS env to Hull 6 Jun 05; with it you get soiled env with QV 1d used JA 9 00 to take it to London and a pair of QV 2½d used to take an env. to Connecticut DE 27 98 35 unsold
75 Bahamas Two War Tax envelopes: registered envelope to NY with two blocks of four and a pair of the ½d War Tax (SG96) making up the 5d rate sent 21 Sep 18; 2x 1d and 3d War Tax (SG97/98) making up the same rate on long GPO OHMS env to Paris 22 May 19 25 unsold
76 Bahamas Three items of interisland mail: a KEVII PSC to Meister in Montserrat 4 Jan 1910; a registered Walter Hess env. to BG sent with 3d Peace 13 Apr 21, a month in transit, ex Freeland & Booth; a KGV2d PSRE to the Canal Zone with 2½d stamp sent 9 Feb 28, also ex Freeland & Booth 25 unsold
77 link Bahamas A Dr Hess cover using a Canadian 1c PSE and with 2c made up with Canadian stamps from three reigns, this clearly philatelic item sent to Nassau in October 1916 has interest added by the use of the Bahamas 5d Special Delivery stamp that was correctly added in Toronto – see note under SGS1, which tells us this must be the first printing -cat. £45x20! 120 160
78 Bahamas Neat 1d Imperial rate envelope sent 28 AP 28 to San Fernando, Trinidad and b/stamped on arrival – SG116 10 unsold
79 link Bahamas 1d red staircase PSE sent to Maine from Nassau 12 FE 29, additionally franked with US 5c Beacon cancelled by Miami duplex next day. Endorsed Air Mail from Miami and with a purple PAQUEBOT h/stamp and T1/12 in pencil. Thus sent prior to the start of the Bahamas airmail service later in 1929. In these early days mail could be paid with US stamps to pay the US Airmail fee – more often seen from Bermuda, scarce from the Bahamas 120 unsold
80 Bahamas Dr Hess First Flight cover from Nassau to Antigua 2 JA 30 the reverse is plastered with date stamps seems to have gone via Miami JAN 2 then San Juan JAN 4; St John’s JA 5; Barbuda JA 10; then returned via NY Feb 13 to Nassau 18 FEB. The stamps are a pair of ½d WAR TAX and 1s WAR TAX (SG102 and 104) – philatelic late use clearly, fine cachet 45 36
81 Bahamas Env. sent by Airmail to Dr Peachey in NY 3 FE 30 with 2x 1d tercentenary, 1d and 3d (black & brown) staircase; we pair with env to Cunard in NY with 1½d and 2½d pairs paying the passage 1 Jan 37 15 unsold
82 Bahamas Three envelopes with a nautical tie: small env to Curacao 2½d paid with mauve pursers cachet – ‘S.S. Evans/Mar 26 1935/Mailed at Sea’; env to Jamaica ‘Mailed at Sea/M.V. Maurienne’ with 1941 Jamaica Paquebot mark and 3½d postage; Nov 22 1949 Furness Bermuda Line stationery airmail envelope with purser’s h/stamp ‘M E V Queen of Bermuda/Posted on the High Seas’ and two 6d stamps paying for airmail 25 25
83 Bahamas KG6 2d grey and 8d Flamingo used to send this slogan cancelled env. to the Canal Zone MAR 22 1939 10 unsold
84 Bahamas A dozen KG6 covers from 1939 to 1949, various rates (mostly airmail) and destinations including one to South Africa and a correspondence to Panama, condition variable 25 unsold
85 Bahamas Four items with some censor interest: firstly 9 Dec 1942 env to Mass. With 3d Columbus and resealing tape of Examiner 4910; blank resealing tape used on env from HARBOUR ISLAND to NY in 1943 with strip of 3 1d Columbus; 1944 env. to llinois, 10d rate with EXAMINED BY 30895 resealing tape; finally circular ‘Passed By Naval Censor on 1944 US stationery env. to Louisiana 40 unsold
86 Bahamas Bulky lot of some 90 or so covers largely QEII period but with some fine outer island postmarks noted including Deep Creek, Dundas Town, Fox Hill, Grants Town, Hope Town, Knowles, Mackey Street, Mangrove Cay, Marsh Harbour, Turtle Cay, West End and more. Also British Eagle first flight covers, Missent to Bahamas etc etc. Value here 90 130
87 Bahamas 11 Used postal stationery, predominantly PSRE and seemingly commercial plus two used PSC – KEVII to QEII: EVII size G to Birmingham 1903; 5 KGV 2d size G; two KGV 2d + 1d; QEII 6d size G and one QEII 8c larger size (235 x 120mm) 85 70
88 link Bahamas 1d staircase PSE uprated by KGV ½d pair, 1d to go registered but unsealed to Hannover in August 1914 – had news not reached the Bahamas, amazingly it got through, via New York and has an arrival b/stamp of 24 8 14 – there is even a BPA certificate to support its genuineness 35 28
89 Bahamas Size G PSRE sent to Wraysbury, Bucks in May 1936 has a block of four of the 1d to pay its way which has plate no.2 and sheet number 0926 30 unsold
90 link Bahamas Size H PSRE sent to Sheffield 21 OC 25 with 2½d added for postage, has been opened and a commercial use we feel – there were five printings in this size 40 32
91 Bahamas The 8c QEII PSRE just larger than H2 (235 x 120mm) sent from MARSH HARBOUR to Salamon Bros, Nassau in 1975, with printed Marsh Harbour regn h/stamp 12 10
Bahamas End of Country
Barbados Barbados
92 link Barbados ½d deep green on blued paper, 4 clear margins and fine unused, SG2 cat. £150 50 52
93 link Barbados ½d (yellowish) green on white paper, 4 margins and large pt o.g, SG7 Cat. £550 100 80
94 link Barbados 1873 3d brown-purple SG63 full o.g. – perfs at left were aligned much too far rt, but the integrity of the stamp has been preserved and its character enhanced by meticulous separation 1½ mm farther left. On reverse perfs at top show v. minor staining at the very edge (not uncommon for this stamp) frontal appearance exudes a warm welcome, cat £325 65 52
95 link Barbados Neatly used example of the 5s dull rose SG64, centred right, cat. £300 60 unsold
96 link Barbados Four pence Britannia plate proof block of four from 1874 with neat even margins, attractive, Charles Freeland’s block fetched £120 plus buyers premium 90 85
97 link Barbados The DLR ½d green Britannia, perf 14, in mtd m. blk of four, SG72, cat. £104+ 50 44
98 Barbados It is slightly odd that SG list the QV keyplate Specimen’s as a set of five, it is certainly more common to find the three 1886 values together – 6d, 1s, 5s as here – the set catalogues £475 but we discount from pro-ration 105 unsold
99 link Barbados The 1912-16 set of 11 optd SPECIMEN all appear fine SG170s-180s, cat. £200 80 65
100 link Barbados We follow with the 1916-19 set of 11 similarly fine and optd SPECIMEN SG181s-191s, cat. £275 120 120
101 Barbados Th 1d bright red optd with both WAR TAX and SPECIMEN, SG197s, cat. £55 20 23
102 link Barbados The 1918 4d and 3s optd SPECIMEN equally fine, SG198s/199s cat. £130 60 48
103 link Barbados A 3/- imperf pair optd SPECIMEN of Printer’s samples from the Victory issue, Charles Freeland had a single perf and imperf which realised £270 hammer price 200 unsold
104 link Barbados Charles also had a plate proof block of four of the 1925-35 3d in blue with the r.h. sheet mgn, which realised £260 hammer price; here we offer a similar block of four with l.h. sheet mgn also on unwatermarked and ungummed paper 180 150
105 link Barbados Mint pair of the Victory ½d with full sht mgn with the numeral ‘I’ in the margin, identifying where on the sheet the variety missing ‘C’ of CA can be found, this pair apparently ex Besancon SG202b, cat. £450 100 80
106 link ex Barbados 33 examples on annotated pages of SG230-35 identifying various re-entries and varieties, almost all used 40 unsold
107 Barbados 1938 ½d green perf 13½x13 m. showing the ‘recut’ line variety SG248a, cat. £150 20 16
108 Barbados ½d green perf. 14 SG248b fine mint, cat. £70 20 unsold
109 link Barbados A full sheet of 120 of SG251 the 1938 2½d ultramarine. The sheet is numbered 2888 and has been folded into quarters, so has some perf splits. However, it also means you get three examples of SG251a ‘mark on central ornament’ from stamp 3 on the first three rows – these cat. £165 on their own plus the other 117 examples 65 unsold
110 Barbados 1941 3d brown perf 14 in m. block of four with full r.h. sht mgn and showing the vertical line over horse’s head variety on btm rt stamp, SG252ba, cat, £110 – variety unmounted mint. 40 52
111 link Barbados The same variety, also in m. block of four this time on the upper rt stamp but here on the April 1947 3d blue before it was corrected on the December 1947 printing, SG252ca, cat. £130 40 56
112 Barbados 1944 4d black m. single clearly showing the ‘scratched plate’ variety SG253dc, Cat. £180 30 25
113 Barbados Four relatively modern watermark varieties: 1c birds showing crown to right of CA (SG622w); a strip of five of the Birds $5 with inverted wmk (SG637w); the Carifesta 55c inverted wmk (SG680w) and Princess Diana 21st birthday $1.20 in a pair with inv. wmk (SG707 var – not in cat.) 20 unsold
114 Barbados 1974 Orchids 4c wmk to right of crown, 50c wmk reversed SG488w, 496w both mint the 50c from NW corner with full mgns 25 unsold
115 link Barbados The 1987 Scouting anniversary set was printed by Format, here we offer the 10c and $2 in imperf form 30 unsold
116 Barbados Attractive set of the 1934-47 set of postage dues in horiz. used pairs, cat. £64 SGD1-3 20 16
117 Barbados Or you may prefer the same set in vertical used pairs (the ½d and 1d are actually in strips of three) 24 unsold
118 Barbados In 1950 the postage dues went decimal, here we pair a used example of the 1950 1c green with the chalk surfaced variety issued a year later SGD4 and 4a, cat. £48 15 unsold
119 link Barbados A used block of 18 of the 1c postage due SG4a from the top three rows of the sheet with full magins top left and right and sheet No 209 in mgn 30 unsold
120 link Barbados The 1s black (SG35), the stamp centred up and left, on MY 26 69 outer to London, bootheel 1 cancels stamp and there is a London paid arrival d/stamp of 14 JU 69 to add interest, the markings are all well struck and there is only one light fold to detract 100 unsold
121 Barbados The Crowned Circle Paid at Barbadoes came back in to use for a short time in the 1890s. Here we have two examples, one on a wrapper and one on a newspaper fragment. The wrapper is paired with a date stamp of AP28 96 which conforms with the SG note under CC1 re a shortage of ¼d stamps. The date stamp on the Herald newspaper piece is frustrating AU 15 is clear but the year is not 90 unsold
122 Barbados Shortly before the First World War the RMPS produced a series of large advertising stamps promoting their tours, these can sometimes be found unused, but a used example intact and tied to the back of the cover by the receiving date stamps must be scarce. This pleasing example on the back of an envelope to Newbury with a 1d scarlet paying the imperial rate c.1913 40 unsold
123 Barbados 1d pink PSE to Leipzig, sent SP23 98 uprated with Jubilee 2½d on blued paper (SG128), philatelic, but the stamp cat. £45 as single 18 21
124 link Barbados Barbados issued Revenue stamps in 1916 by overprinting the current postage stamps here we offer three such stamps m. lightly hinged 2d grey opts ‘Revenue Only’, the 3d optd ‘Revenue’ and the 4d optd ‘Revenue’ in gold letters 45 36
125 Barbados The 2½d was overprinted ‘Revenue One Penny’ which gives rise to varieties, here we can off in m. lightly hinged three stamps, one optd in violet ink, one with the misprint ‘Penuy’ and one with lower sheet mgn with an upward shift in the opt, slight toning. 40 32
Barbados End of Country
Bermuda Bermuda
126 link Bermuda Incoming letter with fine strike in red of POST PAID SHIP/LETTER in dbl ring with Crown/30DE30/1823, red seal on reverse 40 40
127 link Bermuda Early PSC to TURKS ISLAND sent 13 April 1883 with the card stamped with ½d stone (SG19) and 1d rose. Hamilton d/stamp in blue AP 13; St Georges AP 17 and Turks Islands AP 21. Scarce inter-island card 140 unsold
128 Bermuda A triple rate, three coloured franking to Trinidad, manuscript Per SS Trinidad and via New York, sent from St Georges JA 24 1898 and arrived, via NY in P of Spain, FE 14. The ½ and 1d stamps are from the later CA shades but the 6d is SG7 from the CC issue – 7½d in all, the cover is somewhat grubby and has faults. 50 unsold
129 link Bermuda Boer War censored envelope sent from Hamilton NO 7 1901 at 1d Empire rate to the refugee camp at Kroonstad in the Orange River Colony- on the front is a fair strike of the double circle ‘Prisoners of War/Passed by Censor’ and a mark ‘N P R’ the meaning of which we know not, it arrived there on DE 16 01 105 85
130 Bermuda In December of a year that is hard to determine (c. 1910) this small envelope went from Hamilton to Wellington, New Zealand and then redirected to Christchurch – all for 1d – nice destination 15 12
131 Bermuda Four covers with KGV stamps: 6x 1d caravel rgd to NY 1934, 1½d FDC to Brisbane 14 Apr 36; 2½d to St Louis 1937 and 1940 6d airmail cover from PAGET to Canada 20 unsold
132 Bermuda Long PAA envelope with contents still included explaining why the sender was using the First Air Mail to go from Bermuda to Baltimore via Imperial Airways on 15 November 1937, postage 1s3d (SG103, 105) – a pioneer flight 50 unsold
133 link ex Bermuda Unusual items of postal stationery – a used Avis de Reception sent back to Bermuda from Montreal in 1938; an insured used Parcel Post receipt from 1941 and a parcel post customs declaration with the hand stamp of BAILEY’S Bay from 1974 50 70
134 Bermuda Group of eight KG6 covers including one airmail to Valparaiso, Chile and a rgd cover to New Zealand; you also get a 1938 FDC featuring the 1d, 1½d and 2d stamps to Boston where a US 10c has been added for Special Delivery, making it a combination cover 40 32
135 link ex Bermuda Three pages examining usages of the HALF PENNY on 1d (SG122): five covers in all, two single usages; registered cover from an RNVR officer to New Jersey with 15 examples, incl. a block of ten and censored and resealed with the red CL2 tape of censor 78; two village covers to USA in 1941 sent for 3d with a pair used with a 2d – one from PAGET and one from MANGROVE BAY 40 unsold
136 Bermuda PC 90 resealing tape type 6 or 6a on seven envelopes with six different pre-printed numbers of Examiners 8105, 8109, 8113, 8128, 8142, 8156, 8163 – one airmail item to Durham was taxed 420 centimes despite paying 1/9d 75 unsold
137 Bermuda Three items both censored and taxed: SOMERSET BRIDGE to Mass. 19 May 1941 opened and resealed with CL4 tape of Examiner 410 sent for 8d and taxed 140 centimes (28c in postage due applied on reverse); CL£ tape used to reseal env. to Montreal in November 41, posted for 7½d and taxed 150 centimes (30c postage due applied on front; incoming ppc from Staten Island sent Aug 30 1939 and censored with numbered circle 3 which could make it the EKD and certainly very early, as sent with 2c stamp taxed 10 centimes 60 unsold
138 Bermuda Five items with censorship interest: CM21 numbered circle of censor 23 on 1941 item; 1941 registered cover from Brussels to NY opened by Examiner 1683 but allowed to pass on (German resealing tape on back shows they also examined it); 1942 item from France to NY resealed with CM44 tape of examiner 594; Examiner 2002 tape with manuscript I C on 1943 item to Illinois; 1942 item passed by US Army Examiner 50 unsold
139 link Bermuda Fascinating envelope sent registered for 17Fr from a Prisoner of War camp in the Pyrenees on 26 9 41 to New York, it was intercepted and opened by Examiner 3701 who decided it should be held and not released until January 1946, suitable cachet’s plaster the cover and even on release it seems the addressee ‘CANNOT BE FOUND’ 35 unsold
140 Bermuda Two items of forces airmail from 1957/58 one sent at the full rate of 1/3 the other at the concessionary rate of 6d 10 unsold
141 Bermuda Three items of incoming mail: Apr 1899 from USA to Hamilton; 1941 airmail from UK to Pembroke with ‘patriotic’ Anti-Aircraft Gun label on reverse; 1943 from UK to RN officer hand stamped Via TRANSATLANTIC AIR MAIL 30 uns
142 link Bermuda Malaya is another unusual destination this KGV 2d PSRE was sent from Ireland Island, with printed regn label, 26 (MR?) 1917, KL arrival mark on reverse of uncertain date – apparently the only one known to Malaya, ex Forand 75 120
143 Bermuda Three used stampless ppc: one undivided SHOWING RMS Trent with ‘RECEIVED FROM HM SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED; one has been taxed and one a Paquebot 15 12
Bermuda End of Country
British Guiana British Guiana
144 link British Guiana Entire from Berbice to Ayrshire with clear dbl-arc BERBICE 2 JU 1844 on reverse, boxed Glasgow arrival cds 1 JUL 1844. The rate is 1s 2d and is one of the earliest examples of that rate introduced by a post office notice of May 1844. The contents mention leprosy 80 70
145 link British Guiana 10 Jan 1850 incoming letter from Edinburgh to Demerara with, most unusually both the Demerara and Berbice backstamps on the reverse and manuscript ‘Not Called for’ in red along with a no doubt rare and not quite decipherable instructional mark dated 3 Aug 1850 180 140
146 link British Guiana 1853 1c vermillion in strip of four from first stone (SG11) each cancelled with A5C (Sparta) 2 Nov 53 on small piece, it is unfortunate that the strip is torn but this is one of only two recorded off cover. Comes with Diena certificate and ex Nathan, Cat. £6,800 600 480
147 link British Guiana Horizontal pair of 1860 SG21 4c blue framed figures with the right cliché showing a significant downward shift relative to the other, With Simmermacher certificate 300 240
148 link British Guiana The 1876 8c rose and 96c bistre hand stamped SPECIMEN – the full set of 8 catalogues at £1,200 or £150 each – the 8c opt inverted 80 unsold
149 link British Guiana Faced with a vertical strip of three 1c magenta three masted ships makes you realise this is either the 5th or 7th printing of the 1882 provisional, it plates to the 5th – positions 2,4 and 6 of SG164 kindly used, cat. £90 30 24
150 British Guiana The 1c, 12c and 24c optd SPECIMEN from the 1913 MCA set, some gum toning on first two 20 16
151 link ex British Guiana This mainly mint collection of War Tax written up on pages represents a lot of 488 stamps untouched since John Davis sale in 2010, several complete panes with plate 1 and plate 2 and a good range of the possible varieties. 60 130
152 link British Guiana KG6 1c green used with A missing from Script CA wmk SG308ab – we are told “3 known” by a seller who keeps a better eye on the scoreboard than ourselves. If you begrudge paying for a stamp commanding cat. £1,200, please remember the thousands of hours spent by philhydrocipher enthusiasts in their unrewarded search for number 4 (or whatever) 220 unsold
153 British Guiana The QE11 48c features the Kaeiteur Waterfall, on Row 2 stamp 1 shows a constant and distinct blue flaw above the inscription. Here we offer used with a ‘normal’ for comparison – SG341 var. 18 15
154 link British Guiana The proving cover that ties the coded E 7 C to MAHAICONY, sent from Georgetown Railway Station 12 Jun 1863, 4c blue tied, ex Nathan 350 380
155 link British Guiana Envelope to London sent on the packet MY 23 1868 with 24c green SG80 paying fare 90 85
156 link British Guiana The Pursers cachet of ‘Antilles’ one of the French Compagnie Generale Transatlantique was applied in September 1933 to this cover originally addressed to a passenger on the ‘Lady Nelson’ in Port of Spain and franked with a St Lucia 2½d keyplate – however it was missent to British Guiana and received the twin circle ‘MISSENT TO BRITISH GUIANA’ mark Proud type I25 in use between 1932 and 1937. 75 150
157 link ex British Guiana COOMAKA QEII (5) – dropping down a level or two to COVE & JOHN – essentially a link between 2 pages with KG6 (2), QEII (7), CRABWOOD CREEK QEII (10) (from the early development that made it next stop Surinam) 45 44
158 link British Guiana 4 skeletal postmarks from ORINDUIK 20 27
159 link British Guiana 17 skeletal postmarks from PERENONG 30 31
British Guiana The next ten lots of postmarks appear untouched since sold off by Ted Proud in March 2001
160 British Guiana Three examples on singles of HOPE PLACER (T&H12a rated R) 20 22
161 link British Guiana POSTAL AGENCY No2 on cover to Derby, 4c paid, October 1936 (T & H VR) 60 48
162 link British Guiana POSTAL AGENCY No 18, Garraway Stream, on 1944 cover to Hollywood, 6c paid 40 48
163 link British Guiana The type 4 POSTAL AGENCY No 2(3) mark on censored 1944 local airmail cover to Georgetown 35 50
164 link British Guiana Three strikes of APAIGUA Postal Agency on this 1951 cover to Sheffield, most likely philatelic usage but this does appear to be the type 39 example in T&H on page 323 as 8 7 51 and ER is the rating 60 70
165 link British Guiana The type 2b agency mark POSTAL AGENCY No.12 on cover to Surrey’s Worcester Park 19 FE 52 25 38
166 link British Guiana To the same Surrey address we find ARUKA RIVER type 34a on cover in 1956, rated S by T & H 35 39
167 link British Guiana Another example of the type 2b agency mark POSTAL AGENCY No.12 on cover, this time to Georgetown in 1963 20 16
168 link British Guiana No stamps were affixed to this cover to Newton Abbot in Devon and so it was taxed 6d in 1960; but you do get two strikes of the POSTAL AGENCY No 17 date stamp with manually inserted year 20 30
169 link British Guiana The two types the type 35 UPPER EPING mark are shown here, see T & H page 319, firstly to Worcester Park in 1960 and secondly to Newton Abbot the following year – the second is rated VS 30 38
170 British Guiana In our ‘Lockdown’ auction of 2020 we offered a large number of postmark lots belonging to Simon Goldblatt. One section was mislaid and not offered at the time and comprises an album full of pages each individually priced by Simon to sell for £923. All periods through to Independence starting with GOOD HOPE and continuing through to NO.72 CORENTYNE. Amongst the more significant groupings we note: GREAT TROOLIE IS; HENRIETTA; H.M.P.S; ISSANO; KURUPUNG; KWAKWANI; LETHEM; MABARUMA; MALLALI; MARIABBA; NIGG – hundreds of stamps, majority KG6 or QE2 definitives 300 350
171 link ex British Guiana 4 pages from a collection of the 1 cent and 2c cent Inland Revenue on cover, 1c local rate within Georgetown, some staining, 3 examples of the 2c on cover with it you get a further page with 3 mint examples of SG192 where 2 was overprinted in red following misuse of the 72c 36 28
172 link ex British Guiana Seven covers and two Daily Chronicle wrappers featuring the One Cent on various dollar values. 2 of the covers are clearly philatelic as you get the complete set of four, but the others have a fair chance of being commercial use – a rare opportunity, despite the duplication 105 80
173 link ex British Guiana No fewer than 27 covers in this clearance lot on vario pages featuring the George V definitives on cover – 7 are on the 2c purple PSE variously uprated and there is one 6c PSRE to Montgomery Ward in 1933 from Carmichael St; also featured are an attractive 1c printed matter rate to the USA, a postcard, local rates and overseas destinations including Newfoundland, Germany, Holland and India – a bargain at 90 140
174 British Guiana 8 OC 43 censored cover to Argentina sent with 48c yellow. Opened and resealed with the scarce PC90 label of Examiner II 8 40 32
175 link ex British Guiana 7 pages with 16 covers featuring mail from BFPO’s in BG. Troops were sent in October 1953 FPO616 was one of the first set up but you also get FPO955, FPO154 and FPO243 – mail up to 1954 to 1966 80 65
176 British Guiana A bulk lot of c55 regular covers from the early QEII period with a good variety of different ‘village’ cancels. Most appear commercial and there is some postage rate interest too – we can’t guarantee they are all different but this appears to be largely the case 30 52
177 British Guiana Two QEII covers, one long (1956 airmail 36c), one short (registered 1957 14c) both damaged in transit and resealed with the UK G crown R P144B resealing tape - unusual 8 6
178 link British Guiana When T&H (Page 177) say ‘presumably exists’ we take it to mean scarce! Here we offer unused PSRE with printers name type 2a we offer size G, H and K. The flap on the size H has become slightly stuck down inducing a minor tear. Although there are slight signs of ageing after 140 years, the K is almost fine. 75 unsold
179 link British Guiana The printer type 3 ‘THOS. DE LA RUE & CO. PATENT’ is found on this 1892 locally used size G registration envelope from Clonbrook to Georgetown, uprated by 4c, embossed registration on reverse damaged 30 24
180 British Guiana Local 1 JA 1895 PSRE size G from Skeldon to Georgetown, 2c uprated 12 unsold
181 link British Guiana 1880 2c postal stationery card to Liverpool is made a spectacular item by the octagonal French Packet mark DEMERARI/ 5 JANV ‘08’/ PAQ.C no 1- the year has been inverted 150 380
182 link British Guiana Seven QV size G used PSRE, only the first from Anna Regina to Georgetown 1896 has the flap on the back. 1898 to London, two 1899 one with Nieuw Nickerie d/stamp, one from Suddie to Georgetown; then three from 1900 all to England including from Tuschen and one with the Massaruni Steamer TPO type 3, seemingly a year later than T & H on page 380 70 56
183 British Guiana Five examples of the size G used 4c PSRE the earliest to London 1905 with Registration GPO d/stamp type 5; 1915 to Georgetown with TPO Dem. River; 1917 from Wales, Demerara, then 1921 and 1923 25 28
184 link British Guiana Three examples of the size G used 6c PSRE, 1925 to USA from De Kinderen (s rated per T & H p 315) and two 1926 envelopes to England one from Buxton 20 30
185 British Guiana Moving on to PSE we offer 6 used examples of the 1c green, the earliest from JU 10 1896 is marked circular and sent to SINGAPORE, Straits settlements; then 5 May 1899 local; AP 10 01 to Germany uprated; 6 MY (0)2 fine Plaisance pmk on reverse; 21 AU 05 Suddie to Berbice; lastly and with damage to right a 1906 env with Southampton Packet Letter d/stamp 30 24
186 link ex British Guiana No less than 16 examples of the 2c rose PSE used showing a number of printings. 1896; 1897; 1898 from Anna Regina; three from 1903 incl, Vreed en Hope and Suddie; two from 1904 from Belfield and Enmore; two from 1905, very fine Potaro and Tuschen; 1909 uprated to NY; 1910 Berbice Railway; three sent 1921 with fine Norawhanna, Arakara, Wismar; finally 1923 to CUBA, uprated by 4c 50 80
187 link ex British Guiana The 2c purple PSE followed the rose and here we offer 9 examples used from the 1920’s – 4 from 1923 incl Naamryck to LA, Arakara, Aurora and Potaro (this to Holland); two 1924 also to Holland with (Suddie?) Steamer cancel, the other to LA with Too Late; 1926 from Tumatumari; 2917 sent registered; lastly 1928 to Holland from Mazaruni 45 90
188 link ex British Guiana Five of the 5c PSE used intended for overseas use: firstly 1896 to London; three from 1897. The first of which is to INDIA from Enmore with piece about the Venezuela dispute, Tuschen de Vrienden to Montreal, Whim to FUNCHAL, where it has been taxed; finally 1898 to London from Fellowship 75 85
189 link British Guiana A different form of stationery here OHMS Telegram form with fine Carmichael St cds to Georgetown 23 Dec 1918 35 125
190 link British Guiana Cut down 1935 2c brown newspaper wrapper sent to Cape Province South Africa 7 AP 37 25 unsold
191 link British Guiana The 4c bright blue postage due in marginal block of 6, which includes the ‘St Edward’s Crown’ variety bottom left – SGD3b, cat. £160 plus a premium for a positional piece 50 40
192 link British Guiana Two copies of the 1c slate optd OFFICIAL (SGO6) with neat four leaf clover cork cancel, cat. £130 32 26
193 British Guiana Attractive “Valchrome” unused ppc of ‘Water Lily, Botanic Gardens’ 6 5
194 British Guiana A pair of attractive hand coloured Columbian produced ppc with undivided backs from BG to Scotland showing aspects of the Panama canal works, one of the Culebra Cut and the other the Pacific entrance 1910/11, each posted for 2c 10 17
195 British Guiana Pair of cards from BG to France, the first is fine and shows a view of the Waraputa falls was sent in 1903 cancelled ‘CAYENNE A FORT DE FRANCE L.C.’; the second is rather battered and was sent to Lille a decade later but with the same cancellaation, but no adhesive 20 31
196 link British Guiana Thirteen used ppc’s with undivided backs, two, incl. one to Australia from Plaisance has the stamp removed, one is incoming from Jamaica and the one with the most postmark interest show the TPO RAILWAY W.C. on a 1905 card to Scotland, three have received tax marks as sent to UK for 1c and not 2c. Includes one card to ALGIERS 30 70
197 link ex British Guiana We pair three cards published by Bookers with two published by the Argosy, all coloured , the most interesting pmk UITVLUGT. Two are to France and one to Canada up to 1921 15 24
198 link British Guiana Fascinating 1916 card from someone on active service in France (with FPO d/stamp) to Anna Regina saying “Thanks for the cigs” which were apparently supplied by the BG Tobacco Fund 50 80
199 British Guiana Don’t know where to start with BG postcards? Well the Study Circle published a book on them back in 2005, buy this lot and the book and a new world will open up. Here you get a dozen cards, used from various publishers, three incoming (including interesting view of the Crystal Palace), mostly pre WWI, more interesting destinations - Portugal and Morocco, more interesting pmks, East Coast Railway and Plaisance 25 29
British Guiana End of Country
Guyana Guyana
200 Guyana In 2016 the Guyana post office issued a series of postcards of her post offices, here we offer almost 50 different in a ziplock bag that would make a fine addition to a postmark collection 25 34
Guyana End of Country
British Honduras British Honduras
201 link British Honduras 1d blue, 2 each of QV no wmk, CC, and CA with shades varying between each pair, though we’d agree with SG in not finding enough shade difference to distinguish the two CA. All are m., unusually lge pt o.g., the CC are one of each perf cat. abt £500 75 unsold
202 link British Honduras The scarce inverted wmk variety of the 2c on 6d rose, perf 14 SG25w neatly used and cat. £650 150 190
203 link British Honduras QV local 3c/3d chestnut SG26 fine pt o.g. introduces us to a variety recorded by Robson Lowe, not yet on our own files. It is a disembowelled ‘N’ of CENTS that would make any broken M in Specimen cringe into insignificance. Do you think you can find it perf 12½ too? Let’s start looking. Cat £110 – add you own pluses, foxspot 50 unsold
204 link British Honduras The 1888 2, 10, 20c surcharged, and the TWO on 50c in similar condition SG27/9, 35 cat. £175 45 unsold
205 British Honduras The 7 London surcharges SG36-42, fine m. as above cat. £85 25 unsold
206 link British Honduras Imperf 1c QV colour trial in green with duty plate in red 80 85
207 link British Honduras Similar 1c QV imperf colour trial in green, duty plate purple 80 85
208 link British Honduras 1891-1901 set of 14 to $2 with an extra 24c shade, cat. abt £350 all m. as above, small fox spot on $2 75 unsold
209 link British Honduras All used s/card of key-plates between SG51-68b comprising the listed defins to 24c (two shades) then 50c, $2 the green only slightly misted and Revenue 5, 10, 25c each with 11 and 12mm opts, cat. abt £620, all with healthy pmks assembled one by one 105 85
210 link British Honduras KEVII 10c imperf colour trial in purple with duty plate in red-brown 80 85
211 link British Honduras KEVII 10c imperf colour trial in purple with duty plate in orange 80 85
212 link British Honduras Two 1902 sets optd SPECIMEN SG80s/83s, one optd ULTRAMAR in addition, cat. £160 40 unsold
213 link British Honduras Five of the six stamps of the 1907 definitives opted both SPECIMEN and ULTRAMAR so SG87s/92s missing the $5 and with the green showing signs of fading on the higher values – full set cat. £250 25 unsold
214 link British Honduras Page with the KE issues to $1, vertically matched m. and u. format on the album page. We make cat. tot up to about £570, the $1u. has given away a bit, by no means all of its doubly fugitive green – in the rest we see nothing to criticise 95 unsold
215 link British Honduras Our 1913 ‘set’ of SPECIMEN opts SG101s/110s is missing the 1c and 3c and the 2c is missing a corner, full set cat. £275, so we discount 50 40
216 link British Honduras Likewise our unused ‘set’ of the 1913 MCA definitives is missing the 3c, but you do get a 1c with plate no.1 as compensation – cat. £400 fine 75 unsold
217 link British Honduras The $2 SG109 in two unused pairs from the top rt corner of the sheet to show plate no.1 and plate no.2 the gum is a little agreed and the odd perf reinforcement but a nicely matched pair of pairs, cat. £360 80 unsold
218 British Honduras Full strip of 5 of the 3c stamp of the battle of St Georges key SG167. The blue centre shows a progressive upward shift across the strip from near normal at left to extending above the brown frame line at right 30 unsold
219 link British Honduras The 1962 bird set to 25c (8 values – SG202-209) in imprint blocks of 4 from the bottom right corner of the sheet, together with the 5 values of the new capital set in similar imprint blocks (SG230-234) cat. £114 25 uns
220 British Honduras A complete sheet of 25 of the ½c (SG277) in five colours by De La Rue with full sheet margins of interest to show more modern colour printing 12 unsold
221 link British Honduras On this half page of Dues you’ll find the 1923 set of three in used singles and in blocks of four and the 2c on chalky paper. Unused you get the two sets and a snow-white example of 1c SGD1c, producing cat. of £187. We treat the blocks as philatelic not deserving of premium. Disagree by all means 45 uns
222 link British Honduras A New River Service page most of the 19 E7 2c stamps date from the brief period after the fire (1909 at the GPO, when the c.d.s. was brought in) for use at Head Office. Just one single reflects actual river service, but so does a splendid colour ppc to NY, battle ship Louisiana and sailors on, we suspect, make-and-mend both pictured, also a curious on 3c War Stamp, for which and further info see Proud p255 – ex Proud 50 unsold
223 British Honduras Stockcard of pmk interest to about 1906-1932 three COROZAL, three SAN ESTEVAN and one STANN CREEK also one RADIO STATION, all on singles 10 unsold
224 link British Honduras A yellow envelope carried privately, possibly free of charge from Belize to NY Jan 3 1864 with NY Ship Letter FEB 64 arrival. Well presented on page with write up on the rivalry between the merchants seeking a New Orleans routing and the government who wanted to use the Jamaica and Cuba routing 36 unsold
225 link British Honduras Pair of covers featuring SG49 the FIVE on 3 cents – firstly a vertical strip of three making up the 15c rate on largish envelope to Berlin with printed address JA 12 98 – quite possible this was 1½ oz; then a pair paying 5c postage and 5c registration to Winnipeg 3 Dec 1897 35 48
226 British Honduras Most unusual Guatemala 3 centavos PSC incoming to Belize with d/stamp FE 13 91, with message showing this was a commercial use 18 unsold
227 British Honduras 7 Aug 1891 cover from Belize to Hamburg, via New Orleans and London, 6c SG56 paid the fare 12 20
228 British Honduras Neat envelope sent registered to Birmingham 14 Dec 1893, 12c SG59 paying the way 18 20
229 link ex British Honduras Neat pair of covers attractively written up on pages at 2c rate after the introduction of the Empire rate, first with pair of 1c green SG51 23 MY 02 to Westminster, the second with a 2c carmine to Montreal JA 13 99 20 21
230 British Honduras You can contrast with these two 5c covers on similarly written up pages to the US. Firstly 1c and 2x 2c sent JA 13 99, secondly the second 5c (SG55) on its own DE 16 01 25 20
231 link British Honduras We are used to seeing covers to Myerscough plastered with low denomination stamps, but this cover is to a Doctor of Philosophy in Berne, Switzerland with 10c 1c green SG 51 sent 11 Oct 1903 40 unsold
232 link ex British Honduras Still with keyplate covers on neatly written up pages we offer two at the 15c rate to the US – firstly 3x 5c (SG54) JA 10 96 to Akron, Ohio with K65 killer – (1½ oz?); secondly to Chicago with 3c and 12c (SG53 & 59) and sent Jun 22 1900 - it arrived five days later with a h/stamp on the reverse – ‘MAIL DELAYED TRAIN LATE’ 60 70
233 British Honduras The last written up on these type pages are two 1896 covers to Livingston, Guatemala at the 5c rate (SG54) showing the K65 killer intended for overseas mail and different Belize d/stamps – one cover appears reduced at left 35 unsold
234 British Honduras April 4 1902 envelope sent registered via New Orleans to Berlin, Ontario – cost 13c made up of 1c, 2c and 2x5c – SG51,52, 55 25 20
235 link British Honduras SIERRA LEONE is not a common destination from Belize, this 2c (SG52) used the Empire rate to write to the Collector of Customs in Freetown on 14 June 1901, and it took a month to get there 35 28
236 link ex British Honduras The GREAT WHITE FLEET, last years auction featured a couple of lots of covers carried by the United Fruit Company’s vessels, this year we offer some 14 covers carried this way with a variety of pursers cancels including for CHOLUTECA, METAPAN, TIVIVES and ULUA 70 56
237 British Honduras 4c slate SG123 on 1927 cover to Guildford with fine slogan ‘BUY BRITISH GOODS/AND GET THE BEST’ 12 unsold
238 British Honduras Attractive US5c airmail envelope from Marcus White in Honduras to his wife in Worcester, Mass. No stamps were available in Honduras on a Sunday and mailed by a friend in BH with 29c postage added, three fine strikes of Radio Station Belize BH cancelled them 16 FEB 1930 30 32
239 link British Honduras 1942 registered airmail cover from CAYO to the Canal Zone with Cayo regn label, fare 61c, canal zone censor resealing tape 60 unsold
240 link British Honduras It cost 5c less (56c) to send this airmail env to Colon in Panama also in 1942 the front has two scarce h/stamps ‘ENGLISH LANGUAGE’ and a large ‘RELEASED BY CENSOR’ – not listed by Burrows or Miller 100 uns
241 British Honduras Still in 1942 this airmail envelope to Costa Rica cost 36c to send and was opened and resealed in San Jose, with Costa Rican tape. 30 unsold
242 British Honduras 1948 envelope to Cartagena, Columbia franked at 46c most unusual 20 unsold
243 link ex British Honduras 16 items on pages featuring forces mail of various types including FPO strikes for FPO188 and 293 – 1950’s to 1970’s 75 unsold
244 British Honduras 3c brown registered envelope sent from COROZAL JU 1 27 to New York, uprated by 4c slate SG123, Printed Corozal regn label 20 unsold
245 British Honduras Five George VI PSC addressed to Rev. Laszlo Borbay in Delhi, Ontario with no message but with the village cancels of MULLINS RIVER, BOOM, MASCALI, ROCKSTONE POND and GALES POINT 25 unsold
246 British Honduras On a QEII 2c PSC two striking strikes of GALLON JUG P.O. to Belize City, again no message, manually dated 30/12/63 10 8
247 link British Honduras QEII H2 size 4c PSRE commercially used 25 MR 72 from ORANGE WALK TOWN with rectangular rubber regn no, uprated 30c to Belize City 45 unsold
248 link British Honduras 1899 Deed with 11 examples of the QV 25c optd Revenue and cancelled in manuscript, the one at the bottom right shows the BEVENUE variety (SG68a), explanatory page included 80 65
249 British Honduras Those present at the Vestey sale will recall the splendid Frank Godden DELUXE albums in which the collection was housed. Here we can offer the British Honduras pair suitably tooled in gold on the spine. 60 48
British Honduras End of Country
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
250 link Cayman Islands KE7 CA and MCA ½d, 2½d, 6d, 1/-, SG3, 5-8, 10-12, all of a good colour nicely centred m. cat. £185 45 36
251 link Cayman Islands The 1907 new values, colour changes and ½d on 1d, SG13-17, cat. £360 fresh m. 90 unsold
252 link Cayman Islands The 1935 pictorial set to 5/- fine used, SG96-106 cat. £100 30 unsold
253 Cayman Islands Flown cover to Tampa Florida sent FE 17 44 for 11d attracted the censor’s attention and was resealed with the Jamaica type L8 tape and the boxed 41 hand stamp of the Cayman sub-station, written up on page 35 28
254 link Cayman Islands An EVII 1d carmine pair on small piece showing a fine full strike of boxed EAST END/Grand Cayman/RURAL/Post Collection 60 unsold
255 link Cayman Islands Two copies of the ¼d brown (SG38) which can be paired to almost make up the boxed EAST END/Grand Cayman/RURAL/Post Collection 40 unsold
256 Cayman Islands The boxed EAST END/Grand Cayman/RURAL/Post Collection is rather smudged though largely complete on this KGV ½d green 30 unsold
257 link Cayman Islands In Georgetown the RURAL POST/COLLECTION/GRAND CAYMAN was applied to rural letters – on this pair of 1908 ¼d stamps you only miss the leading ‘R’ and ‘C’ 40 unsold
Cayman Islands End of Country
Cuba Cuba
258 Cuba Fine strike of the fancy HABANA/FRANCO mark on 1840 entire to Madrid with red Al 8/ 6 date stamp on reverse, typical of the period 15 12
259 Cuba Two entires to France carried by British packet with Colonies & Art 13, both rated 90 decimes due on arrival, one to Bordeaux has good strike of St Jago de Cuba dbl arc on reverse 24 JU 1847; the second to Paris has the Havana dbl arc JA 11 1852 30 24
260 link Cuba 23 February 1855 entire sent by steamer from Havana to Bordeaux via New York, agent’s green h/stamp on front and NY agent in red on reverse add colour; the French the “Etats-Unis Paq. Am. /A Calais B’ (Salles p. 285) adds a little value; the red NEW YORK/PACKET date stamp also adds to the overall impression 30 24
261 link Cuba Pair of covers from Cuba to France showing fine examples of the anglo-french accounting marks. Firstly a cover of 23 Jul 1863 with the rectangular GB 1FR60c and then and October 1870 with the ‘open letter’ GB 2F mark, good pair 50 40
262 Cuba Cover with 5c on 5c dull lavender with La Propaganda Literia surcharge (SG115) tied by Santiago da Cuba cds 24 SEP 1883 going to Pennsylvania; paired with it the unsurcharged 5c (SG100) with a firms cachet La Propaganda Literia – Imprenta-Liberia-Papeleria O’Reilly sent to NY 20 unsold
263 Cuba Entire with 1882 10c olive bistre (SG101) tied by Havana cancel and sent to Spain in 1882 J Rafecas forwarding cachet 20 unsold
264 Cuba 4c claret ‘babyhead’ PSC to Leipzig, 1892, one corner slightly damaged 12 unsold
265 Cuba 1930 first flight cover, one of 300 flown on the Havana-Santiago de Cuba leg of the first national flight, 10c on 25c air surcharge stamp paid fare, flight cachet in green 15 unsold
Cuba End of Country
Danish West Indies Danish West Indies
266 Danish West Indies Pair of covers: first addressed to Rothschilds in London is just the outer with a rating of 2/10 and London arrival of 5 November 1842, no St Thomas markings though our vendor considered that the source which would make it carried by the Tweed, manuscript note sent 26th September; our second is to Copenhagen and has a clear St Thomas dbl ring of JY 14 1846 on the reverse and a rating of 3/9(?), manuscript by mail steamer and via Hamburg and Danish red 59; Danish PO in Hamburg marks on the back 25 48
267 Danish West Indies Stampless 1869 cover to Bordeaux with forwarding agents h/stamp of John Newton & Co, St Thomas and d/stamp of the French Ligne B, 27 Feb 69. This paired with 1891 env. to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia with 2x 5 cents (SG19 pair), which was apparently insufficient, tax mark applied 60 unsold
268 link Danish West Indies C51 cancels this 1s green at St Thomas NO 28 71 on packet entire to London 35 42
269 Danish West Indies GB 1½d PSC card sent to Colonial Bank St Thomas, unusual and fine 12 14
270 Danish West Indies Colourful ‘Souvenir of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands ‘ America’s Caribbean Playground’ gives 16 postcard style views of the island, but these are not postcards as the eight that fold out are printed on both sides. Post war - judging by the incongruous Trinidad 12c stamp. 18 unsold
Danish West Indies End of Country
Dominica Dominica
271 link Dominica The ‘malformed’ CE in the value tablet of the 4d grey, SG24a kindly used so the killer does not approach the flaw. Cat. £300 90 75
272 Dominica Fine mint Roseau set of 10 with CC wmk – SG 27-36 cat. £250 60 48
273 Dominica A similar set of ten with the MCA wmk SG 37-46 cat. £200 50 40
274 Dominica The Roseau set on Script paper only comprises eight values, but was short-lived also in fine m. cond. SG62-70, cat. £100 25 20
275 Dominica A fine assembly of the KG6 definitives in mint condn on four stockcards gives you a chance to examine the printings, you get 4x 2s 6s, 3x 5s and 2x 10s. For the decimal issue you effectively have four mint sets.- cat. £400+ 60 unsold
276 link Dominica The 1947 UPU Congress delegates folder in blue containing the KG6 set to 5/- and the victory pair, some scuffing 32 26
277 Dominica A collection on 8 pages from QV to 1951. SG1 (fine) and 2 (average) unused, SG3 used some 30 other Victorian stamps; the Roseau view issue is represented by 50 stamps including four different 2s 6d, but no 5s; 30+ King and seal including 2s 6d and 4s, KG6 sterling defins to 10s unused or used and the 1951 seems complete unused. Catalogue over £1,000 120 unsold
278 Dominica The m/s “Ports”, here 2/10/ quite likely ‘8’, appears on numerous QV values, but on One Penny on 1/- magenta, as here, is one of our favourites 35 50
279 link ex Dominica Three pages of the 1d opts on Leewards stamps used in Dominica, SG17-19; 24 stamps in all including two covers and a spectacular strip of six with the ‘tall narrow O’ featured twice, which makes it the fifth row in the sheet (two pairs of SG18a cat. £300 on their own). The offering includes the set of three on cover to Nevis SP 3 02 and a rather more interesting single example SG17 used on a local letter AU 22 02 150 170
280 Dominica Leewards used in Dominica, 19 stamps in all: ten show the 21mm cds, all bar one QV; three show A07, five Roseau and a QV 2½d cancelled at (COUL)IBISTRIE – a single 1d QV realised £56 in last year’s sale 45 56
281 link Dominica The next eight lots show Dominica village cancels on single Leeward stamps, first up an almost complete strike of COULIBISTR(IE) JU 10 03 on KE 1d, SG21 50 65
282 Dominica (CO)LIHAUT is a tad unclear on this KE ½d SG20 with JY 11 02 12 15
283 Dominica DELI(CES) on QV 1d, SG2 strike AP 10 02 18 25
284 Dominica Then LAPL(AINE) on QV ½d, SG1 OC ?? 0? 40 48
285 link Dominica Virtually complete but a tad faint (L)APLAINE on QV 1d, SG2 DE 19 00 50 64
286 Dominica (ST) JOSEPH on KE 2½d SG23 date ?? 10 11 40 unsold
287 Dominica SOUF(RIER)E on KE 1d, SG21 2 MR 11 20 16
288 Dominica (W)ESLEY on QV 1d OC 3 01 20 uns
289 Dominica When you associate Dominica pmks with Leeward I., bear in mind that Dominica reverted to Windward at the end of 1939. We have KG5, Leeward (3) with Barbados Posted on Board and 15 more appear on the domestic issues to which you can add as maritime, one Paquebot, one Trinidad and the “Posted at sea/ Received St John’s”, 3 o’clock on 1½d / 2½d orange, two KG6 among forgoing. Last page of domestics includes 5 earlier Portsmouth, with 2d, 3d same on War Tax, 3 king’s head/badge and a decent ROSALIE on early landscape 30 24
290 Dominica In 1883 a front with a postal fiscal 1d can only hold SGR1 which, in spite of its real rarity unused is rated a little lower than R4 on cover, but still from £120. The example here went to “Mrs Small, Eden”, a very clear cds on the front, its year ’83 much more heavily struck than the rest. There are signs of glue around the edges of the stamp, probably used to produce adhesion when attached, as the stamp is convincingly tied. This does not, to ourselves have any flavour of a sending by favour, in contrast to other covers we have seen, and we treat it as a private correspondence, and a small stained area at NE of stamp is consistent with glueing. Rare 35 36
291 Dominica Harking back to an original landscape CC (or perhaps the MCA successor, the 1910 1/- black/green, the 1½d and 3d War Tax and the 1½d / 2½d orange, went on a cover from Portsmouth regd. to Vienna, without regard to the actual postage required for the journey, so far as we can see. By today the recipient would probably have got much better value from 1/7 spent on the landscape script issue, but what does anyone know today of values 90-odd years ahead? Anyway this 1925 cover is busy but decorative 5 unsold
292 Dominica Mixed group with Dominica connection to clear: incoming from GB with 1d lilac, Dec 00; front to Philadelphia 1902 with Leewards ½d and 2x 1d affixed marked ‘per Fontabelle”; 1933 2½d ultramarine to Atlanta; long 1938 cover to Detroit at 5½d; 1950 cover to New York at 3½d; UPU set on FDC to Gayle, Jamaica; Peco ppc of ‘loading bananas at Port Morant, Jamaica sent to Chipping Norton from Roseau in 1934 with Leewards 1d, slightly marred by a punchhole. 25 20
293 Dominica Four covers sent via Antigua: to Canada OC 35 with full SJ set plus 3d all cancelled with some ort of ‘dumb’ device – on arrival in Antigua the full Antigua SJ set was added on the back with additional 1d and 3d, these are all cancelled with a d/stamp; the other three covers are to the US sent airmail for 1s 2d in February 1943 all opened and resealed by different examiners (1785, 4071, 14556 – each bear the AIR MAIL via ANTIGUA h/stamp 40 unsold
294 link Dominica When Dominica separated from the Leeward Islands Colony at the end of 1939 the Federal stamps were immediately invalidated. This Roger Wells cover from Castle Bruce was sent to Grimsby on JA 11 40 with Leewards KG6 2d and 2½d paying the registered rate it went via Rosalie to Roseau and two T marks were applied to denote unpaid, though they seem then to have been blotted out – so was it invalid or not? 50 unsold
295 Dominica A group of five covers all with handstruck ‘PASSED BY CENSOR’ one, neatly written up on a page, is to Jamaica 9 AU 41 (1s 2d); the others 14 MY (41) 1d unsealed to NJ; 26 JU 42 to NY (5d) with US resealing; 3 MY 41 to Maine (3½d); incoming from NY JUN 5 40. 60 unsold
296 Dominica 4 wartime covers from Dominica: first to NY 21 FE 41 3½d with OPENED BY CENSOR PC22 red resealing tape tied by violet censor hand stamp H6; 23 J(?) 44 to Nottingham for the 2s 7d all air rate resealed with l3a PC90 label with hand written RR/16; JA 26 cover to PA (4½)d signed in violet by Merrill, we leave to attribute any significance to this; MR 31 45 cover to Florida by air with five stamps making up the 1s 1½d rate with US resealing examination tape. 75 unsold
297 Dominica Leewards 1d QV PSC used in Dominica FE 12 92 to Charlotte Amalie, in St Thomas, where it arrived 6 days later and was taxed 2c as underpaid – our addressee was on SMS Moltke, the German training ship then on a goodwill mission. It seems the Dominica large ‘T’ is in use five years earlier than Proud records for UP1 30 31
298 link Dominica Here we offer a Leewards 1½d PSC addressed to Hampshire, headed ‘S.S. “Esk”. Montserrat W. Indies Thursday June 16th 1892’. The lengthy message was posted in Dominica the next day 50 42
299 link Dominica The 1931 KGV 1d red PSC used in Dominica MR 10 37 to send a message to Boston, requesting philatelic supplies, some mild creasing top rt, but scarce and commercial 50 52
300 Dominica A small group of 7 b/w ppc: one Jose Anjo card used DE 3 02 to Suffolk as early a use as your describer can recall. Only one other is postally used, four unused from the interwar period and one probably post-war 30 24
Dominica End of Country
Grenada Grenada
301 link ex Grenada Three covers from the 1840’s to the UK featuring the Grenada gothic dbl-arc d/stamp, all rated at 1/-. From a postal history perspective the most interesting is from the commanding officer of the 71st foot enclosing a copy of regimental board meeting minutes held in Trinidad 48 60
302 link Grenada GB 6d tied by A15 cancel to JY 27 59 outer to Glasgow, couple of filing folds but sound example of GBz4 on cover 105 85
303 Grenada Neatly arranged and written up album page for large star 1875 1d Chalon SG14 contains 3m. 7u., all looking fine as stamps, and the pmks unobtrusive except one feature the mark in brown, and another to point to a blind perf where a pin had broken. We wonder how long Somerset House tolerated that, though there’s another example m. – cat. £311 40 unsold
304 link Grenada A carefully mounted and protected page of Chalons from which one 6d has been removed leaving in place 7 x 1d, 4 x 6d, and 6 of the 1875/81 surcharges mixed m. and u., and in our view must cat. in the high hundreds, reveal a rounded corner on SG2 and otherwise look gd to fine for condn. We have to guesstimate 75 60
305 link Grenada The ‘postage half-penny’ on One Shilling in imperf m. pair format SG21a, cat. £300 75 60
306 link Grenada The 1898 Columbus stamp optd SPECIMEN, cat, £85 – the perfs are commendable a small diagonal crease sightly detracts, as does an old style hinge clinging to the back 28 23
307 Grenada The 1d WAR TAX overprinted SPECIMEN – SG111s, cat. £45 18 15
308 Grenada A complete sheet of 60 of the 1d badge of the colony SG136a, full margins and printer’s imprint – attractive cat. just £36 18 15
309 Grenada Set of seven of the second series of Parish Letters A to G 20 unsold
310 link ex Grenada Village cancels on three covers, two on pages. Firstly Grenville to New Jersey 22 SP 24 with 5d (SG124) added; then two items form Sauteurs, PSRE to Montgomery Ward 16 OC 24 3d added (SG121) and one MY 20 11 to Detroit 2½d (SG80), two indifferent postcards included but not valued 35 28
311 Grenada On Brian Brooks page a cover printed with address of H. F. Ketcheson of Belleville, Ontario regd from St Georges, carelessly using 2x 2½d/8d grey-brown SG47 to pay regn and carriage 28 JA 93, 12 days via NY. Sender could have saved ½d on fare and manifestly couldn’t be bothered to find the right stamps 35 unsold
312 Grenada With what intent did a cover with the handstamped address of Gerald Smith, Marine Cottage, St George’s, Grenada, B.W.I. come to be posted unstamped from Kingstown, St Vincent? The ‘T’ mark seemingly had a pencilled note “unrecorded” on the part album page. We refrain from comment as we do about a small red ink heart on the cover enclosing H. So we have cds of origin MY 8 93, Grenada thimble MY 12, blue crayon 1/25 and SGD1-3 to collect 6d – but isn’t that too much? 30 24
313 Grenada What seems to be a genuine commercial envelope sent to the Audit Office in St Vincent by the first PanAm experimental flight piloted by Capt Arthur B McDavid in early April 1927, just 1d too – worthy of further research, appears to have Pilot’s signature 30 24
314 Grenada Also on a Brian Brooks this cover from the Postmaster, Upper Stewracks, Nova Scotia is endorsed “Per C.N.S. Lady Hawkins”. No cachet for this one, which was posted 20 NOV 30 from St Georges before anchor was reversed 12 unsold
315 Grenada Three covers, written up on pages, struck with carmine or red ‘PASSED BY CENSOR’: 9 Sep 1939 (!) from Venezuela to Gouyave via Trinidad; registered item to Texas 24 Nov 39 and incoming from Dominican Republic 18 Mar 40 50 40
316 Grenada Two covers resealed with L1 ‘OPENED BY CENSOR’ resealing tape. 8 FE 40 from CARRIACOU to New York, 3d surface rate, with censor ‘5’ in red crayon; paired with incoming cover from NJ MAR 12 1940 with censor ‘3’ in red crayon on the tape 35 28
317 Grenada Censor 3 also features on this cover resealed with L3 tape (OPENED BY EXAMINER/ SS.) on 11 SP 42 to a museum in Philadelphia for 5½d marked 1 oz and clearly a commercial usage 30 24
318 Grenada The L5 label (OPENED BY EXAMINER/I.S.S./-) of examiner 2 was used to reseal this 20 MR 43 envelope to London, sent airmail for 1s 4d 35 28
319 Grenada We combine two resealed censored covers here; firstly outgoing to London for 2½d 17 AP 45 resealed with L6 tape of examiner 5 where the pre-printed S.S. has been preceded with a manuscript I.; secondly the L8 tape of examiner 44 was used to reseal an incoming item from Barbados, sent 21 JY 44 for 6½d 60 unsold
320 link Grenada A scarce item of consignee mail sent from St Georges to London endorsed per SS Martaban for 2½d cancelled by PAQUBOT and bearing five good strikes – one front and four back - of the H7 circular PASSED BY/S Crown S/4/CENSOR mark. The reverse is endorsed ‘consignee mail 12-4-44’ which coincides with the EKD given by Burrows – could be the discovery copy and scarce – just four known according to Pearce 90 120
321 link Grenada Forgive us please if we find it difficult to measure perfs and widths on a KG6 10/- which subtends 6 penn’orth of lower values from ¼d pair up, lining the north and west sides of a regd cover 27 MR 1945 addressed to Mrs Harry B. Jones, Perkins School, Lancaster, Mass. by air from her friend Mrs Nigel Campbell, Green Gables. You see, we make out the 10/- as belonging to SG163, and shall so treat. Our problems were worsened by an Examiner’s label sprouting top to bottom on the west whose number, wouldn’t you guess, collides with regn R. We think no. may be 5920 – don’t count on it. How to value is anybody’s guess 50 unsold
322 link Grenada The 1881 Perkins Bacon postal stationery cards 1d and 1½d fine unused, only 1,000 printed 60 48
323 Grenada Out of the many KG6 ¼d/½c wrappers that we have seen, this ½c wrapper is the first to be handled with enthusiasm. It went uncancelled to a named addressee, Union P.O. We don’t know how long it rested there. On 15/9/51 it was signed – we assume by the Union Postmaster – h/stamped black UNCLAIMED twice, and violet RETOUR, this taking place 18 SP, you won’t read but will easily interpret the dbl-ring UNION cds and the DEAD LETTER OFFICE receiver is loud and clear 15 22
324 Grenada Two Cable & Wireless used telegram forms firstly to send a telegram to Antigua 22 Jan 44 with KG6 ½d, 1d and 3d added; then a newer format sent 10 Oct 67 to Sauteurs with 3c added 40 unsold
Grenada End of Country
Haiti Haiti
325 link ex Haiti We pair Britain and Haiti with these two covers, ex Booth.1/- green pl4 paid for this cover to go to Jacmel from Liverpool on 16 Jun 1870 with fine forwarding agents cachet of Herbert & Yates in green; whilst on April 1875 an envelope was sent by the packet to London with hand struck 3/- on front and the quite scarce Port au Prince d/stamp code A 60 60
326 link ex Haiti The same Port au Prince cds was used DE 2 73 to send this item to le Havre via London with the boxed GB/1f60c and nice agent cachets on front and back quite why Jacob & Co (of Ragoane), who stamped the letter 20 Oct 73 took so long to entrust it to the packet we leave for the buyer to determine. With it we include a page with an unused postcard depicting RMS Orinico and a 3c Haiti PSC carried on it when uprated 10c (1,2 3 and 4c) sent to Lucerne from Jacmel 21 June 1899, ex Booth 40 32
Haiti End of Country
Jamaica Jamaica
327 link Jamaica JAMAICA, (Potter type J2) on a 27 February 1763 letter from the Perrin Fitzherbert correspondence sold by Cavendish in 1989. Despite the mark it is clearly a Ship Letter in the period just before UK Ship Letter marks were introduced, rated ‘9’ with London Bishop mark of 9 MA(rch) and inscribed ‘By His Majesty’s Ship St Ann’, well written up on page with typed transcription 200 240
328 link Jamaica A very fine strike of IAMAICA (Potter type J4 – narrow A and M) on a 25 March 1775 packet letter rated 1N also from the Perrin Fitzherbert correspondence on similar well written up and transcribed page, Bishop arrival mark of 31 MA contents mention ‘Caribbean being awash with American Privateers operating out of “neutral” French ports’ 95 unsold
329 link ex Jamaica IAMAICA features on pair of packet letters. The first, a clean outer only, endorsed ‘per Sandwich Packet’ was sent to John Cockburn in Edinburgh in 1785. The second, and entire, but with age stains, has the better strike, and was sent in 1790 to London’s Berkeley Square 80 65
330 link Jamaica On this opened up 1808 pkt entire to London you get two fair strikes of the Jamaica Large Fleuron with discernible date of 7 FEB 1808, 2/- rate 75 unsold
331 link ex Jamaica A pair of covers with the two-line MONTEGO BAY/JA mark and a fleuron packet mark. The first is date/stamped 11 DEC 1808 and went to Edinburgh for 6/9 on the packet, good strikes of large fleuron and Montego Bay, but some wear; our second letter to Somerset 12 Jun 1815 shows a smaller fleuron and both strikes are less bold 105 85
332 Jamaica A group of four covers from the manager of the Perrins Estate, Vere to Sir Henry Fitzherbert all feature fair to good strikes of the Vere double arc date stamp of 7 Sep 1846, 22 Sep 1847, 19 May 1848 and 6 Oct 1848, the third seems to be in red, the first three rated 2/4 and the last a single at ½ - Vere clearly struggled with the date plugs as the missing plugs have been inscribed manually. An interesting story of the decline of sugar in the West Indies 100 unsold
333 link ex Jamaica Early postal history clearance lot of five items:1786 incoming pkt letter from Abernethy to Spanish Town, with transcript; 1835 letter per Nightingale pkt to London with inspector’s crown and fine G:P railway mark; 1844 pkt letter to London 1/- paid; 1849 entire with Spanish Town d/stamp to London; 1851 with good BATH (Jamaica) d/stamp to Aberdeen 40 32
334 link Jamaica 1 Aug 1853 env from Reading to Jamaica with cut square embossed 1/- margins so large the ‘635’ numeral does not tie it to the envelope but the rate, the inscription by packet and via Southampton all convince 250 200
335 link Jamaica Incoming mail with ‘Spoon’ cancel from Liverpool AU 15 1856 is addressed to the ‘Engineer in Chief, HMS Arrogant’ and went at the concessionary rate of 1d, paid by 1d star. 120 unsold
336 link Jamaica The Chester Spoon cancel was applied to this DE 16 1856 letter to Port Royal cancelling 2x 1d str and 4d on blued paper (SG62 or 63) making up an attractive packet rate; we pair with a 6d lilac cover to Sav La Mar cancelled with the Bristol spoon FE 13 1857 making the usual packet cover 150 120
337 link Jamaica A pair of incoming 1861 covers each franked with 6d lilac paying the packet rate and showing the 1d red accountancy mark – the first to Newcastle, Jamaica is from Douglas Isle of Man and shows a fine strike of that duplex OC 17 61; the second is to Mandeville from London 105 unsold
338 link Jamaica Letter from Revd John Elliott writing from May Hill 25 April 1857 to a friend in London; no Jamaican markings as carried by another friend and trusted to the post in London on arrival with a 1d star 35 unsold
339 link Jamaica Two covers from Kingston with GB 6d lilac cancelled with the A01 duplex paying the packet rate to England; JU 28 59 to Manchester and DE 11 59 to Liverpool – this a particularly good strike, but a filing crease detracts somewhat 150 unsold
Jamaica The next nine lots are from the Paul Hancock collection of GB used in Jamaica with numeral cancels and are offered in numerical order
340 link Jamaica GB 4d pair cancelled A28 Annotto Bay, the only pair known according to the Encyclopaedia – SGz21 cat. £500+ 180 220
341 link Jamaica GB 6d on 3 March 1859 cover from Black River to Kingston, neatly tied by fine ‘A3-‘ cancel on only the third day of use, EKD, and ex Hugh Wood (2020) and Brinkley Turner (1942) 200 250
342 link Jamaica GB 4d superbly struck with A36 (H) of Dry Harbour. The h/stamp was lost shortly after issue and is scarcely recorded on pines. Only four examples are known and this is the one in the encyclopaedia – the second rarest mark according to Woodward – SGz45 cat. £550 180 280
343 link Jamaica GB 6d used at Ewarton (A38) is one of the stars of the Hancock collection. Though SG state Ewarton was closed before this mark was issued and Foster claims no examples have been seen, Topaz knew of one, presumably this example which has an RPSL certificate of 1977, which missed that the wmk is inverted, but we’re pretty sure you are more interested in the postmark 700 1400
344 Jamaica March 1 1859 was the first day of use of the numeral cancels in the villages. This cover is one of just eight known across the whole of Jamaica sent on that day from Lilliput to Kingston with GB 6d superbly cancelled A49 and tying it to the cover. Ex Glassco, Bollen & Dewarin, minor filing fold scarcely detracts 350 420
345 link Jamaica GB 4d just tied to piece with fine A59 cancel of Morant Bay, piece has Kingston d/stamp of AP 10 1859 SGz117 70 70
346 link Jamaica Wing marginal GB 4d cancelled with very fine A71 strike of Rodney Hall, SGz154 cat. £225 80 120
347 link Jamaica Am important item this – a pair of GB 4d stamps (SGz160) with a date stamp cancellation of FE 1 59 which is the FIRST DAY of use for internal mail, illustrated by Foster and ex Hugh Wood, part II sale 250 310
348 link Jamaica The only known pair of the GB 1d cancelled A75(H) at Sav-La-Mar, this ex Woodward SGz165 cat. £450 200 250
349 link Jamaica There is substance in the oft-repeated MYTH that SPECIMEN examples of the 1923 Child Welfare set are exceptionally rare (SG107s/cs). Of course they aren’t UNLESS one is discussing Archives in Specimen form. And here they are removed from their former thick card backing, bearing in red the Bradbury Wilkinson diagonal overprint. Value? Well four standard Specimen sets would cat. £560. And, by the way, you couldn’t find an ordinary Specimen set in blocks of four – think about it. These must be alone in private hands 750 600
350 link Jamaica From April 1863 the packet rate increased to 1/- this FE 1 69 entire from London to Jamaica has a plate 4 1s green 50 unsold
351 link Jamaica MR 31 1865 mourning cover from Montego Bay to Falmouth bearing a pair of 1d pines cancelled A56 (H), this rate for up to 30 mils only introduced at the beginning of 1865. 90 170
352 Jamaica Jamaica joined UPU on 1 April 1877 which brought the packet rate to the UK down to 4d, as neatly shown on this cover from Sav-La-Mar to Bideford in Devon and sent DE 23 1881, the 4d stamp cancelled with A75(L), some signs of aging and a pencil LRD, which we don’t vouch for 60 52
353 link Jamaica 4d CC on cover to London, the stamp cancelled A81 of Pedro with proving back stamp of MY 14 (79) in very fine condition and the EKD 120 180
354 link Jamaica A printed paper telling of a paper read by the Bishop of Jamaica on 20 Dec 1882 concerning the reconstruction of the city is the only clue as to the date this item was sent to Islington with 1d blue paying the rate with indistinct A01 cancellation 60 unsold
355 link Jamaica Small envelope sent from Hope Bay on 22 DE 86 to Port Maria where is arrived two days later. The postage a 2d slate, SG20a cancelled with an excellent strike of A47, not tied, but the instructions were to cancel the stamp not ‘tie it to the envelope’. A probable LKD 40 32
356 Jamaica A pair of the 2d keyplate (SG28) make up the 4d packet rate on this env to London with superb Kingston squared circle OC 14 89 25 unsold
357 link Jamaica 2½d keyplate cancelled A76 Spanish Town and b/stamped SP 5 92 from there, took this cover to Glasgow use of this stamp there rated rare 45 36
358 link Jamaica Half Penny on 1d PSC sent from Gayle 15 May 1893 to Kingston, the ‘stamp’ cancelled A40 – a very late use, with Gayle d/stamp on reverse 70 56
359 Jamaica A pair of covers franked with 2½d keyplate with manuscript marks of the ship that carried them: SS Orinoco 14 May 95 from Kingston to London; RMS Medway from Spanish Town (two ring d/stamp) DE 6 97 to Paris 40 unsold
360 link Jamaica Santa Cruz single ring d/stamp cancelled this strip of five of ½d green on JA 2 99 on env addressed to Sheffield 18 15
361 link Jamaica Oval JAMAICA/REGISTERED dbl ring AU 14 02 type R5 used to cancel 3x 3d olive green and ½d green making up a 9½d rate to NY with manuscript per ‘Admiral Schley’ part of the American Mail Steam Ship Company fleet 35 42
362 link ex Jamaica Group of seven covers to clear: 1901 Sun Life of Canada stationery env. to Baltimore, paid of falls and QV½d; 1909 ppc of Banana Carrier with fine Street Letter Box cancel; 1918 to Philadelphia, with 4c US postage due applied; 1933 long cover to Washington DC with Paqubot markings and endorsed on the rear “From the Franklin D Roosevelt Collection/Authenticated by HR Harmer, NY”; 1934 surface rate to Bayswater and 1938 surface rate to Peckham. 35 36
363 Jamaica Four covers featuring village regn labels: 1919 Montgomery Ward cover Registered from Duncans with very low Regn No. 9; 1919 Registered cover to Montgomery Ward with Pedro Plains Regn No. 10; 1924 Mandeville to Groves & Lindley and 1932 from Shooter’s Hill to Northampton 20 26
364 Jamaica Attractively franked at 1s 5d first flight cover from Kingston to Barbuda. Pmk DE 10 30 with only fair strike of the PanAm cachet, addressed to Capt. Downing 20 26
365 Jamaica No 20 1931 first flight cover from Kingston to Cristobal, in the Canal Zone with 1/- statue, air mail etiquette and typed ‘BY PAA American Clipper’ 20 unsold
366 Jamaica A group of 8 covers from the 1930’s and 40’s, five of which feature village registration labels – Lucea, Lucky Hill, Montego Bay and Negril included. The fifth is from Half Way Tree on a Barrington Smith illustrated cover with ‘Damn the Submarines, Jamaica still has her Banana boats’. Also 6d air envelope with Street Letter Box cancel 25 31
367 link Jamaica First flight cover cachet stamped on 6d Air Letter from to Sutton Coldfield, dated Sept 5 1946 Via Speed Man, the first Jamaica-London via Bermuda comes on a page that tells you about the Avro 691 Lancastrian – so a BSAA flight and page 08-08-10 tells you 32lbs of mail was carried – but how much has survived? 25 20
368 Jamaica Seven pages with 14 covers relating to British Forces mail in Jamaica in the post war era to 1966 featuring a variety of cachets 40 85
369 link ex Jamaica Eight Victorian PSC with some cancellation interest – two ½d red-brown cards, one with Christiana squared circle 1894, four 1d blue cards include Gayle and Portland two ring date stamps from 1898 and a 1½d grey and a 1½d reply card from Kingston 1891 32 unsold
370 Jamaica Miscellaneous unused stationery: fine KG6 ½d yellow news wrapper; QV ½d red-brown and 1½d grey PSC, KE ½d green and 1d carmine PSC optd Specimen, QEII 3d PSC; two different QEII 6d air letters 15 12
371 link Jamaica An unusual item of incoming mail from the Gold Coast here, the front half of a Gold Coast reply PSC with full message sent to February 1896, fine Liverpool Br Pkt mark and Kingston and then Cold Spring arrival d/stamps. 30 24
Jamaica The Paul Hancock collection of Numeral postmarks we are privileged to have ben consigned this outstanding collection of numeral postmarks which contains many very rare items. Paul was always looking to upgrade the quality of his strikes and the result is evident in the quality on offer. The collection will be offered over the next four or five years and we start by offering something from most of the offices.
372 Jamaica A27 Alexandria – superb strike on 3d pine, rated rare, stamp with slight faults 20 16
373 link ex Jamaica A28 Annotto Bay – type H complete on two pages, with the six pine values supplemented by an additional shade of the 1d and 2d and one each of the seven CC values to 1s, all sound to superb strikes 80 unsold
374 Jamaica A31 Brown’s Town – page with the five pines to 6d and 5 CC to 6d, missing the 3d value 60 48
375 link Jamaica A33 Chapleton – set of six pine values, all strike with very fine to superb numeral cancels, minor faults on or two adhesives 60 56
376 Jamaica A34 Claremont is very rare on 4d pine (SG4). Here a superb strike on slightly faded stamp 30 24
377 Jamaica A35 Four Paths (as Clarendon was renamed in 1876) on the three keyplate values and the 2½d opt on 4d (SG27-30), the strike on the opt is particularly fine and is Ex Winand 25 26
378 Jamaica A35 on 1d rose keyplate optd OFFICIAL is rated Extremely Rare, fair strike 35 28
379 link Jamaica A36 Dry Harbour (as we explain in the section on GB stamps used in the villages) the type H obliterator was lost early on the type L obliterator that replaced it did not arrive until 1862 – in the meanwhile stamps were cancelled with ‘36’ I manuscript, here we offer the very rare 4d pine so cancelled 90 220
380 link Jamaica A37 Duncans – attractive page with six pines supplemented with additional shade of 1d and 6d; the wmk CC set to 1s lacks only the ½d value, five stamps apparently ex Winand and one ex Hemmings, which is illustrative of the care taken in selecting strikes 80 65
381 Jamaica A38 used on wmk CA stamps is most likely usage from Up Park Camp where the A39 type N was re-allocated in April 1884. All such usages are rare and here we offer the 2d CA with a quite superb strike 30 24
382 link Jamaica A39 Flint River on 3d pine, a superb strike, very rare and ex Winand 30 26
383 link Jamaica A39 the three keyplates (SG27-29) with very fine of better strikes of A39, the 2d very scarce, the 2½d rated rare 50 40
384 link Jamaica A40 struck in blue on 6d pine – very fine strike and highly valued by Topaz 80 65
385 Jamaica A41 on 1d and 2d pine, the 1d particularly fine and ex Winand 30 24
386 Jamaica Even the 1d keyplate rates as rare when struck with A41, a superb strike 25 46
387 Jamaica A42 may be one of the more obtainable numerals, but to try to appeal to members to start collecting this area we offer three pages devoted to this one number, as Paul had them, to show how it can be done. You find the full pine set with an additional 2d shade and 2x 1s shades, the CC set to 1s, the CA set to 4d, bar the 3d, two keyplates the 2½d provisional and the 1d fiscal- 28 stamps in all and you will have to go to some considerable trouble to match the quality of the strikes 125 100
388 link Jamaica A43 Goshen was renamed Santa Cruz in 1883 and the post office moved a few miles, so these three OFFICIAL opts were used at the new office – SGO3-5 45 36
389 link Jamaica A44 Grange Hill is very rare on the 1s with CC wmk – a superb strike here is offered with fine strikes on the CC ½d, 2d and 4d 60 48
390 link Jamaica The 2½d provisional (SG30) cancelled with a bold strike of A44 Grange Hill – extremely rare 60 48
391 link Jamaica A45 on pines, we can offer the 1d, 3d, 4d and 1s values, the strikes on the 1d and 1s are superb 45 65
392 Jamaica A46 on 1d rose SG O4 a superb strike and extremely rare 35 56
393 link Jamaica A47 Hope Bay - the three keyplates and the 2½d provisional all showing fine to superb strikes of the cancel 45 36
394 link Jamaica A48 Hope Bay (at this earlier period) on a set of six pies all ex Winand and you get an additional 4d pine – a scarce set 110 90
395 link Jamaica A50 Malvern cancelling a pair of the 2½d provisional SG30, most attractive and rare ex Winand 35 28
396 Jamaica Two pages showing Paul’s coverage of A52 include the set of six pines; the wmk CC set to 1s and 1d, 2d and 4d CA – fine strikes all 90 unsold
397 link Jamaica A53 on pines a full set of six with additional 3d, the 4d seemingly ex Hugh Wood 80 65
398 link Jamaica A53 was reissued in May 1863 with the figures 1mm larger (6½ mm v 5½ mm originally) finding this larger size on pines is an extremely rare occurrence, but here we offer a fine strike on 4d brown-orange (SG4) 70 100
399 link Jamaica A strip of six 1d pines cancelled A54(H) on large piece to Kingston with Kingston back stamp FE 15 186?, rare and our vendor says ex Hugh Wood 120 130
400 link Jamaica A54 (H) was not returned by the postmaster to be re-issued to Mile Gully and use on the CC stamps can be found but are very rare her a fine strike on the ½d claret 50 40
401 link Jamaica A55 on the three keyplates, the first two with superb strikes, the rarity is the 2½d where the strike is clear but only the right side of the ‘A’ is showing 35 unsold
402 Jamaica A55 an outstanding rare strike on the 1d rose fiscal SG F3 20 30
403 link Jamaica A56 (H) in blue ink on 2d rose CC is very rarely found, fine example 100 80
404 Jamaica A56 can be found as type H and type K, here we offer two pages featuring the set of seven wmk CC stamps to 1s to contrast the two 40 unsold
405 link Jamaica A57 is fairly readily obtainable on pines, but this set of six, plus additional 6d deep purple is a quality selection 70 unsold
406 Jamaica A bold strike of the A58 (J) of Bluefields on 1s purple brown 35 37
407 link Jamaica A58 is extremely rare on fiscal stamps but is discernible on this 1d rose with CC wmk, SG F2 40 unsold
408 link Jamaica Topaz only noted village cancels on the 1/- fiscal SG F7 at Stewart Town and Cold Spring. Here we offer the stamp with fair A59 cancel of Newport, this ex Hugh Wood along with the 1d rose SG F3 which is ex Winand (and has a damaged corner) 90 70
409 Jamaica A60 (H) used at Ocho Rios is always rated scarce or rarer, here we offer a page with full set of the six values on pines, all with fine strikes, two ex Winand and the 1/- ex Nethersole, a fine and difficult assembly 140 115
410 link Jamaica A62 Plantain Garden River on pines may not be too difficult, but here you get two shades of the 1d, both shades of the 2d, two shades of the 6d, including the deep purple and the three shades of the 1/-. All stamps with fine to superb strikes and 11 stamps in all on a page, cat. £440 as ordinary 150 unsold
411 Jamaica Attractive strip of three of the 2d wmk CC each cancelled with a fine strike of A62 10 8
412 link Jamaica A63 Pear Tree Grove on pines is altogether scarcer, here we can offer the 1d and 4d (which is rated very rare) with decent strikes 60 unsold
413 Jamaica Also rated very rare is A63 on 2d pine, a very fine strike ex Hugh Wood 45 36
414 link Jamaica The three London Officials SG O3-5 each cancelled with a fine strike of A63 all rated either very scarce of rare 60 unsold
415 Jamaica The 2d keyplate is very scarce with A64 and this superb strike is ex Hugh Wood 10 8
416 Jamaica The two fiscal stamp SG F3 and F6 with fine strikes of A64, 3d is rated very rare and the provenance Hugh Wood again 25 36
417 link Jamaica A65 Port Morant on page with set of six pines with additional 1d and 1/- shades all with fine or better strikes 90 75
418 link Jamaica Spectacular strip of three of the 1d rose fiscal SG F3 each cancelled A65 even a single cancelled there is rated extremely rare 90 75
419 link Jamaica A66 Port Maria set of six pines with fine strikes, two ex Winand and the 3d with inverted wmk 70 56
420 link Jamaica The 6d yellow-orange (SG23) is exceptionally hard to find with a numeral cancel, Topaz only recorded it used in two offices, here we offer a good A67 of Port Royal missing the ‘67’ are clear but you only get the right leg of the ‘A’ – justifies its extremely rare rating, ex Hugh Wood 75 100
421 Jamaica Bill Atmore in ‘Land of Wood & Water’ reported that manually assisted A67 cancels of Port Royal were included in the Surtees and Mitchell sales and it seems were needed due to excessive wear or damage to the obliterator. These two examples on CC 4d and 6d are ex Hemmings 20 16
422 link Jamaica We leave the pines cancelled A69 of Ramble on its page so that you can see the provenance - one each from Hemmings, Nethersole, Potter and Winand. The set has an additional 1/- in purple-brown. Highlights the care Paul took in building his collection 70 70
423 Jamaica The three keyplates SG27-29 cancelled A70 of Rio Bueno, the 2d and 2½d both rated rare 30 24
424 link Jamaica The fiscal 1d rose is rated very rare when cancelled A70 and this is a fine strike 45 unsold
425 link Jamaica A71 Linstead page combining the 1890’s keyplates with 1d rose postal fiscal and four officials SG O1, 3, 4, 5, the first of which has a very rare rating 80 80
426 link Jamaica A74 Salt Gut on 2d pine SG2 is very rare and this clear strike is ex-Foster 50 unsold
427 link Jamaica The 3d green is the hardest of the wmk CC stamps to find cancelled A74 but here we offer a pair, each so cancelled 40 32
428 link Jamaica The A75 (H) was lost or damaged early on and not replaced by type L until 1862, in the meantime a date stamp was used the reported date range is 7 March 1861 to 6 October 1862. Here we offer an example of the 4d pine (five recorded) clearly dated JY 31 62 and a 6d (sixteen recorded) with a super strike of JY 31 1861 40 42
429 link ex Jamaica The A75 type L is by contrast readily found on most values through to 1890, but these two pages offer quality strikes on the 6 pine values, the seven CC values to 1s and the CA values to 4d – 21 stamps in all 80 65
430 link Jamaica A76 Spanish Town is another office where new obliterator had to be issued, in this case a type ) in 1874 – this makes A76(H) on wmk crown CC stamps either very scarce or rare, here we offer the ½d. 2x 3d, 3d, 6d, 1s – the last three ex- Winand – 6 stamps 40 32
431 link Jamaica Page with A77 Stewart Town on pines, the set of six ex Winand and an additional 1/- in purple brown ex Hemmings 70 70
432 link Jamaica A79 (H) was made in London but not issued until November 1863 to the newly opened office at Richmond, it must have been damaged early on as a type J obliterator was issued in 1866 so the type H is only found on pines and are very rare indeed. Here we offer a 3d green with a very fine strike 150 120
433 link Jamaica The damage A79 was the loss of the ‘7’; but the damaged obliterator was pressed in to service at the Mount Charles post office in 1874, and so can be found on wmk CC stamps – here on the 2d, very rare small piece of btm rt corner missing, not affecting pmk 120 unsold
434 link Jamaica The A79 type J is scarce on any issues, here we have an attractive pair of the 2½d provisional (SG30) with adequate strike – ex Hugh Wood 40 32
435 link Jamaica Any stamp cancelled with A80 type K with the larger figures is rated extremely rare – here we offer the 1s pine, ex Hugh Wood with superb strike 250 200
436 link Jamaica A80 type K with smaller figures a superb strike shown almost in full on ½d claret wmk CC pair, SG7 also ex Hugh Wood 80 110
437 link Jamaica The three keyplates (SG27-29) all cancelled A81 Pedro 65 52
438 Jamaica The ½d local Official SGO1 cancelled A82 Middle Quarters rated very rare 35 28
439 link Jamaica A83 Trinty Ville on ½d claret SG7 rarely seen with almost complete fine cancel – ex Hemmings – small fault at top centre 50 80
440 Jamaica A83 on 4d wmk CC. ex Hugh Wood 35 35
441 Jamaica E06 on pines are pretty hard to find, a good strike on 1d (SG1) 35 46
442 link Jamaica Also very rare to find E06 on the 2½d surcharge (SG30) this a fine strike and ex Hugh Wood 40 unsold
443 link Jamaica E30 is a little easier on pines, the 1d and 1s here both fine upright strikes also ex-Hugh Wood 30 24
444 link Jamaica In BLUE ink E58 is decidedly very rare, this is on the 6d wmk CC, ex Winand 100 unsold
445 Jamaica From the same provenance an almost complete strike of E58 on ½d green pair 20 16
446 link Jamaica Four 2d Grey SG20 on front to Toledo, Ohio each cancelled E58 with oval Jamaica/MR 6 90/Registered double oval – scarce 150 unsold
447 Jamaica F80 on CC ½d and 3d, fine strikes, SG7, 10 30 24
448 link Jamaica On the ½d Official, SGO1, Paul seems to have had this discovery copy of F80 70 56
449 link Jamaica 1d pine, SG1 struck with readable F81 of Clark’s Town, very rare 45 36
450 link Jamaica Llandovery Falls is nice size stamp, here cancelled with F81, pity the clerk could not get the whole strike into the space available ex H Wood 50 70
451 link Jamaica An unusual chance to collect numerals on multiples F95 on pairs of CC 1d, 3d, 6d (SG8, 10, 12) with a strip of 3 of the 2d (SG9) 50 42
452 Jamaica F95 can also be found on both falls stamp SG30 and 31, as here 20 16
453 Jamaica Fine Strike of F96 on CC ½d, ex Winand, rated rare 25 27
454 link Jamaica The three keyplates SG27-29 with good to fine strikes of F96 Shooter’s Hill 60 48
455 link Jamaica F97 on 1d pine (SG1) a fine strike, very rare and ex Hugh Wood 75 90
456 link Jamaica A really bold strike of F97 on 2d grey (SG20) very rare 80 65
457 link Jamaica Five wmk CC stamps cancelled with F98 – ½d, 1d, 2d, 4d, 1/- all ex Winand except 2d which is ex Hemmings 80 unsold
458 link Jamaica We single out the wmk CC 6d, SG12 which is extremely rare with F98, ex Winand 60 unsold
459 link Jamaica ‘193’ Cold Spring is the first of the pure numerals, here we offer fine to superb strikes on the wmk CC set of seven (SG7-13) 35 unsold
460 link Jamaica It is rare to find a numeral cancel on a 2s value, here we have SG14 with a very fine strike of ‘19’ it has only been recorded for Cold Spring, though the missing digit could be a 6 or 9 50 40
461 Jamaica On this strike of ‘193’ on the 3d fiscal SGF6 you do get most of the ‘3’; another stamp hard to fine with any numeral cancel and very rare 30 unsold
462 link Jamaica Superb ‘196’ on Fiscal SGF3 60 48
463 link Jamaica ‘199’ on SG30 the 2½d on 4d a fine and very rare strike 70 95
464 link Jamaica On the 2d Official SGO5 ‘199’ is also very rare 60 48
465 link Jamaica Page with ‘201’ on wmk CC nine strikes cover SG7-12 with an additional 1d and two extra 2d, strikes generally fine, though the 3d is the faintest, and rarest 100 unsold
466 link Jamaica Numeral cancels on the Arms issue are very rare indeed, here ‘201’ on 1d SG34 – ex Hugh Wood 90 140
467 link Jamaica Superb full ‘598’ on Falls (SG31) is also very rare and ex Hugh Wood 90 75
468 link Jamaica Almost complete strike of ‘615’ on ½d green pair – 615 is one of the hardest to get 40 32
469 link Jamaica SG30 the 2½d on 4d with fine strike of ‘615’ very rare ex Winand 100 120
470 link Jamaica The wmk CC set SG7-13 all clearly cancelled ‘617’ Hayes 80 65
471 Jamaica Unusual pairs of ½d and 1d SG7 and 8 cancelled ‘622’ 25 unsold
472 link Jamaica The 3d SG10 cancelled ‘622’ is very rare 50 40
473 link Jamaica ‘631’ on1d keyplate SG27 35 31
474 link Jamaica The wmk CC set struck with ‘640’ – 8 stamps SG7-11 with two additional 2d, the 3d rare and ex Winand 40 32
475 link Jamaica ‘642’ on 2d CC SG9 rated very scarce 25 20
476 Jamaica The same strike ‘642’ on 4d CC SG11 25 20
477 link Jamaica SG7-9, 11 & 12, five wmk CC stamps cancelled ‘647’ 75 70
Jamaica End of Country
Leeward Islands Leeward Islands
478 Leeward Islands QV 1d unused pair with sheet mgn r.h.s the l.h stamp shows a duty plate flaw with a flat top to second ‘S’ in Leewards – SG2 var. 10 17
479 Leeward Islands The QV set fine mint on page, SG 1-8, cat. £190 35 36
480 Leeward Islands QV set to 1s used, the 7d in Montserrat, SG 1-7, cat £117 20 16
481 link Leeward Islands Sexagenary set to 1s mint and to 4d used, SG9-16, cat £400+ 65 52
482 Leeward Islands The full Sexagenary set of eight on cover cancelled in St Kitts on AU 12 97 – clearly philatelic but the used set catalogues at £1,400 250 550
483 Leeward Islands The 1902 overprint set mint with varieties the 1d on 4d with tall ‘O’ in one; the 1d on 6d with ‘o’ for the first ‘n’ in Penny and the 1d on 7d with ‘nn’ raised 20 20
484 link Leeward Islands If you don’t have room to collect the three 1d surcharges, SG17-19 on cover from each island how about strips of three on piece here from Antigua, Dominica, Nevis and St Kitts, cat. as singles £180 50 58
485 Leeward Islands The 1902 Crown CA KEVII set of nine fine m. with additional block of four of the 2½d – SG 20-28, cat. £148 30 24
486 link Leeward Islands Very clear mint example of the dropped ‘R’ on KEVII 1s SG26a, cat £550 140 unsold
487 Leeward Islands Fine used set of 1902 Crown CA definitives SG20-28, cat. £225 55 44
488 Leeward Islands The 1905 MCA set fine mint SG29-35, cat. £200, with it you get used examples to 6d, bar 3d – the 2½d has clear St Johns strike of MR 23 07 60 48
489 Leeward Islands The third KEVII set fine mint, SG 36-45, cat. £130 30 24
490 Leeward Islands An attractive page with the 1907 set fine used with an additional example of all values bar the 2d and 5s. Most are cancelled in Antigua but one 2s 6d cancelled in Tortola and a 3d cancelled in Montserrat are noted – cat. £250+ 60 75
491 link Leeward Islands The 1912 George V optd SPECIMEN set SG46s/57s but with the scarce additional three values for the white back stamps sent to Montserrat – SG51as,54as,57as – 15 stamps on page, all seen fine, cat. £460 130 115
492 link ex Leeward Islands The same 1912-22 set mint on pages with most of the shades, some duplication but you do get five examples of the 5s, includes examples of the three Montserrat white back stamps in addition to the basic set and more – 40 stamps in all, cat. £500+ 130 115
493 link ex Leeward Islands The same SG46-57 set used with shades, 29 stamps in all, including 4x 5s, one used in Dominica, one with white back, cat. close to £500 130 170
494 Leeward Islands Inverted wmk on 2s purple and blue on blue, SG74aw earns a very respectable cat.£450 quote – fine used 120 220
495 link Leeward Islands The 10s and £1 perforated SPECIMEN in 1928 50 56
496 Leeward Islands KGV 10s mint, lightly hinged with break in SE of r.h. scroll and a small dent to the crown – if SG79c, cat. £300 100 80
497 Leeward Islands Back in 2009 in BWISC Bulletin 220 Roger West drew attention to a break between the ‘I’ of Shilling and the crown. A similar, and perhaps the same, flaw is shown on this 10s clearly cancelled in Antigua – Roger laments the absence of a plate position and so do we SG79(b)? 100 80
498 link Leeward Islands The Script 10/- on a piece lightly cancelled at Roseau, date hard to discern SG79, cat. £150 50 95
499 link ex Leeward Islands Our vendor has mounted the Script CA set m. on three pages and tried to include all the Die I and Die II stamps and some shades, we think the Die I ½d, 2½d and 6d are missing but a fine assembly SG58-80 and most of SG81-87 cat. £600+ 140 170
500 Leeward Islands The used offering of the Script CA includes the Die II stamps to 4s (SG58-77) and the full Die I set (SG81-87) including 2 of the 6d, cat. £600+ 140 190
501 link Leeward Islands The reversion to Die I ¼d, SG81 in mint strip of three from the top of the sheet with full mgn incl plate no. 23; cat. £60+ 25 31
502 link Leeward Islands Coil join (vert.) pair of the ½d green, SG82, this one actually has part of the plate no in the selvedge joining the pair, which our vendor informs has only been recorded once before 50 40
503 link Leeward Islands Plate 23 coil join pairs of ½d and 1d SG82 and 83, cat. £130 as singles, these pairs clearly show the coil join on the reverse, scarce 80 65
504 link Leeward Islands The 1s from plate 23 when DLR reverted to Die I and printed on Script CA paper (SG87), here is a v. lightly hinged block of four, btm stamps full mint. Cat. £220 55 44
505 Leeward Islands Two pages with the SJ set and Coronation sets m. and u. in addition you get a Coron set on cover, cat. £90 25 uns
506 link Leeward Islands A complete sheet of 120 of SG96 with both l. and r.h. panes with full mgns and showing plate no.2 cat. £240 impressive multiple, folded horizontally across middle 75 unsold
507 Leeward Islands 1942 1s on emerald paper used with ‘Short L’ and damage to other letters in Leewards posn 1/6? 30 unsold
508 link Leeward Islands The four different printings of the KG6 10/- values SG113, 113a, 113b and 113c – all mtd m. - the scarcest is 113a on pale green paper and the contrast here is clear, cat, £1,300 320 unsold
509 link Leeward Islands The 1942 KG6 £1 mint with the damaged right scroll of Yendall’s posn 49a. The missing pearl did not occur on this posn until 1944 50 42
510 link Leeward Islands A mint pair of the 1952 KG6 £1 SG114c with top mgn showing the ‘clean shaven’ variety of position 9 40 unsold
511 link Leeward Islands Although we place in Leeward Island this Plate Proof is an omnibus one for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth struck on thin paper 38x30mm – attractive and scarce 250 200
512 Leeward Islands Small collection in album with KG6 definitive set used with shades (10/- used in St Kitts), commemorative issues m. and u. and QE2 set fine used. In addition you get the top three values each used singly on three 1956 Donald Steele covers cat. £250+ 60 unsold
513 Leeward Islands Entire sheet of 100 QEII ½c – the sheet is numbered 0754 and has manuscript ‘Antigua 6-56’ and you have both plate no.1 in top and bottom margin. Of course you also have a positional piece showing the loop flaw at 2/2 – sheet in fine condition, seemingly unfolded 18 15
514 Leeward Islands Leewards QV 1d cancelled in Castries, St Lucia, paired on a page with the QV 2½d cancelled with four concentric circles – HAPAG at St Thomas – maritime mail no doubt and unusual 12 10
515 link ex Leeward Islands A pair of registered covers from St Kitts to more unusual destinations both at 4½d; firstly to Jersey MY 12 97 with a pair of QV 1d and a 2½d; secondly to Vienna where KE 2d and KGV 2½d combined to send this OPHMS env. OC 18 1912 with hand struck ‘POSTMASTER/ST KITTS’ at foot 40 32
516 Leeward Islands Two pieces sent from St Kitts on registered envelopes to the same addressee in Roseau, Dominica on SP 22 02. Both are rated 4d and have the set of three with an additional 1d on 7d, cat £132 off piece 25 42
517 Leeward Islands QV 1d pair and ½d were used to send this envelope inscribed by SS Pantheon from Antigua AP 11 03, via New York, to Halifax NS 15 12
518 Leeward Islands Printed commercial cover sent from St John’s to Cincinnati JA 28 05 with single KEVII ½d, paying the circular rate – neat usage 10 8
519 Leeward Islands Three Edwardian covers from St John’s: AU 9 08 to Bath with pair of ½d (SG20); JU 22 06 to London with pair of ½d (SG36) and OHMS env to Vienna MR 18 07 (this could well be SG32), all correct postal rates 35 28
520 Leeward Islands Seven covers on pages from Antigua or St Kitts in the KGV period, all bar one franked with Leewards stamps. A pair of ½d sending a ppc to London; two 1d empire rate letters to England; a 2½d rate to Switzerland; 5d registered to Manchester and 5½d registered to Texas, the other item is a coloured ppc of Brimstone Hill sent with St Kitts ½d 50 40
521 Leeward Islands This env. to Montgomery Ward only had a Leewards 1d stuck on the back when sent from St Johns MY 21 19, so attracted a Large ‘T’ h/stamp with manuscript 1/10 in Antigua and NY 2c postage due h/stamp 20 16
522 Leeward Islands Env from post office in St Johns sent registered to Lebanon (Pennsylvania) on MR 18 25’ the 6d fare paid with a pair of 3d purple on what we’ll treat as lemon (SG51b) – the cheapest but still cat. £56 x 4 on cover 50 40
523 Leeward Islands The Silver Jubilee set sent to London’s Highbury on DE 31 35 with h/stamp ‘LAST DAY OF JUBILEE ISSUE’ – an LDC to combine with an FDC? 25 unsold
524 Leeward Islands Two FDC’s sent within St Kitts 1 Jul 1949 to mark the colour changes to the KG6 stamps – each has ½d, 1d, 1½d, 2d, 2½d, 3d and ¼d pair. On one the ½d has ‘last ‘S’ badly deformed’ written in pencil, the other shows the 1d green in a very distinctive blue-green shade. Minor toning 15 12
525 Leeward Islands This paquebot mail per SS Evangeline to Philadelphia was posted in Port AU Prince on 20 April 1956 with a pair of QE ½c and two single 1c stamps to make up the 3c fare. The Evangeline was sold and renamed Yarmouth Castle in 1964 before catching fire and sinking off Nassau the following year with the loss of 89 lives – tangential history? 25 20
526 link Leeward Islands 1½d Leewards PSE sent with additional pair of ½d (SG59) sent AP 17 34 to Saba, b/stamped St Kitts the next day 45 70
527 Leeward Islands Size G PSRE sent from St Kitts to New York on DE 31 02 has a spectacular red wax seal of the St Kitts Post Office, so that you can quite forgive the absence of an adhesive on the front 35 56
528 link Leeward Islands Part of the KGV ½d green newspaper wrapper cancelled in Antigua AP 3 15 to Malvern in England, the top line of text is a little ragged but the essentials are there and we are advised that there is only one commercially used wrapper known, this seem to make it two 80 95
529 Leeward Islands The 1d violet and 1½d chestnut KGV PSE optd SPECIMEN 12 10
530 Leeward Islands Some items of Leewards KGV stationery are really difficult to find used. Our editor tells us that the 1½d PSC in red of July 1927 was little used as the international rate had already dropped to 1d – so if you want one used they are to philatelic addresses, in this case Beckhaus 50 46
531 link Leeward Islands The 1934 1d red airmail PSE is a very scarce item, with only two or three used examples known. This is a commercial usage to Aberdeen sent via Miami and New York uprated by a pair of the Antigua ½d and Leewards 6d Die I (if Script then £100 each off cover) sent SP 11 35 250 500
532 link Leeward Islands Only very slightly less scarce the 1d surface red PSE uprated with Antigua ½d to Bristol OC 19 37 120 130
533 link Leeward Islands By the KG6 era SPECIMEN overprints on stationery are far less common. Here we offer seven of the eight items (only missing the wrapper) so optd. So the size F PSRE, the ½d and 1d PSC and the 1d and 1½d PSE in both the original format and the 1946 airmail format. All fine and fresh bar some toning on reverse of 1½d cream PSE 200 unsold
534 Leeward Islands Springback binder with Leewards Postal Stationery collection – QV postcard 1d and 1½d m., 1½d Specimen, 2x 1d used; QV reply cards 1d, 1½d m.; QV wrappers ½d, 1d m., 2x ½d wrapper u. to Trinidad; QV PSE 2x 1d (both sizes) 1x 2½d m.; QV PSRE size x2 m. H2 m.; KE postcard ½d m., 1d and 1d reply both Specimen, 1d card used to Switzerland; KE PSE m.; PSRE size G optd Specimen. KG6 1d and 1½d PSE 26 items 48 42
535 Leeward Islands 1897 Sexagenary overprint forgeries, two examples on card from an album attributed to Fournier 20 26
Leeward Islands End of Country
Montserrat Montserrat
536 Montserrat A bit of double vision is needed this year with Montserrat QV: it is not necessarily overlap, as these f.u. examples of CC 4d, CA 2½d both colours and 4d mauve all look to be comb (never quite certain in singles, of course). In SG terms it’s 5, 9, 10, 12 f.u. cat. £137 25 unsold
537 link Montserrat The KG6 1938/48 defins on page which contain all shades and perfs, 23 stamps totalling cat. over £340 for the m. section. They all look carefully chosen and fine, which, with the current popularity of KG6 issues, merits 70 unsold
538 Montserrat Part album page on which nest the Victory, SW, UPU and BWI Univ. College both m. and u. and fine. We regard the Silver Wedding 5/- as undervalued, especially used – it isn’t as if 5/- was too high a denomination in this case, cat. £48+ 12 unsold
539 Montserrat Leewards used in Montserrat: 20 stamps and one PS cutout – three stamps and the cutout cancelled A08; 12 QV stamps with cds to 2½d; two KEVII and 3 KGV 30 40
540 link Montserrat We place a used set of the 1902 Leewards 1d overprints under Montserrat as you also get a neat small cover of SG19 (1d on 7d) addressed to St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica and sent DE 16 1902, Kingston and St Ann’s Bay arrival d/stamp DE 26 02 90 70
541 Montserrat Boxed FIRST AIR MAIL/MONTSERRAT on cover to Portland, Oregon pmk JU 6 1930, postage made up of seal ½d, 1s, transit St Kitts b/stamp 23 FE 31 suggests a lengthy delay – Proud (p.283) tells us this mail was forgotten and was not carried until HMS Devonshire arrived in February 1931 and used its seaplane to carry the mail. 25 unsold
542 link Montserrat Three single frank Tercentenary covers – 1½d to Bedford, England JA 30 33; 2½d to New York JU 3 33; 3d also to NY JY 11 33 45 36
543 link Montserrat We pair two registered covers from Plymouth making up the rate with six different Tercentenary stamps: 1d, 1½d, 2d to Kimberley, South Africa AU 11 32 with addnl ½d on reverse; 2½d and 3d to Camden, NJ MR 17 1933 which is three months earlier than given by Proud for the D12 d/stamp 90 105
544 Montserrat A pair of 1½d covers from the same bank correspondence to Yorkshire using single commemorative stamps in the period when their use was obligatory – SJ 1½d JU 15 1935 and Coronation 1½d 1937 15 unsold
545 Montserrat Censored item from Montserrat to Barbados sent airmail with Leewards 2½d light bright blue on 8 8 43. Opened and resealed with PC90 tape and the inscription AA49, written up on page 25 42
546 Montserrat We’ve seen better strikes of HARRIS than the two on this airmail cover to Richmond, California, sent registered for 1s 2½d in January 1948; we pair with a Roger Wells BWI College pair send to him registered in 1951with a Montserrat M12R label and a pencil mark LKD, but it isn’t! 18 unsold
547 Montserrat Four, seemingly commercial 1d carmine Leewards PSC from Montserrat: DE 26 92 to London uprated by ½d; MY 17 93 to London; 29 My 1900 to Cleveland, Ohio and finally 11 Jun 1902 to Ireland with the message “pictorial cards not obtainable in some ports” which probably sums up why they declined in use 25 31
548 Montserrat Mixed p/s group: front half of a 2½d Leewards PSE to London sent registered so uprated by 2d 19 Mar 96; unused Leewards 1d carmine PSC and the reply half of a Leewards reply PSC to Meitser, but with message AP 9 1910 8 9
549 Montserrat A pair of Montserrat 1d PSE uprated to Kiderlen sent registered MY 25 1912, one is uprated by arms 1s and the other by 2s, the stamps catalogue £105 off cover 50 unsold
550 Montserrat Size G Montserrat 2d PSRE, with 1d postage affixed to Manchester sent 18 AP 11, clearly commercial cotton correspondence 60 65
551 link Montserrat An attractive example of the 1d rose Montserrat Inland Revenue stamp from the top corner of the sheet with full mgns and a blue cryon ‘46’ only a slight crease never hinged and we suspct v. scarce 50 40
552 Montserrat Jose Anjo b/w ppc of ‘Court House and Parliament Street’, Plymouth – undivided back - used DE 16 1903 to Oxford, 1d SG15 on front 12 10
Montserrat End of Country
Netherlands West Indies Netherlands West Indies
553 Netherlands West Indies Two undivided back b/w ppc sent to Twickenham from Paramaribo in 1903, both feature a boxed ‘SURINAME/VIA/PLYMOUTH’ h/stamp and went for 5c blue SG48, both fine. One features ‘Friends Beleit, Cacaoplantage’ and the other ‘Kijkjes on den weg naar de Gondvelden’ 20 16
Netherlands West Indies End of Country
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
554 Puerto Rico Two 1861 stampless covers to Edinburgh at 1/5 with h/stamp of Latimer, Turull & Co, Mayaguez PR with San Juan Puerto Rico d/stamp on the reverse, first Dec 1860, second AP 11 1861 30 unsold
555 link ex Puerto Rico AU 26 1874 outer from Puerto Rico to Santandar, via London with two 1 peseta stamps (SG4), cat. £64 off cover; we pair with an entire sent to London with 2/- h/stamp and Lamey & Co, Mayaguez agents cachet, inscribed per RMS Steamer 60 unsold
Puerto Rico End of Country
Nevis Nevis
556 Nevis Two items of postal history related to Nevis but with no Nevis markings and presumably privately carried. Firstly a letter of introduction dated 1 March 1831 from a Mr Cambridge in Edinburgh to Dr Josiah Danielle on the island of Nevis concerning an officer in the 5th Dragoons. Secondly a letter from a son to his father, Colonel Nichols, addressed to Canada and inscribed 1/8 then forwarded to Kingston and the charge increased to 2/10 with red hand stamp FORWARDED, the letter is datelined Nevis May 1st 1836 20 16
557 link Nevis In 1931 fifty sheet impressions of the Nevis plates were struck in black and numbered. Five additional impressions of the 1s were struck and stamped ‘SPOILAGE’ on the back and defaced with a large cross on the front. This is one of those five sheets 50 65
558 link Nevis A similar 1931 ‘SPOILAGE’ b/w sheet, one of the 5, this time of the 6d and the cross on the front is rather kinder and does not deface the impressions 60 85
559 link Nevis Strip of three from bottom of the sheet with a pair from the top of the 6d orange colour proofs on card released from the Nissen & Parker archive in the 1930’s – most attractive proofs 50 44
560 link Nevis A bold attempt to show the classics m. and u. Complete for SG1-4 with extras; SG9-14 complete less both 1s m.; SG15-22 has no 6d and only 1 of the one shilling. Cat. seems to be £1,750+ 230 180
561 Nevis Stockcards full of early stamps some 12 x 4d, 16 x6d, 14x 1s and almost 100 1d of the classic spring stamps, valuable resource for plating studies. The 1d apart most are used. For the keyplates just one SG23 unused, but for the CA wmk almost 50 ½d unused and four SG25 used; SG26 3 unused, four used, SG27/27a you get 18 unused and 20 used; 3 SG28 used; SG29 12 unused, four used; SG30 four used; SG31 three unused 23 used; four unused of the 6d chestnut and a single unused 1s. Several thousand pounds of cat. here – well worth inspection 300 240
562 link Nevis Still in its sealed wallet from a Heinrich Kohler sale this complete sheet of 12 of the perf 15 1s pale green (SG20) still shows the crossed lines on hill of posn 9, before it was retouched for the second litho printing. cat.£1,240 250 200
563 link Nevis QV wmk CC SG23 m. and u. SG24 u. and a possible 23a bisect on piece. Then CA set 25-34 m. and u. (no 6d grn or 1s in u., but the m. examples are present). Bisects too. Total cat. £1,400+ 175 140
564 Nevis Crown Circle PAID AT NEVIS on ½d SG25, a full central strike, instead of one shared with partner at left – and it can just be seen that the partner must have received its own full strike too – so v. scarce, but no need to add extra value for the £27 cat. of the ordinary low value 25 20
565 link Nevis Nevis ½d on 1d surcharge, r.h. half stamp on Bookpost env to St Kitts NO 7 83, cancelled A09 – SG36, philatelic but popular – ex John Sussex 80 unsold
566 link Nevis Page of Leewards 1d surcharge used in Nevis with a slightly damaged envelope with the three values (SG17-19) all cancelled A09, no date stamp: a piece dated AU 30 02 with 1x SG17, 2x SG18; you also get SG17 and 2x SG18 (one at least of the tall narrow ‘o’ variety) cat. £165+ 45 52
567 Nevis Leewards used in Nevis all cancelled by the A09 duplex – 13 stamps in all – three QV, including the 4d, two KE, four KGV 18 23
568 Nevis Montgomery Ward cover sent from Nevis February 1926 with Leewards 5d (SG71) paying the combined postage and regn fee 20 16
569 Nevis A neat page with ppc of Court House & Square and featuring Leewards KG6 stamps cancelled at Charlestown – a block of four ¼d, a pair of ½d and a single 1d 10 8
570 Nevis 1½d chestnut PSC used to Sussex AP 28 87 asking a stamp dealer for a price list 30 30
571 link Nevis F1 and F2 two m. copies plus dubious used (discounted), then F3 mtd. M. and F6-8 m. with 2x 6d and 2x 6d u. and 4d u. Total cat. £1,010 130 unsold
Nevis End of Country
Saint Christopher Saint Christopher
572 link ex Saint Christopher 6 Jan 1803 entire from the Brodie correspondence to Glasgow at pkt rate of 2/2 with fair to good St KITTS JAN 6 1803 Freeling style d/stamp – ex Brooks and Manning. We pair this cover with a copy of the Edinburgh Advertiser of Jul 16 1802 which contains an interesting extract from the St Kitts Gazette of April 30 that year and an incident on Brimstone Hill. We don’t say they are related but they are almost contemporaneous 180 240
573 link Saint Christopher St Kitts large fleuron on letter to London date lined 25 April 1808 was received there JUN 24 and an Inspectors Crown applied to increase the charge to 4s 2d, fair strike of the fleuron but date indecipherable 60 48
574 Saint Christopher Incoming entire of 30 May 1821 from Edward Petty in London to St Kitts; London despatch mark and inscribed 2/2 pkt rate. Interesting contents with much detail of transactions and payments 30 24
575 link ex Saint Christopher Two St Kitts dbl-arc cancels on back of pkt missives to London, both rated 1s, one OC 19 1849, the second, and a very clear strike, AU 11 1850 60 69
576 Saint Christopher Three pre-stamp incoming packet entires, dated 1834, 1844 and 1853, some ageing but full contents that would repay transcribing 75 60
577 Saint Christopher GB 6d neatly cancelled ‘A12’ – a wing marginal example (l.h.s.) centred a little low and rt – z4. Cat. £250 40 unsold
578 link Saint Christopher GB 4d and 6d neatly and clearly cancelled A12 cat. £750. 150 120
579 link Saint Christopher Block of four of 1871 1d magenta perf 12½ SG2 mint, fresh and fine, with inverted wmk cat. £720 200 160
580 link Saint Christopher 1870 6d green in strip of three from top row with full margin with plate no.1 above rt hand stamp SG9 very lt rust mark, cat. £180 45 36
581 link Saint Christopher You can acquire the current number too with this lot which includes a block of four with current number 40 above left hand stamp, with it you get SG22 (Four Pence on 6d) mint and used and a mint example of the SG22a variety plus an unused unsevered pair of the Halfpenny on 1d (SG23a) – total cat. £550 110 90
582 Saint Christopher Fine mint example of the 1886 1s mauve (SG20) cat. £100 30 26
583 link Saint Christopher 1s mauve (SG20) vertical pair cancelled with single A12 cat. £130 40 42
584 link ex Saint Christopher Manuscript cancels largely from the 1880’s on four pages have been allocated by our vendor on the basis of handwriting as follows: Dieppe Bay (9 example); Old Road (14 examples); Sandy Point (12 examples) and TBA 17 items that might also be described as W-I-P. Valuable reference 80 65
585 Saint Christopher Five postal stationery items sent from St Christopher: 2x 1½d St Christopher PSC sent to England – MR 15 88 and FE 3 90; 2x Leewards 2½d squarer PSE one to London FE 21 94 and one to NY DE 15 02; finally Leewards ½d wrapper to England we think 1894 – condition fair to good 35 31
586 link Saint Christopher Postal fiscal 1d rose in full sheet of 20, presumed mint and fine. As pleasurable min. sheet as any produced by De La Rue, a similar sheet realised £140 in our 2021 sale. SGR3 cat. £87 75 60
Saint Christopher End of Country
Saint Kitts Saint Kitts
587 link Saint Kitts Kings Head and Medicinal Spring twin vignette Die Proof dated Dec in pencil (1919 we infer) on glazed card (92 x 60 mm) 120 100
588 link Saint Kitts Kings Head and Columbus twin vignette Before Hardening Die Proof dated 24/12/19 on glazed card (92 x 60 mm) 120 140
589 link ex Saint Kitts An odd but interesting pairing of incoming mail, both ex Brooks: our first sent FE 13 (18)62 with Lombard Street Paid date stamp and with 1d handstruck mark to indicate the amount due to St Kitts, pkt rate 6d at this time; the second is a receipt from Norwood sent to St Pauls on St Kitts on 4 July 1940 and with the third type Sandy Point postmark on arrival AU 9 36 unsold
590 Saint Kitts c1882 printed matter US wrapper to Basseterre, uprated 1c is unusual, even if we feel the dealers mark of $150 optimistic 30 24
591 Saint Kitts The ‘Kite and vertical log’ variety on 1d SJ – SG61k, fine used, cat. £170 45 36
592 Saint Kitts Album containing a seemingly complete mtd m. commemorative collection from 1937 to 1977, though we note the 1948 5s silver wedding is u.; some additional material from the definitive issues but not the higher values 20 unsold
593 link Saint Kitts OHMS env to St Lucia franked with a pair of SG86, the Die I 6d sent 28 AP 34 and did not arrive until 7 May. The registration ‘R’ used is apparently only recorded from 1934 – the stamps a tad faded, but scarce 75 60
594 link Saint Kitts CNS Stationery envelope to Boston franked 8½d made up of St Kitts Jubilee 2½d and Leewards KGV 6d (Die I SG86- cat. £100 off cover), both cancelled in Boston JUL 20 1936 and Lady Drake pursers cachet 100 80
595 link Saint Kitts Letter posted in Charlotte Amalie with US 5c stamp to ‘Old Government House’ Basseterre, sent Oct 4 1941 it attracted the censor’s attention and received a the crowned St Kitts/Passed by Censor circular h/stamp in red 30 24
596 link Saint Kitts A pair of censored in St Kitts covers, firstly 1 NO 40 to Quaker Oats in New York with the larger dbl circle St KITTS/PASSED BY CENSOR in red and secondly by air mail to Detroit 19 AU 42 with the small Octagonal crown/PASSED/BB/ with 4 in manuscript 25 20
597 Saint Kitts Three covers with St Kitts censor interest: three examples of incoming mail with the red dbl circle ST KITS/Crown/PASSED BY CEDNSOR CH2a h/stamp – one from Curacao to NY 8 AU 40 second from Chicago Mar 13 41, thirdly from NY to Basseterre via Antigua with brown resealing tape. 35 28
598 link Saint Kitts A 1 OC 40 cover from St Kitts to Hong Kong sent airmail for 9s 5d! The make-up KG6 Leewards 6d, 1s, 5s and St Kitts 2x 2½d and 2s 6d – the stamp cat. £45 off cover and the Leewards x5 on – say £200 40 54
599 Saint Kitts Judging by the the inscription it would seems a Captain Roberts piloted the first land plane to St Kitts for BWI Airways on July 21st 1942. The inscription comes on an OHMS air mail envelope from Canada at 10c rate 20 unsold
600 Saint Kitts Four KG6 covers from St Kitts: 2s 5d airmail rate to Kent 15 MY 46 with Leewards 2s paired with 2d and 3d St Kitts stamps and unusual airmail etiquette; 1953 mixed currency airmail env. to Kent, 36c plus Leewards 2x2d; 1948 airmail to Sheffield (only 6d?); finally a1942 cover sent from St Kitts to Saba with St Kitts ‘PASSED THE CENSOR’ h/stamp, on arrival in Curacao the double lined triangular ‘NIET GEOPEND DOOR CENSUUR CURACAO’ was applied then on to St Eustatius and arrived Saba 9 May. 40 unsold
601 Saint Kitts Take ‘pot luck’ with this clearance lot of ten items of postal history, including some used stationery, all with St Kitts connections from 1905 onwards – we single out for mention a 1967 air letter with a very fine strike of the St Kitts Nevis Anguilla Treasury cachet, commercially used just before Anguilla opted out 20 unsold
602 link ex Saint Kitts Postmark collection featuring CAYON (8 stamps incl Leewards QV ½d); DIEPPE BAY (5 stamps also incl. Leewards QV ½d); OLD ROAD (10 stamps incl fine strike on Leewards QV 1d; SANDY POINT (25 stamp largely Leewards KGV); Official Paid on 12 stamps and some maritime marks on 11 stamps 70 85
603 Saint Kitts Leewards used in St Kitts – five QV stamps cancelled A12, two QV with cds, one KE and one KGV cancelled A12 – 9 stamps in all 12 15
604 link Saint Kitts DE 26 79 to London strikes us as a distinctly early usage of the St Christopher 1½d chestnut PSC; with it you get two others to the USA, one DE 14 82 and the other (slightly nibbled at top) NO 10 87 25 36
605 link Saint Kitts 1d carmine Leewards PSE in the Springs design sent to Holland OC 17 06 up rated by ½d and 1d, duplex cancel, very fine, ex Brooks 45 36
606 Saint Kitts Pair of ½d Leewards green wrappers used locally to Cayon, two quite distinct shades of green, which may help you sort out the printings, first sent FE 11 98, second FE 7 93 is described as ‘bottle green’, both ex Brooks 25 20
607 Saint Kitts Four 1d carmine Leewards PSC, first JA 5 94 to New York, second OC 1 95 to London, third JY 7 98 to New Jersey, commercial all ex Brooks, final card AP 13 97 to Oxford (Nova Scotia) ex Brooks and Booth 30 40
608 link Saint Kitts 1d Leewards PSC sent to NY from CAYON, reverse date lined 19/9/95 Cayon, front with manuscript 20/9/95 above the St Kitts A12 killer cancel of the same date. Our vendor considers this rare proof of the Cayon village manuscript – hence est. 150 190
609 Saint Kitts Leewards 1½d PSC sent from St Kitts AP 7 98 to London with greetings, 12 19
610 link ex Saint Kitts The Leewards QV PSE came in two sizes for both 1d and 2½d denominations. In this lot we offer a pair of the ‘squarer’ size 13 envelopes – the 2½d one sent to London NO 16 92, the 1d uprated by Leewards ½d and 1d went to Boston DE 18 97 45 52
611 Saint Kitts Size H2 KGV 2d PSRE to Middleton & Co, NY, sent 13 JU 25 uprated with Leewards ½d and 4d. SG59, 70 60 52
612 link Saint Kitts The Leewards KG6 size F PSRE commercially used from St Kitts June 1939. 2½d adhesive to pay the surface rate – scarce 250 200
613 Saint Kitts 7 ppc: two Jose Anjo with undivided backs are used in 1904, the rest are unused – four b/w produced by A Moure Losada, Basseterre (no 87a, 91a, 146a and 147a) and a tinted card of Nine Turn, Old Military Road 25 21
614 Saint Kitts c1933 Souvenir Folder of St Kitts contains some 18 coloured postcard size views of St Kitts, not actual postcards though – a little frayed at the edges but attractive 9 unsold
615 Saint Kitts A real miscellany to clear – it includes the reply half of a GB PSC returned in 1883; an indenture from 1930; a 1979 ‘Missent to St Kitts’ on a Barclays Bank metered envelope; an 1800 pkt letter to London at 1/8 with no other discernible markings; five stamped envs from the Edwardian or Georgian era and five or six other items 30 54
Saint Kitts End of Country
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
616 link Saint Lucia Attractive page with two postal fiscal covers: the first has the 6d mauve (F17) on a JY 25 85 philatelic envelope to Castries; the second is to Winch Bros in Colchester and has the 4d yellow (F16) sent FE 20 86, some spotting on this cover 150 250
617 Saint Lucia The 1935 SJ ½d m. featuring the ‘diagonal line by turret’ variety SG109f, cat. £55 22 unsold
618 Saint Lucia The same ‘diagonal line by turret’ flaw on SJ 2d m. SG110f, cat. £110 45 unsold
619 Saint Lucia ‘Dot to left of chapel’ on m. copy of the SJ 2½d SG111g, cat. £180 70 unsold
620 link Saint Lucia The 1947 UPU Congress delegates folder in blue containing the KG6 set to 10/- and the victory pair 40 32
621 Saint Lucia A collection on 11 pages including 1891 Die II set to 1s m. and u. (no 6d u.); Pitons & 1902 set to 3d m.; 1912 set to 2s 6d m.; Script set to 6d m. SJ set m.; 1936 set to 1s m.; 1938 set to £1 m.; KGVI commems m. etc. total cat. £450+ 90 unsold
622 Saint Lucia Three covers: OHMS regd cover OC 16 13 to Vienna with pair of 2d grey and 1d scarlet; FE 23 14 to Boston with 6d SG84 paying the rged rate; finally 1921 cover to Surrey with ½d, 1d, 2d and 2½d 35 28
623 link Saint Lucia A stampless underpaid long OHMS cover from MICOUD 26 MY 34 to the Girl Guide Commissioner in Castries, so taxed with T in circle and 1d postage due affixed 28 MY; fine commercial underpaid item 50 40
Saint Lucia End of Country
Saint Vincent Saint Vincent
624 link Saint Vincent The good-fine strike of the St Vincent dbl-arc JY 10 1844 on the reverse of this pkt letter to London, rated 1/-, seems worthy of lotting on its own, two filing folds, one heavy, 60 48
625 link Saint Vincent Two rather less fine dbl-arc’s are offered here, one to Ireland JY 11 1845 may be described as fair; the second to Lancaster AP 7 1848 less fair 45 unsold
626 Saint Vincent Five attractive used examples of SG4 the rough-perf 6d deep green, cat. £95 – ex Jaffe 18 unsold
627 Saint Vincent Also on Jaffe page the 1d rose red perf 11-12½ SG5 – a vert. and horiz. pair m., and a lightly u. horiz. pair plus single Cat. £208 35 unsold
628 link Saint Vincent 1/- slate-grey perf BxA pt o.g., well centred left and right, some soiling r.h.s., quite a nice example for all that, SG11 cat. £275 55 unsold
629 link Saint Vincent The Jaffe page for SG12 the 4d yellow has an unused example with pt. o.g and three very lightly used singles. Attractive, cat. £830 120 100
630 link Saint Vincent We include the Jaffe page for the 6d pale green and the two m. examples differ in shade and width – we think SG23 and SG26 but could be SG26a, with them come two used examples the shade being closer to pale green than light yellow green. At their lowest cat. would be £1,400 140 unsold
631 link Saint Vincent The 1880 6d bright green (SG30) perf 11-12½ mtd m., centred slightly low and left; cat. £475 90 75
632 link Saint Vincent The 1881 ONE PENNY on 6d bright green (SG31) centring a tad left and low. Difficult stamp mint; cat. £475 90 unsold
633 link ex Saint Vincent SG31 the 1s vermillion of 1880 lge pt o.g, comes with a study of colour including 11 unused examples of SG36 and a used example of SG31 – all on Jaffe pages – SG31 m. alone has a cat. of £800 150 unsold
634 link Saint Vincent S/card with used PB from 1880-81: ½ olive-green SG29(5), SG30, 31; SG36 (3), SG 37, 38. Cat. £464 60 unsold
635 link Saint Vincent The 1883-84 1s vermillion (SG45), no gum, hand stamped Specimen locally with type II is listed by PML on page 80, as two examples seen, Freeland didn’t have one 80 75
636 link Saint Vincent By the time the 6d colour changed to violet in 1888 SPECIMEN stamps were a UPU requirement. Here you get one such with an unused companion SG52 and 52ws; cat. £265 50 unsold
637 link Saint Vincent If you prefer used examples we offer 6d violet v. lightly u., shallow thin at top visible only from reverse, with it 6d purple, light cds SG52, 57, cat. £250 35 unsold
638 link ex Saint Vincent Peter Jaffe often succumbed to the have it in quantity. On this 2 sided s/card with added album page, you’ll find 1935 Silver Jubilee, 11 sets of four m. plus a few singles, the SPECIMEN set of four, a set used and 3 low values with maritime cancel. 70 unsold
639 Saint Vincent A further page ex Jaffe, used only. Holds the SJ set first day from Kingstown, another 1/- captured first day at MESOPOTAMIA with 1½d some weeks later from the same office and boxed PAQUEBOT TRINIDAD on the 3 low values. The two village cancels more than double our estimate, they are rare on Jubilee issue 30 unsold
640 Saint Vincent Less the two £1 stamps removed from Imperial pages 723, 725 every other space is filled. Here, three low values and the second 6d (with dot) of the Pax et Justicia series and SG112b are f.u. the rest all appear fresh m. Cat. abt £220 40 33
641 Saint Vincent KGVI on SG pages for the new era and the two printed sides are complete with 51 stamps, condition looking fine, as you would expect – some lower values of the pre-decimal series are f.u., so for a brownie point, is the SW £1, all but two values of the later issues are m. Cat will be £140 or so, and presence of the SW £1 nudges our assessment upwards 30 24
642 link Saint Vincent The 1947 UPU Congress delegates folder in red containing the KG6 set to 10/- and the victory pair, 40 32
643 Saint Vincent 12 pages make up our St Vincent collection, which is light on early material but you do get 1888 5s m. and the two 1897 values m. (SG61/2); 4 keyplates to 6d; KEVII MCA 6d, 1s, 2s, 5s all m.; 1907 set m.; 1913 values to 2s; 1921 values to 5s m.; 1935 SJ set m.; 1938 set of 15 m.; 1949 set lacks top value; KGVI commems m. total cat. c£420 90 unsold
644 Saint Vincent Elusive parcel post cancels on Jaffe page - two 6d - violet and dull purple (SG 52, 57), 1/- red-orange, a block of six of the ½d deep green and the 1910 2½d 40 65
645 link ex Saint Vincent Trio of late victorian covers: FE 21 96 Myerscough cover to London with 9x ½d green SG47; scarce DE 30 91 2½d on 4d chocolate (SG54) used locally and FE 19 97 2½d on 1d blue (SG55) to London 90 75
646 link Saint Vincent Examples of the 2½d chocolate SG54 are not common, even if we do have two in this year’s sale this JU 3 92 usage to Kingston has a blemish bottom left but is enhanced by a red St Vincent d/stamp two days later 60 48
647 link Saint Vincent Myerscough covers can also be found from the village offices, UNION, in this case again with 9x ½d green and with the Union REGISTERED h/stamp sent AP 29 98; Peter Jaffe’s example sold for £200 105 85
648 link Saint Vincent Govt house env with early registration label with numeral 18 in manuscript sent registered SP 18 05 to London’s Sloane Square before being forwarded to Brechin. 2D h/stamp with ‘To Pay/posted out of course’ inscribed and the franking – QV keyplate 2½d and 4d 75 60
649 Saint Vincent The KE7 size H PSRE in fine unused condn (flap stuck down) is a difficult item to find 50 unsold
650 Saint Vincent The perf 12 6d green with CA wmk in rejoined m. pair optd Revenue (PML 12), the wmk may suggest that these two were not originally joined 20 unsold
651 Saint Vincent The 1882 5/- opt REVENUE with boxed D.K.P & Co and date 11 SEP 84 cancelling, Barefoot 6 30 unsold
652 link Saint Vincent The 1d drab, Barefoot 9a with Revenue opt inverted, lightly cancelled in manuscript 30 470
653 Saint Vincent The 5/- optd REVENUE, Barefoot 20, a single and pair, one with slight crease, manuscript cancels 60 unsold
654 Saint Vincent The greyish purple shade of the Barefoot 20a REVENUE on 5/- 30 unsold
655 link Saint Vincent One Pound on 5/- optd Revenue, PML 27, cancelled in manuscript, the example in Michael Medlicott’s sale realised £900 300 600
656 link Saint Vincent TEN POUNDS on Revenue 5/- PML 28 was printed in 1888 this example has an 1893 manuscript cancel and is distinctly scarce - neither Medlicott nor Jaffe had one 600 1900
Saint Vincent End of Country
Tobago Tobago
657 link Tobago Pair of outers from Tobago to Edinburgh, with fair to good strike of the Tobago dbl circle; the first MR 8 50 (double rate 1/-) the second FE 24 54 (rated 1/-) 45 36
658 link Tobago Though we don’t go a bundle on the CC ½d to 4d SG8-10 m. the slash flaw on CA ½d green u., 1d rose-carmine m. and u., 6d orange-brown and 1s yellow-ochre both m. add considerably and you get both 4d yellow-green and 1s yellow-ochre lightly used. Cat. £1,020 for those that matter and ignore the remainder 160 160
659 link Tobago Stockcard of just 9 stamps cat. £725 includes 6d stone, 1/- yellow ochre, 2½d/6d SG11, 12, 13 so the total is inflated by the over-priced ½d purple-brown CC, condition looks healthy 150 unsold
660 Tobago QV Trinidad PSRE to London’s Gracechurch St, sent from Tobago MY 7 01, via P of S two days later – three strikes of the Tobago d/stamp, one code B and two code C 18 21
Tobago End of Country
Trinidad Trinidad
661 link Trinidad Entire to John Dunlop in London sent per pkt for 2/2 with fair strike of small Trinidad fleuron on the reverse OCT 7 (1)835 60 unsold
662 Trinidad A pair of packet entries from the same correspondence to Glasgow both with a filing crease poor to fair dbl-arc on reverse MY 2 1843 and MY 16 1843 50 40
663 Trinidad By 1844 with the benefit of the 1/- packet rate, a whole letter sheet could be used merely to wrap the contents, with no extra charges – and the age of the waste-makers has begun. This example (from John Collingford to Rev. John Beecham of London’s Bishopsgate left Trinidad MY 6 (a dbl-arc c.d.s. on flap) and was received on 5 June 25 20
664 Trinidad A reprinted plate proof of the seated Britannia design could be just at home in your Barbados (or Mauritius) collection and comes with RPSL certificate from 2004, the certificate says ‘probably from “13 Vignettes” plate and with observation, weak impression 40 32
665 link Trinidad If you read the note under SG2 in Part 1 it says ‘known on paper bearing the sheet watermark ‘STACEY MILLS’ – here we have a block of 12 from the remainder sheets that may well be the discovery block. It comes with a 2004 RPSL certificate and a photo showing ‘WISE’ along with some of our vendor’s notes and pages from the Vincent Greene Foundation on how this watermarked paper was used in Newfoundland. The watermark is not easy to see or to value and is unpriced by SG, but our vendor values it highly 2000 unsold
666 Trinidad SG3 in unused block of four, presumably from the remainder sheets, but attractive with nice even margins 25 unsold
667 link Trinidad A block of four of the 4d grey-lilac imperf unused (SG25) shows the uneven layout of the stone and how hard it was to get four clear margins, here the bottom right stamp is just trimmed at its base but the other mgns are fine and the block seems to be from the right edge of the sheet. According to Marriott, multiples of the 4d are rare and come from the remainder stock of which there were just 50, cat. £480+ 180 270
668 link Trinidad The second lithograph issue of 1855, SG15, with four even margins, somewhat indistinctly used cat. £1,000 200 unsold
669 link Trinidad If the catalogue pricing of the lithographs is somewhat daunting we can offer examples of the first, second, fourth and fifth issues SG13, 15, 18, 19 with some condition faults to help you appreciate how wear developed, particularly the background lines – cat. £3,750. SG13 has no mgns but otherwise attractive; SG15 and 18 have three mgns and a portion of the adjoining stamp whilst SG19 suffers from a closed tear 200 160
670 link Trinidad The pin-perfs were not very successful and sometimes needed scissor assistance, the 4d example here is attractive but the use of scissors has trimmed the top right very close to the design, we pair with two examples of the 1d rose red pin-perf, cat. £192 as cheapest, all used 35 unsold
671 link Trinidad De La Rue took over the contract in 1862 but the PB stamps did not easily fit their perforating machines. Here we offer the perf 11½ 4d and 6d (SG61, 62) and two examples of the 1d perf 13 (SG64), All good used, cat. £213 40 32
672 Trinidad The 1914 red cross stamp SG157 in mint unhinged condn, cat. £28 8 7
673 Trinidad Left mgnl stamps of SG178 and 187 showing significant leftward displacement of the overprint into the sheet margins 15 unsold
674 link Trinidad The 1935-7 pictorial set of 9 to 72c in immaculate MINT BLOCKS OF FOUR. They look to us like the original issue and probably are, but as haven’t checked all the line perfs, no promise. They obviously rate a full proportion of cat. £300 100 unsold
675 link Trinidad The Type 2 numeral cancels on attractive page with 13 stamps each with good to fine strikes – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20 – the ‘4’ of St Juan is Very Scarce, whilst 5, 16 and 18 are merely scarce 200 160
676 link Trinidad Three different ‘TOO LATE’ hand stamps struck in black on 6d green single stamps, the 1863 straight line, the 1876 in single ring and an unusual straight line type 45 80
677 link Trinidad A rather worn printed return of estate expenditure is dated 23 February, probably from 1856 and went from San Fernando to P of S. The 1d brick red (SG8) tied to the cover by the ‘2’ of San Fernando was carelessly separated at the left hand side losing a portion of the stamp – scarce 70 56
678 link Trinidad Dec 10 1859 cover to Portland, Maine franked with 5x 1d carmine pin perf 12½ with crayon 4 in red and weak crowned circle Paid at Trinidad, US Steamship 10 mark and St Thomas b/stamp on reverse. Stamp with sheet mgn at left but unkindly cut at foot and top, filing crease 60 65
679 link Trinidad An envelope sent registered to Pictou, Nova Scotia on My 26 1874 bears five examples of the 1d perf 12½, which makes up the packet rate of 4d and a local 1d. The front has ‘REGISTERED’ in red, a manuscript 4 in red and Trinidad Paid d/stamp in red, the back has d/stamps for St Thomas, Halifax and Pictou as well as a red seal with ‘Trinidad Colonial Postmaster’ impressed – all that is missing is the stamp that paid the registration fee (a 6d green we suppose) removed from the top right – is it possible it was removed because it wasn’t red?! 45 70
680 link Trinidad Entire from Zurcher Schock & Co to Jamaica by RM Steamer, franked with 4d grey perf 12½ sent NO 8 1879 – both colonies joined UPU on 1 April 1877. 30 56
681 Trinidad Registered cover from Wilson & Co to Paris JA 7 85 sent via London with 4d grey keyplate and 6d green Britannia – SG77 & 110 25 39
682 Trinidad Two single use covers to the USA: firstly a 4d keyplate grey to New Jersey MR 8 (18)88; secondly 2½d Britannia to Massachusetts JY 1 08 sent by steamer ‘Crown of Navarre; which belonged to the Crown Steamship Company 15 16
683 Trinidad A pair of unusual incoming covers previously offered with lengthy descriptions in our 2017 sale: firstly a Guatemala 5c PSE sent with 4x 1c Quetzal stamps to P of S in 1898; The second to Princes Town in 1917 is from Venezuela with 25c and 50 c stamp added, the unusual feature is the registration label which is spelt ‘Carcaas’ 25 26
684 Trinidad Three covers with a 1935 Silver Jubilee thread: 3c SJ single franking to England; 3x 2c SJ to Fortune magazine in NY; philatelic cover to Austria with 2c SJ, 1c Coronation and 3c and 6c view sent 1937 15 unsold
685 link Trinidad Two 19th century incoming items from the USA: first set 4 May 1881 from New Haven, Connecticut with 5c blue, (ex Hogg, Markovits); secondly 2c PSE sent from Fort Bayard, New Mexico from Brig. Gen. Markley to his wife, 2x 2c carmine added and sent in 1891 (ex Crosby) 75 unsold
686 Trinidad A batch of fourteen covers, all bar one KG6, largely to England, USA or Canada, with various frankings; one sent elsewhere is an airmail cover to Curacao where it was censored franked with 6c, 12c, 24c; the other is sent to 25 unsold
687 Trinidad Cover regd 1936 to Radio Training Assoc. of America in Chicago, labelled and re-regd in Port of Spain, on to Chicago via NY 4x 3c defins equivalent 6d for the journey – you wouldn’t expect much animation from that, would you? But we haven’t told you yet – it came from SIPARIA which had no regn facilities , so they home-made them up, with a red ink circle, a blue colour wash R and of course their own cds for 7 Oct 36 and a pencil scribble that seems to suggest there was a money order within. Would you believe we cannot recollect seeing a similar improvisation? We improvise a multiplier x8 for a standard type of value, the wax seals on reverse are just as home-made 35 28
688 Trinidad Mixed lot of used postal stationery: QV ½d green wrapper sent by RMS Steamer to Tenerife in 1897; KEVII ½d green wrapper to Meister in Montserrat in 911; 1½d PSC sent to Berlin 1893 with what seems to be a commercial message in German; size F PSRE sent to a bank in Peterborough in 1902 – the four priced to clear 30 unsold
689 Trinidad The front part of 1½d brown PSRC to Berlin posted on board ship and put in to the post in Bermuda with Paquebot mark. Possibly part of the German goodwill cruise in the Caribbean at the time 20 16
690 Trinidad Three properly used QV 1d carmine PSC: JA 29 1891 to Erfurt, Prussia; OC 6 1892 to London with fine Claxton Bay d/stamp; FE 19 94 to NY 24 20
691 Trinidad You can get the Queens’s head SG110 on and off cover in all sorts of guises. When you find it on PSRE in the middle of the 1880’s uprating a cover to London, with the not very widely used GPO 20 mm cds you have a complete and far more desirable item than its later roles. The classic period for this type peters out with the lowering of postal rates. The red and two black regn ovals are all London transit on arrival 30 24
692 Trinidad 1½d and 2d PS reply cards sent to same philatelic address in Vienna 17 Dec 92 10 12
693 Trinidad The 1885 2d postage due can be found with inverted wmk, as here SGD3w and has a cat. £450 valuation, sadly a small piece has been nibbled off the btm rt corner so valued as a space filler 25 unsold
694 Trinidad Four ppc’s, first undivided back, rest divided: first shows Frederick St, P of S to Birmingham 3 OC 03, 2x ½d; view of Martinique sent to Yonkers SE 25 32; incoming from UK to P of S 1906; Pont Cumana on card to Cheshire 3 AU 17 18 15
695 Trinidad Attractive undivided back coloured ppc of Native Hut, Playa se Damas, Panama sent to NY with GB KEVII 1d stamp with fine belted dbl circle The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company/Posted on the Hogh Seas cachet and put in to the mails AT GPO Trinidad DE 30 07 12 10
Trinidad End of Country
Turks Islands Turks Islands
696 link Turks Islands Duplicate letter date lined London 14 August 1846 sent to Thomas Wynns “Turks Islands” care of ‘G(eorge) and J(ohn) Laurie a firm of forwarding agents in New York, their slightly blurry cachet is on the reverse suggesting they did forward it with a Paid 1/- mark and a red & h/stamp -scarce we feel 80 unsold
697 link Turks Islands Page with 1900 set m. and u., also the 1904 2½d and 1905-08 MCA set of three, also m. and u. Total cat. £370 75 60
698 link Turks Islands 1909-11 MCA set of 12 mtd m. and u. cat. £230 45 36
699 link Turks Islands The 1913-21 GV set of 11 m. and u. with all m. shades varieties and most shades u. including addnl 2s. Cat £320 60 80
700 link ex Turks Islands Stockcard with 73 mint War Tax stamps, including 5 blocks of four showing some variation in overprint placement 50 unsold
701 link Turks Islands The second local WAR TAX opt double on 1d pair mint, SG143i, cat. £96 28 unsold
702 link Turks Islands The 1922-24 set of 14 SG162-175 m. and u. cat. £295 60 48
703 link Turks Islands The 1928 postage and revenue set SG176-186 m. and u. cat. £280 54 44
704 link ex Turks Islands A collection on 7 pages complete m. and u. from 1935 SJ to the 1950 KG6 set – SG187-233 with addnl 1938 2s and 5s shades, Victory set in imprint block of 4 and the 1938 10s in SPECIMEN form Cat. £400+ 105 unsold
705 link Turks Islands AP 16 1891 env. to NY’s Madison Square sent with 4d grey cancelled TI with manuscript ‘per SS Sagman’ 60 unsold
706 link Turks Islands Size H undenominated registered env. produced by McCorquodale and sent to London OC 27 1892 with 1x 1d, 4d and 6d added to make up 1s postage (SG57, 59 62) 80 90
707 link Turks Islands Printed address of Frederick Ober in Washington on envelope sent registered on NO 30 93 with manuscript per SS Allaka via Bermuda & New York City postage 4x ½d pale green and 2½d ultramarine (SG53a & 65) 60 80
708 link Turks Islands A year later(NO 26 94) this envelope was sent regd to London with 4x 1d and ½d – the third 1d stamp shows the ‘throat’ flaw (row 3 stamp4) 75 80
709 Turks Islands JU 18 95 env to Minneapolis paid by 2½d ultramarine, a neat example of the reduced UPU rate 30 unsold
710 Turks Islands JA 27 97 cover with ½d dull green and 2x 1d lake making up the rate to Halifax N.S 30 unsold
711 Turks Islands Late use in 1908 of the 4d dull purple and ultramarine on env. to Halifax N.S. paying the registered rate – we treat as philatelic 28 unsold
712 Turks Islands Censored mail from Turks Island is not easy to come by. Here we offer a registered aimail env to Brooklyn sent DE 14 44 with Turks Island Reg label and octagonal crown censor hand stamp D43 in its typically smudged state. The 2s postage paid by SG203 seems excessive 30 31
713 Turks Islands 1d on 1½d PSC sent from Turks Islands to Halifax, NS OC27 92 clean commercial use with typed message and address 15 unsold
Turks Islands End of Country
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
714 link Virgin Islands 1867 4d lake red and lake brown well contrasted shades for SG15, 17 with cleanly cut perfs and well centred pt o.g. to make them stand out from the herd – cat. £100 30 unsold
715 link Virgin Islands The rose-carmine of the classic 1/- design figures on one used and four lge pt o.g. stamps here to offer two 1/- with coloured mgns, another with single line frame (row 1/2) and the 1888 4d surcharge (posn 6), to represent SG18 (m. – posn 2, and u.), 19, 21, 42, cat. £560 each with hinge attached 120 unsold
716 link Virgin Islands QV keyplate 9 on s/card (SG24-31), all m. with o.g., hinges left attached. The later ½d, 1d and 2½d are duplicated to show shades, the earlier trio just as carefully chosen, of pleasing appearance cat. c£450 75 unsold
717 link Virgin Islands QV ½d yellow-buff, crown CA perf. 14 mint block of four with full gum (slightly toned) apart from hinge remain on top left stamp. SG26, cat. £360+ 105 85
718 Virgin Islands It was replaced by the ½d dull green in November 1883 also in mint block of four with r.h sheet mgn, appears never hinged SG27, cat. £26+ 12 unsold
719 link Virgin Islands Our third block of four also appears to be unmounted, though perhaps slightly toned gum is the 1d pale rose SG29, cat. £220+ 75 unsold
720 link Virgin Islands 1887-89 1d rose carmine imperf colour trial on CA paper, part o.g. Charles Freeland’s copy sold for £320 150 130
721 link Virgin Islands Scard to 1884 all used. Two 1d perf 15, then DLR key-types as listed with 3 extra ½d green and one extra 2½d ultramarine. The 1d perf 15 are green and yellow-green, but it helps more to tell you that these are early printings with wide margins and would probably plate to belong to transfers A and B (but we haven’t done the exercise). All but one ½d green are kindly cancelled. Another such ½d has a brown A91 (from mixing red and black ink). An odd minor fault in some though most are fine, so would rate cat. at £500 instead of the £670 one could calculate 120 unsold
722 link Virgin Islands The 1898-99 St Ursula set of 8 m. (SG43-50) on a part album page, with an extra ½d pair where one stamp shows the HALFPFNNY error (SG43a) Cat, £215 52 unsold
723 Virgin Islands Leewards QV 2½d, KE 2d grey, KGV 1d purple used in Virgin Islands on page with pair of Virgin 1d scarlet/red on cover to Glasgow SP 31 34 25 unsold
724 Virgin Islands The Leewards KE 1907-11 set to 1s used on cover from Road Town to Paris sent AP 14 13. With Road Town and St Thomas registration h/stamps and the ½d and 2½d are thought to show the ‘broken frame’ variety, which is plus, the minus is that the address part of the envelope has been cut off. Cat. £70 as used singles, without any VI premium 35 28
725 Virgin Islands WAR TAX 1d scarlet the bottom six rows from r.h. pane with full gutter mgns at left, lower mgn with plate no. 6. Thin r.h. mgn guillotined at tapering upward angle – fine mint. This setting includes the shorter opt at bottom left – cat. £112+ 30 unsold
726 link Virgin Islands The KG6 set of 10 on chalky paper (it goes only as far as 5/-) m. all lge pt o.g., hinges left in place, ½d, 1d 1½d are marginal SG110-9 fresh and fine, cat. £218 40 unsold
727 link ex Virgin Islands KG5 SJ set of 4, 1937 coron set of 3, each both m. and u. 1938 defins on chalky, full set of 10 to 5/- u. and ordinary to 1/- u. on 2 pages, all look fine – between SG103 and 127, cat. abt £160 30 unsold
728 link Virgin Islands The Leewards KG6 £1 f.u. neatly cancelled NO 18 41 which means it is the Brown-purple and black on red stamp SG114which cats at £450 without any premium for Virgin use 150 180
729 link Virgin Islands An ex Booth item is the Leewards One Penny overprint set of three sent from Tortola to St Thomas on OC 1 1902 60 48
730 link ex Virgin Islands Two pages of Leewards used in Virgin Islands, including used blocks of four of SG17 and 18; SG17 and 18 as singles and 3x SG19 as singles with minor varieties ‘dropped e’ and ‘raised nn’. With the stamps is the set of three SG17-19 on neat cover to Dominica dated AU 26 02 cat £282 off cover 65 70
731 Virgin Islands OC 17 39 is the EKD for H2 crown in oval mark PASSED BY CENSOR/POSTMASTER/VIRGIN ISLANDS this time in black and sent for 2½d to Chicago, also ex McCann who notes it underpaid by ½d and perhaps more importantly one of just four recorded examples 90 unsold
732 Virgin Islands Any mail censored in the Virgin Islands is scarce, this small env. was sent from Roadtown OC 22 40 to NY for 3d, surface mail and has a fine strike of H1 the three line ‘PASSED/BY CENSOR/V. Is 60 48
733 Virgin Islands A similar 3d cover to NY sent 02 AP (40) has the even scarcer H2 crown in oval mark PASSED BY CENSOR/POSTMASTER/VIRGIN ISLANDS in greenish blue on the back 75 unsold
734 Virgin Islands Envelope to NY opened and resealed by plain brown tape in Road Town where H1 PASSED/BY CENSOR/V. Is was applied tying the tape to the front of the cover. The sender was on Guana Island which may explain why it was inspected in Road Town, sent by airmail for 1s 1½d (1s and 1½d stamps) we think the date reads DE 5 40 75 60
735 Virgin Islands 1941 Wilson regd cover from Road Town to Birmingham with the registration h/stamps of both Road Toan and St Thomas and on reverse a rare U.S. Seapost date stamp. Franked with pairs of the ½d and 1d Virgin Islands stamps SG69 & 70, thus identifying the first printings of an otherwise philatelic cover 25 unsold
736 Virgin Islands This envelope to NY was sent by Airmail on 1 FE 44 for 11d (2x 2½d, 6d), b/stamped Charlotte Amalie next day and then opened and censored in St Lucia and resealed there with PC90 tape OPENED BY EXAMINER C.W.I./5 CL5 – seems to be ex McCann (p.129) who explains the rate as 3d + 10d airmail supplement and 2d underpaid 80 unsold
737 Virgin Islands Two 1d PSE showing the Virgin used, the first is fine but to Rev Meister in Montserrat sent 9 Jan 1911 and the second with damaged top left corner sent to St Kitts 23 Jan 1923, both ex Booth and the second one also ex Brooks – these are both the 120 x 94 mm version and are scarce used 60 48
738 Virgin Islands Two ex Booth PSC cards here. One is a late use (1910) of the 1d carmine QV card sent from Road Town to Meister in Montserrat and for some reason sent via Nevis where it received a smudged ‘Missent to Nevis’ – one suspects a philatelic reason! The other shows the Virgin 1d card sent in June 1902 to the Barracks in St Thomas, the message is very brief indeed, but these cards are scarce 75 unsold
Virgin Islands End of Country
British Post Offices Abroad British Post Offices Abroad
739 link British Post Offices Abroad This is the contemporary GB 5/- plate 1, endowed at 2 o’clock with as fine an example of Callao’s C38 killer as you are ever likely to see. Before you dig deep into the hip pocket, you need to know that the stamp has been slashed diagonally downward at top right from behind through the stamp sized piece on which it sits, perhaps an overeager packet opener getting careless with a killer knife. It still looks superb and unmissable at our estimate 30 25
British Post Offices Abroad End of Country
Philatelic Literature Philatelic Literature
Philatelic Literature Some of the literature lots are bulky and not all will be carried to the auction room. Room bidders are advised to e-mail any specific literature lots they would wish to view on the day.
740 Philatelic Literature The BWISC Bulletin used to come in a much smaller format which won’t take up much shelf space, even if you can now look on-line. One of our former members had a seemingly complete run from 1969 to 2000 (No’s 60-187) in six small binders. 30 unsold
741 Philatelic Literature Two Burrus sales with priced realised – 29 Nov 62 included his Barbados, Caymans, Tobago, Turks & Virgins – the second on 26 Nov 63 included his B Guiana, B Honduras and Grenada – fine condn 20 unsold
742 Philatelic Literature Former President Victor Toeg’s Antigua catalogue, signed by him with prices realised as sold by Christie’s Robson Lowe 12 Dec 1990 10 unsold
743 Philatelic Literature 1895 priced catalogue by Hollock of the ‘Adhesive Postage Stamps of the Obsolete Leeward Islands’ – i.e the pre-Federal issues, and ‘obsolete’ is how it must have looked in 1895 15 17
744 Philatelic Literature The two volumes of the Hind British Empire sale of 1934,one the catalogue, the other the plates – fine condn 30 24
745 Philatelic Literature Charlton Henry Part 1 – the owner of this copy of the 4-day Harmer Rooke sale catalogue (with prices realised) was fortunate enough to attend parts of the sale, so it bears his notes and his or other handler’s paw marks. So you get a replay of the first day and can watch cat. quotes go up in puffs of smoke (ex Freeland but he wasn’t the original owner, we can promise you). Cover slightly grubby 40 32
745 Philatelic Literature Charlton Henry Part 2 – this is the catalogue for the ensuing four day sale in December 1961, of which Freeland was again an intermediate owner, though it may not have been he who was careless with coffee and the opening inner pages. The rest is pretty clean and anyway we offer it for the info, the illustrations and the prices realised 30 32
747 Philatelic Literature The Hodsell Hurlock sale of Barbados and Trinidad as offered by HR Harmer in 1958, no prices realised 20 16
748 Philatelic Literature Townsend & Howe, nice clean copy of this classic work published by the RPSL in 1970 80 65
749 Philatelic Literature Picture Postcards of British Guiana as published by the BWISC, clean and fine 15 12
750 Philatelic Literature Bermuda Mails to 1965 by Forand & Freeland published by the BCPSG in 1995 – clean 12 unsold
751 Philatelic Literature Ludington’s Postal History and Stamps of Bermuda, second edition 1978 25 20
752 Philatelic Literature Edmund Bayley’s ‘The Stamps of Barbados’ published 1989 25 26
753 Philatelic Literature ‘The History of the Post Offices in Barbados’ also by Bayley and signed by him in 2010 25 33
Philatelic Literature End of Country